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As a wilderness survival guide, I have mentored many people in the art and science of wilderness survival. I love the answers beginners give to this question. Water! Nope. Food! No way. Fire? Nada. Shelter! Wrong again. A good knife? Definitely not.

Once you have a fire going, you can create a temporary grill using these metal wires and rods to cooks anything from fish to meat. You can also boil water in a make-shift cup that you can fashion from aluminum sheets.

There are couple of other sorts of people too, like one who spent their life searching for a sole purpose of their life (why do they exist here and bearing sort of such questions in their head), then there are others who sacrifice their life for others.

A quick question on food storage – if I use mylar bags to store grains inside plastic buckets that are NOT denominated “food grade,” will this ruin my efforts? Must I only use “food grade” plastic buckets?

FM 21-76 US Army Survival Manual – How to find water, food, shelter, build a fire, first aid, navigation and other survival skills necessary to survive on your own in the wild. A must for any survival library.

Survival Frog Survival Blog writers are real folks who live what they write about, not some content mill somewhere that churns out keyword rich blather intended to get search results, but providing little in the way of practical knowledge. We try to avoid theoretical knowledge whenever possible, and give you what we know works for us. When you read one of our posts, you can expect that the information has been applied in the real world before it was ever written down, and you can feel confident when you pass the information on to others.

There are a lot of portable water filters on the market. A popular brand can do a good job filtering water and withstand long term use, but they can be both clunky and expensive, well over $100, with several parts that need to be fitted together.

About Blog – Survivaltek is all about teachingthe ways and means to survive using everything from primitive to modern methods and technology. It hopes to illustrate creative ways to overcome the loss of conventional methods of living in which we have become accustom and dependent.

Modern technology has made life a lot easier and we often take it for granted…until we’re caught in a situation where our gadgets fail us. Even though you probably won’t ever need to make a candle from cooking supplies or figure out how to keep produce cool without electricity, it’s good to know how to get along without the help of high-tech machinery. Check out the 26 wilderness and survival hacks below so you’re always be prepared.

Bringing A New World To Life A More Sustainable Future. Simply stated, Transition US is a nonprofit organization that provides inspiration, encouragement, support, networking, and training Transition initiatives…

Sleeping out in the wildness can be rough, the ground is cold, bugs are frequent visitors, and rocks and dirt may not be the most comfortable of elements. So, welcome to the fabulous world of hammocks! Rock away to a gentle rest inside the snuggly confines of this super plush hammock from Amok, which promises versatility as well as maximum comfort. This deluxe sleeping mechanism comes complete with an integrated bug net, bottle holder and belongings pocket. The adjustable straps and rope attachments bind any tree conveniently and allow for multiple positions, including flat for sleeping and upright for a floating chair. This particular breed of hammock even offers a tarp to provide instant shelter from the rain. These beautiful suspension sleeping devices are top of the line and will set you back a little over 300 for the new model! But hold on, you can find standard hammocks for as low as 20 or 30 if you find yourself on a budget.

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A record number of firearms enthusiasts made their way to the Florida State Fairgrounds this weekend to attend the Florida Gun Show, amid a fierce national debate over gun rights following the Valentine’s Day massacre at Stoneman Douglas high school in Parkland, Florida.

One of the things a person will learn in U.S. Special Forces survival training is that squirrels, rabbits, and other small mammals can make a quick meal. In the wilderness, all you need to know is how to read the ground around you and recognize areas that small mammals are likely to travel. Then set up a number of small, simple traps around the area (dead falls, snares, etc) and simply wait for traps to spring.

Last week’s madcap unscripted biparitsan meeting on gun issues bewildered conservatives in the House and Senate. This session made Senator-For-Life Diane Feinstein gleefullly gesticulate like an old crone. Either President Trump had caved in, or perhaps he was cleverly attempting to overload the proposed omnibus legislation package with poison pills. (Some have suggested that he wanted a repeat of the doomed DACA Bill.)

There are a ton of plant species in the wilderness. Many of these plants have excellent medicinal properties. Crab apples, for instance, have an astringent effect that can help heal wounds. Pine resin has an excellent antiseptic property. If you can find eucalyptus leaves, you can burn them to get rid of mosquitoes and other bugs around your campsite.

Take a piece of clothing that you can wrap around your head and soak it in your urine. Wrap this damp cloth around your head to stay cool. It may sound a bit gross, but trust me, it will be much comfortable with the pee-rag on your head!

There’s also plenty of cheap, yet high quality survival gear that’s a great price whether or not it’s on sale. If you’re interested, take a look at what we think the best bang-for-buck survival gear products are at the $5, $10, $15, $20, & $25 price points.

It’s a special day on the West Rim of the #Pennsylvania #Grandcanyon – road to top is snow covered and it’s sunny but cold… So I’m all alone today. Much needed time in God’s great #creation! What is Your favorite #alone place to #hike?

Hey Abdul, thanks for that. That’s a good read but I don’t think that business they talk about was SurvivalLife. I think it was simply a product they bought which then they integrated with SurvivalLife or it gave them the inspiration for SurvivalLife. I could be wrong I don’t know the ins and outs of it.

Make sure that your bag is balanced: You are going to carry this bag on your shoulders for a long time. If the bag is well-balanced, it will be easy to carry. Distribute the load so that the heavier of stuff is on the top and the call lighter stuff is on the bottom.

Keep everything you’ve got, because the second plans go south, these items will become your most prized possessions and could save your life. Don’t underestimate the worthiness of even the smallest knick knack-inn Gary Paulson’s classic, The Hatchet, Brian Robeson used his shoe lace to make a nifty bow and arrow for survival!

Word has gotten around Amity. Casey Stoner is a prepper. Pretty much the whole island now knows that Casey has gathered up mess of resources to use in just such a SHTF situation as they now face. All his … Continue reading →

In common words, the goal of human existence is to scramble for power and wealth.  Human society is just a stage for race, or competition. To the losers, competition is very cruel. Competition causes a lot of stress, so not everyone likes competition. If you give up, others, including your parents, will look down on you, and tell you that you are useless. Therefore, every one of us born in this society is forced to take part in the competition. Why is human society a stage for competition? Because human beings have needs. The first need is oxygen, and then the needs for food, water, clothes, housing and transportation are followed. All these things are not free, have limited supply, except oxygen. Nobody can survive without food, water, clothes and house, so, people feel unsafe, and then they desire for all these. This desire is limitless. Even if someone has gathered enough wealth for the rest of his life, he still wants to collect more for his children, even his grandchildren. The result of limited resources plus limitless desires is competition.

Capacity: 6000mAhm (Polymer) (6000 Real Capacity/8000- Total) Input: 5V 2.4A/15V 2.4A Output: 5V/2.4A 12V Jump Start Weight: 6 oz. Start Current: 300A Size: 5” x 2.6” x .6” Full Charge Time: 3 Hours Charge through car USB charger Support 12V car for emergency start High power po..

Select items that are not included in ShippingPass will ship for free but with value shipping. Look for items sold by and marked with FREE shipping. You will also see this noted in checkout.

She immediately got the $260 put back into my account & when I mentioned the slow-opening knife I received, she said she’d send me out a new one right away and that I could keep the first one. Terrific service, great information & tips, neat items & fast shipping. Great company. I’m a happy & satisfied new member.

An alternative to building a single survival tree is to build many survival trees, where each tree is constructed using a sample of the data, and average the trees to predict survival. This is the method underlying the survival random forest models. Survival random forest analysis is available in the R package randomForestSRC.

If you find yourself stuck in the wilderness during the winter, do not eat snow unless you fully melt and warm it first! If you eat snow your body temperature will drop and you risk hypothermia or death. An on-the-go method of warming snow is to place it in your water bottle and place that between your jacket and clothing.

GA Mom….You said “make sure you have a good seal”….I assume that you’re talking bout the mylar bag prior to sealing the lid ? And you recommend waiting and checking the bag after a day before putting on the lid?

Like any emergency kit, the Pocket Survival Pak — which was developed by Doug Ritter, founder of the survivalist website Equipped To Survive — can help lost or injured explorers signal helicopters and planes, start fires, boil water, melt snow for water, catch fish, navigate through the woods, trap small animals, perform rudimentary first aid, and repair damaged gear.

In The Existentialist’s Survival Guide, Gordon Marino, director of the Hong Kierkegaard Library at St. Olaf College and boxing correspondent for The Wall Street Journal, recasts the practical takeaways existentialism offers for the twenty-first century. From negotiating angst, depression, despair, and death to practicing faith, morality, and love, Marino dispenses wisdom on how to face existence head-on while keeping our hearts intact, especially when the universe feels like it’s working against us and nothing seems to matter.

At the far right end of the KM plot there is a tick mark at 161 weeks. The vertical tick mark indicates that a patient was censored at this time. In the aml data table five subjects were censored, at 13, 16, 28, 45 and 161 weeks. There are five tick marks in the KM plot, corresponding to these censored observations.

A must for any trek into the wilderness, the Sawyer Extractor Pump kit has everything you need to draw venom and poison from below your skin. Kit includes four sizes of plastic cups, vacuum pump, alcohol prep pads, adhesive bandages, sting-care wipes, razor (for hair removal) and instruction manual. Made in USA. Weight: 4 oz. Dimensions: 1.5”L x 5.94”W x 6.5”H.

Forti continued, “In reality, a backpack full of camping gear is simply a large ‘survival kit’ designed for a comfortable and extended stay in the wilderness. A much smaller version of this might consist of a tobacco tin with relatively few items tightly packed in.”

When you walk for a long distance, it is common to get blisters on your feet. If you don’t take care of these blisters as soon as possible, they will prevent you from covering distance. If the blister has already been formed, just punctured to relieve the fluid buildup. If you sense that a blister may be forming, use a small piece of duct tape to prevent it.

You learn a lot about yourself when you camp. Your patience will be tested when pitching a tent or building a fire; you’ll see food from a whole new perspective; and you’ll understand that sleeping on the ground with little else than a nylon sheet protecting you actually feels pretty awesome.

This free app has so much practical information that it goes beyond survival. It’s extremely useful for recreational camping and hiking also. It’s well written and very useful for the casual or hardcore outdoorsman. Hasn’t been updated in forever but it’s good enough as is.

What about bugs? Elsewhere on the site I’ve recommended mosquito netting — using bobby pins (1) or Velcro and gorilla glue (2) or a heavy duty sewing needle and thread (3) you can hang mosquito netting over your entry way of any tarp shelter you build.

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Write the pain away. Relief can be as simple as freewriting for 20 minutes a day, four days in a row, says James 
W. Pennebaker, a professor of psychology at the University of Texas. “Across multiple studies, people who engage in expressive writing report feeling happier and less negative than they felt before,” he writes in his book, Expressive Writing: Words That Heal. Per one study, “those who kept their traumas secret went to physicians almost 40 percent more often than those who openly talked about them.”

Dehydration is no joke. Whether hiking the Grand Canyon or spending another day at the office, staying hydrated is essential to health. The human body is at least two-thirds water, and once its liquid content is reduced, bad things start to happen. Let’s review mild to serious effects of dehydration to help your water intake efforts.

However, you must be careful if you decide to consume wild plants, fruits or flowers. Some of these plants can be very dangerous and even poisonous if consumed. There is no definite way of telling whether a plant or fruit is toxic or not just by looking at it.

I ordered this, was in a but one, get one free deal. I received 1, small plastic magnifier. I replied, no reply. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING!!!! They are a real scam on the nwtwork!!! They do not tell the truth at all! I have asked them for something, with no reply, they are…

• Put it together: Using a larger piece of wood as a wind block, create a nest out of the tinder. Create a tipi out of smaller kindling so oxygen can get in. Ignite the tinder and place under the tepee. Use long, steady breaths to spread the flame. As the smaller pieces catch, add progressively larger fuel to the fire.

I wrote Gardening in a Failed Economy after spending three summers working on gardens that can be made just about any were, using junk that you can scrounge by the side of the road, or at the local recycling place. the idea is that as the long term economy gets worse people, especially old people are going to have a hard time affording food (or any thing else for that matter). The book isn’t some cut and paste Internet BS, it is 3 years of my life, I proud of it, and I’m willing to put my money were my mouth is.

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It is astounding to think of how many injuries, accidents, and even fatalities could be prevented on a yearly basis if outdoor survivors were to simply acknowledge the importance of creating a safe and sound shelter.

To answer such questions, it is necessary to define lifetime. In the case of biological survival, death is unambiguous, but for mechanical reliability, failure may not be well-defined, for there may well be mechanical systems in which failure is partial, a matter of degree, or not otherwise localized in time. Even in biological problems, some events (for example, heart attack or other organ failure) may have the same ambiguity. The theory outlined below assumes well-defined events at specific times; other cases may be better treated by models which explicitly account for ambiguous events.

It’s been a couple of months since I mentioned my other website; it’s a homesteading news site that is updated every day with new links to the best homesteading articles that have been … Continue Reading about Prepper News and Notes For Wednesday, February 28, 2018

This isn’t exactly the kind of content we like to publish at The Prepared — too many prepper websites fill the space with constant doom porn designed to scare you. The fascist plague zombies are coming at any minute… run! But I’m guessing I’m the only prepper with a website who’s not only been inside

The common stereotype that preppers are selfish, lone wolf hoarders who have given up on the world is just plain false. Some preppers even go as far as to say the reason they prep is to be able to help others. From our blog post covering the top motivations liberal preppers, a leader from

However, this often overlooked piece of gear has many survival uses. There’s no good excuse not to include a survival bandana in your survival gear. Survival bananas are a high utility and little weight survival tool. Get one.

Wilderness survival sometimes calls for being found — that includes in a time of collapse as well. Perhaps you’ve put together a camp in a remote location. Whatever circumstances take place where you’re now cooperating with other people for survival, tasks related to hunting, scouting, and scavenging can mean you have to split off from the group at times.

The Free Credit Card Knife they are currently offering is described as having the size and weight of a credit card and can be unfolded in just a moment. It has a surgical steel blade that is both durable and rust free, as well as a protective hand guard helps you grip and stops the blade from slipping and a built in safety sheath to prevent accidents. 

This wilderness survival guide wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging this; hands down, skills are much more important than gear when it comes to wilderness survival. You can buy and collect all the best gear in the world, but what happens if you forget it? Or lose it? Or use it up? Then you’ll be relying on yourself – your skills. With that said, it is still good to learn about wilderness survival gear and put together a wilderness survival kit. Just don’t’ depend on it.

With a bit of ingenuity you’ve built yourself a shelter that costs much less than a popular brand name tent and should be able to withstand more wear and tear and protect from rain and wind, even snow. In a time of collapse and evacuation, it also catches less attention than something bright blue or orange or yellow like a popular brand name tent.

Bear notes that charge is a particular problem in extreme colds, where batteries struggle to last as well as in the heat. He recommends putting your mobile in your armpit to warm it up and bring the battery back to life, assuming there is still charge left, and also making sure your phone is waterproofed, whether in casing or even a sandwich bag.

As a father of 3 small children, I have always tried to protect and provide for all their immediate and future necessities.  I could not come home and tell my kids there was no food on the shelves.  Now, I can sleep in peace having purchased years of emergency food! I love having the peace of mind, the feeling of being empowered– that my family and I are covered with the necessary emergency food, and survival supplies for the next 20 years at TODAY’S prices for what ever comes our way. For more information, go to blog . 

I don’t think it’s possible to carry all these items on one’s back! Maybe you could manage carrying them all in a vehicle, but even then it might be pushing it. Definitely the list is meant to be picked and chosen from, and a lot of the items are redundant; as you said “this or that” rather than “have one of each.” I just tried to make the list as all-inclusive as possible, just as a reminder that some things are available, even if they’re not particularly ideal/portable, or what most people would choose to have.

It’s about creating a site that keeps people engaged, gets them clicking and lowers bounce rate and if you read about SurvivalLife over on you’ll see them talk about how they initally went with a really clean design similar to but their bounce rate was terrible so they made the site really messy and ugly and bounce rate dropped dramatically.

Stratification. The subjects can be divided into strata, where subjects within a stratum are expected to be relatively more similar to each other than to randomly chosen subjects from other strata. The regression parameters are assumed to be the same across the strata, but a different baseline hazard may exist for each stratum. Stratification is useful for analyses using matched subjects, for dealing with patient subsets, such as different clinics, and for dealing with violations of the proportional hazard assumption.

“Überlebensregengang Überlebensausrüstung für Frauen”

Following a $14.7 million marketing effort, Ben-Hur premiered at Loew’s State Theatre in New York City on November 18, 1959. It was the fastest-grossing, as well as the highest-grossing film of 1959, in the process becoming the second highest-grossing film in history at the time after Gone with the Wind. It won a record 11 Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director (Wyler), Best Actor in a Leading Role (Heston), Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Griffith), and Best Cinematography – Color (Surtees). Ben-Hur also won three Golden Globe Awards, including Best Motion Picture – Drama, Best Director and Best Supporting Actor – Motion Picture for Stephen Boyd. Today, Ben-Hur is widely considered to be one of the greatest films ever made, and in 1998 the American Film Institute ranked it the 72nd best American film and the 2nd best American epic film in the AFI’s 10 Top 10. In 2004, the National Film Preservation Board selected Ben-Hur for preservation by the National Film Registry of the Library of Congress for being a “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” motion picture.
Du weißt, dass eine Marke oder ein Uhrmacher einen unverwechselbaren Stil hat, wenn du gehst. “Warte, ich habe das mal gesehen!” Beim Betrachten einer völlig neuen Uhr Ich spreche nicht über das gesamte Modell oder einfach nur kopieren / einfügen mit einem Wechsel von Farbe und Material, sondern ein Detail, eine Art zu dekorieren, oder ein Element, das der Uhrmacher hält Modell nach Modell zu bringen. Wir konnten die Satelliten – Stunden – Anzeige aus nehmen Urwerk , die Breguet Hände, die MB & F Fliegen Unruh (in Legacy – Machines) oder die 3D – Mondphase Ball von De Bethune . Jedes dieser Elemente wird in deinem Gedächtnis gespeichert, auch wenn du kein großer Uhrenkenner bist. Und wenn Sie sind, wie ich, ein bisschen gelangweilt von den Klassikern, werden Sie begehren, etwas Neues zu finden, einzigartig und unverwechselbar.
Das einzige Problem ist, dass es in der Regel versteckt in der Rückseite der Bewegung irgendwo, was macht es schwer zu schätzen genau das, was los ist. Offensichtlich haben sich die talentierten Leute bei Arnold & Son gleich gefühlt, weshalb sie sich entschieden haben, den Toten Beat – sorry, True Beat – Mechanismus auf die Zifferblattseite zu stellen, also der nicht übertriebene Name Dial Side True Beat.
Inzwischen gibt es tatsächlich einige Hoffnung, dass der Tassie-Teufel gerettet werden kann. In mehreren Anlagen – auf Tasmanien, aber auch auf dem australischen Festland – werden sicherheitshalber Ersatzpopulationen gezüchtet. Mittlerweile gibt es dort mehr als 500 gesunde Tiere. Zudem haben auf Tasmanien trotz der Krebsepidemie einige Populationen überlebt.
Jump up ^ Mack DR, Langton C, Markowitz J, LeLeiko N, Griffiths A, Bousvaros A, Evans J, Kugathasan S, Otley A, Pfefferkorn M, Rosh J, Mezoff A, Moyer S, Oliva-Hemker M, Rothbaum R, Wyllie R, delRosario JF, Keljo D, Lerer T, Hyams J (1 June 2007). “Laboratory Values for Children With Newly Diagnosed Inflammatory Bowel Disease”. Pediatrics. 119 (6): 1113–1119. doi:10.1542/peds.2006-1865. PMID 17545378. – as commented on at
Fußkettchen Knöchel Kreis von Menschen aller Altersgruppen und beide Geschlechter, mit einer großen Vielfalt von Farben und Materialien, aus denen diese zufälligen Schmuckstücke. Wenn Sie bunten haben String und ein paar Perlen, können Sie eine Fußfessel für selbst oder einen Freund zu machen. Wählen Sie String-Farben, die Sie mögen und Perlen, die die Zeichenfolge Farben ergänzen und Sie können schnell zusammen Peitsche eine Fußfessel Sie stolz zu tragen sein wird.
Include some other miscellaneous items. If you forget any of the following, you’ll be happy to have some back-ups in your survival kit. These might be going above and beyond, but in an emergency, they might be essential. Consider throwing any of the following into your school survival kit:
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3. Die meisten Krebsarten, unabhängig von Zelle oder Gewebe Ursprung, ist eine einzigartige Krankheit der Ateminsuffizienz mit kompensatorischen Gärung gekoppelt. [Es gibt nicht wirklich Hunderte von Krebsarten, die separat untersucht werden müssen. Es gibt einen gemeinsamen Mechanismus für die Behandlung aller Krebsarten.]
4 Binden Sie einen anderen uni-Knoten auf dem Monofilament Ende der Leitung. Stellen Sie sicher, dass der Knoten fest ist und dann schneiden Sie die Tag-Ende bündig gegen den Körper der Knoten ist. Ziehen Sie langsam auf die beiden Hauptlinien bis zum Knoten Rutsche und stoßen gegeneinander.
Der eine meinte dann, vielleicht läge es an der Alu-Verkleidung von ARAL, das das hier etwas lauter sei und fragte dann, ob ich einen offenen Lufi hätte woraufhin der andere dann unbedingt in der Motor schauen wollte. Der eine dann beim Blick in den Motor zum anderen: “Nee Du, der Wagen ist sauber, da ist nix gefuscht.”
Ich erwähne die Arbeit von Dr. Seyfried, weil die meisten Menschen von der hochkohlenhydrathaltigen Diät, die mittlerweile nachweislich Diabetes, Herzerkrankungen, Alzheimer und Krebs hervorgerufen hat, schikaniert worden sind. Uns wurde gesagt, dass gesättigte Fettsäuren und Cholesterin böse waren, und wir sollten meistens Kohlenhydrat-Lebensmittel mit jeder Mahlzeit essen und vor allem den Tag beginnen mit einem fettfreien Frühstück bestehend aus fast 100% Zucker und Getreide. Die amerikanische Standardnahrung hat Erzeugungen der Kohlenhydratabhängigen verursacht.
Ähnlich ergeht es uns bei der Freizeitbeschäftigung und im Urlaub. Moderne Infrastruktur steht uns fast überall auf der Welt zur Verfügung, die nächste Ortschaft beim Wanderurlaub ist nur wenige Kilometer entfernt.
Das Zifferblatt des Louis Vuitton Escale Worldtime besteht aus drei Scheiben, alle mobil und alle über eine einzige Krone verstellbar. Die große Außenseite, die sehr bunt ist, kennzeichnet die Initialen der Städte auf der ganzen Welt. Es kann gedreht werden, um sich an die Referenzstadt anzupassen, die um 12 Uhr über dem gelben Pfeil positioniert werden soll. Die beiden zentralen Scheiben drehen sich ständig, die äußere ist in zwei schwarze und weiße Halbkreise unterteilt, um Tag- und Nachtzeit anzuzeigen, während die kleinste in der Mitte die Minuten zeigt. Unterhalb des gelben Pfeils, der die Stunde in der Referenzstadt angibt, können die Minuten mit den präzisen Markierungen auf dem innersten Kreis gelesen werden, um die Genauigkeit zu unterstützen. So kann die Referenzzeit sowie die Zeit an allen 24 Standorten auf einen Blick leicht gelesen werden – aber natürlich,
Sie begannen mit der Kontrolle über medizinische Schulen. Sie haben große Spenden an medizinische Schulen im ganzen Land im Austausch für die Möglichkeit, ihre Vertreter an Universitäts-Board of Directors setzen. Dies ermöglichte es ihnen, das Curriculum neu zu gestalten, um sich auf die drei Säulen der modernen Medizin, dh Chirurgie, Strahlentherapie und synthetische Arzneimittel zu konzentrieren. Medizinische Ausbildung konzentrieren sich nun auf diese Säulen, vor allem die letzten Säule – synthetische Drogen. Ärzte würden gelehrt, abhängig von Pharma-Medikamente für ihre erste Linie Behandlung für alle gesundheitlichen Bedingungen.
Mein Leben, mein Alltag wird nach und nach stressfreier, entspannter. Die Kraft kommt vom Vater im Himmel, von seinem Geist, der in mir wirken darf. Doch das kann er nur, wenn wir uns zu ihm hin unsere Herzenstüren, Herzensohren, Herzensaugen offen halten.  
Keep the kit in your locker or bag. After you get your survival kit decorated and organized, put it somewhere you’ll be able to access it regularly and easily if you need it. Most school kits are best kept in your locker at school, but you can also keep smaller ones in your back-pack or in your purse.
Bernanke favors reducing the U.S. budget deficit, particularly by reforming the Social Security and Medicare entitlement programs. During a speech delivered on April 7, 2010, he warned that the U.S. must soon develop a “credible” plan to address the pending funding crisis faced by “entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare” or “in the longer run we will have neither financial stability nor healthy economic growth.”[72][73] Bernanke said that formulation of such a plan would help the economy now, even if actual implementation of the plan might have to wait until the economic outlook improves.[74]
Danis M, Federman D, Fins JJ et al. (1999) Incorporating palliative care into critical care education: principles, challenges, and opportunities. Crit Care Med 27:2005–2013CrossRefPubMedGoogle Scholar
Bernanke taught at the Stanford Graduate School of Business from 1979 until 1985, was a visiting professor at New York University and went on to become a tenured professor at Princeton University in the Department of Economics. He chaired that department from 1996 until September 2002, when he went on public service leave. He resigned his position at Princeton July 1, 2005.
Ben & Jerry’s introduces Sorbets made with pure spring water & the best fruits & flavorings. Doonesberry® Sorbet is named after the popular “Doonesbury®” comic strip character. It has since been sent to the Flavor Graveyard, but other sorbets live on in Scoop Shops.
Was ich sah, als ich diese Situation erlebte, waren die Stahlwände einer Krebsfabrik. Sobald meine Freunde die Tür zum System öffneten, egal was sie dachten oder wie sie sich fühlten, würde das Förderband der Krebsfabrik fortfahren, sie vorwärts zu bewegen. Sie baumelten die Aussicht auf kurative Chirurgie für Stadium 4 metastasierendem Dickdarmkrebs vor ihr, wenn sie zuerst zustimmen würde, um Chemotherapie zu tun. Jeder Versuch, meine Freunde gemacht, um zu versuchen, den Behandlungsplan zu ändern wurde mit Opposition von ihren Ärzten auf den Punkt, wo ihre Ärzte sogar drohte, Schmerzmittel zurückzuhalten, wenn sie sich weigerte, mit Chemotherapie fortzusetzen. Es gab einen Standard der Pflege und niemand durfte ihre eigene Behandlung kontrollieren, sobald sie die Fabrik betraten. Die einzigen, die nicht in die Krebsfabrik eindringen könnten, sind diejenigen, die finanzielle Mittel haben und die private Behandlung in Europa oder Mexiko suchen könnten.
Leider glauben die meisten Mitglieder des konventionellen Gesundheitssystems fälschlicherweise, dass Glukose notwendig ist, um das menschliche Leben zu unterstützen. Jede Zelle im menschlichen Körper kann auf Ketonkörpern einschließlich des menschlichen Gehirns, aber nicht Krebszellen leicht überleben.
Nachdem ich glaubte, die animierten anderen Benutzer haben über Paracord Gürtel gemacht, bemerkte ich, dass es nur einen verstellbaren Gürtel aber leider hatte es eine Schließe und Zunge Typ Schnalle. Ich mochte die Idee eines Paracord Gürtels, aber
Die Forschungsdollar wurden alle von einem Krebsmonopol – einem Kartell – bestehend aus pharmazeutischen Unternehmen, der American Medical Association, einem Forschungssystem, das pharmazeutische Hersteller unterstützt, ein System von Wohltätigkeitsorganisationen, die Geld für die Krebsforschung aufbringen, und verschiedene Bundesbehörden wie z Die US FDA. Diese Gruppen haben wenig Interesse an der Heilung von Krebs, sind aber völlig verpflichtet, Gewinne für das Krebsmonopol, das von den pharmazeutischen Unternehmen geleitet wird.
Die Überlistung des Wesens kommt ähnlich auch wieder in VOY “Verwerfliche Experimente” vor, funktioniert da aber besser, weil man interessantere Gegenspieler hat. Hier kämpft man primär gegen das Brückenverteidigungssystem. (Dieses sieht für meinen Geschmack zu sehr nach schwerem militärischen Gerät aus)
Several actors were offered the role of Judah Ben-Hur before it was accepted by Charlton Heston. Burt Lancaster stated he turned down the role because he found the script boring[53] and belittling to Christianity.[f] Paul Newman turned it down because he said he didn’t have the legs to wear a tunic.[54] Marlon Brando,[54] Rock Hudson,[g] Geoffrey Horne,[h] and Leslie Nielsen[55] were also offered the role, as were a number of muscular, handsome Italian actors (many of whom did not speak English).[56] Kirk Douglas was interested in the role, but was turned down in favor of Heston,[i] who was formally cast on January 22, 1958.[58] His salary was $250,000 for 30 weeks, a prorated salary for any time over 30 weeks, and travel expenses for his family.[34]
Ein unverzichtbarer Ausrüstungsgegenstand für Auto-Apotheke und Rucksack. Der Beutel wiegt unter 150g und beinhält 1 Rettungsdecke: Alu gold/silber (220x160cm) und 1 Stück Bodywärmer selbstklebend mit 12 Stunden Wärmedauer.
Hinweis: Einige dieser Inhalte werden über Steam und Websites von Drittanbietern bereitgestellt. Detaillierte Anweisungen, wo du die Inhalte erhältst, sind verfügbar. Inhalte sind nur in englischer Sprache verfügbar. Die Auslieferung der T-Shirts beginnt im März 2017. Du wirst per E-Mail informiert, wann du dein T-Shirt anfordern kannst.
Ben & Jerry’s launches the Cowmobile, a modified mobile home used to distribute free scoops in a unique, cross-country “marketing drive.” On the return trip, the Cowmobile burns to the ground outside of Cleveland, Ohio (no one was hurt). Ben said it looked “like the world’s largest Baked Alaska.”
Charming mid 19th century town house of immense character. Owned and managed by our family since 1926. We have been extending traditional family hospitality to our guests since then. Recommended by Frommer and Le Petit Fute Guides. Enjoy all the modern comforts and special ambience of this elegant guesthouse, surrounded by antiques and old world atmosphere. Wishing all our guests a pleasant and safe journey.
Jump up ^ Jens Georg Hansen; Henrik Schmidt; Jorn Rosborg; Elisabeth Lund (22 July 1995). “Predicting acute maxillary sinusitis in a general practice population”. BMJ. 311 (6999): 233–236. doi:10.1136/bmj.311.6999.233. PMC 2550286 . PMID 7627042.
Rolex war an Bord von dem Gehen, als 1953 Trieste erstmals ins Leben gerufen wurde. Im Gegensatz zu den Tauchgängen der Trieste führte Rolex eine rigorose Prüfung der zweiten Version seines Deep Sea Special durch. Rolexs Erfahrung mit Taucheruhren ging 1926 wieder deutlich zurück, als Hans Wilsdorf erstmals den Rolex Oyster-Fall entwickelte.

το κιτ έκτακτης ανάγκης ζόμπι επιβίωσης η ανεστραμμένη εξέλιξη

Να περιμένεις στωικά στην ατελείωτη ουρά που υπάρχει έξω από το Λούβρο, όταν μπορείς να κατέβεις στον σταθμό του metro Louvre-Rivoli, να βγεις από την έξοδο Carrousel du Louvre, δηλαδή ακριβώς κάτω από τη γυάλινη πυραμίδα, και μέσα σε ένα δεκάλεπτο να είσαι μέσα στο μουσείο.
Καλημέρα. Θα ήθελα τα “φώτα” σας. Δεν κατοικώ στην Αθήνα αλλά στην επαρχία. Επισκέπτομαι την Αθήνα μία φορά το τρίμηνο περίπου. Κάνω μία με δύο διαδρομές με το μετρό τη φορά. Τι κάνω με το εισιτήριο; Έχω μπερδευτεί.
Η φωτιά θα σας παρέχει την θερμότητα, το φως, την άνεση και την προστασία από άγρια ζώα. Επιλέξτε τη θέση για την φωτιά σας σοφά: Να είναι κοντά σας και κοντά στο καταφύγιο σας και με αντίθετη κατεύθυνση του ανέμου, είναι τα πιο σημαντικά ζητήματα.
Αν χαθείτε κάπου μακριά από τον πολιτισμό, το κινητό σας δεν θα σας φανεί και πολύ χρήσιμο, εκτός και αν χρησιμοποιήσετε τη μπαταρία του για να ανάψετε φωτιά. Πολλά έξυπνα κινητά και τάμπλετ τροφοδοτούνται από μπαταρίες λιθίου (Li-ion).
Αυτό το μικρό κατσαβίδι όχι μόνο είναι πανίσχυρο αλλά και πολύ χρήσιμο επίσης. Διαθέτει 4 κεφαλές οι οποίες είναι έξυπνα κατανεμημένες(2 διπλές κεφαλές) πάνω στο εργαλείο χωρίς να χρειάζεται να τις μεταφέρουμε ξεχωριστά. Διαθέτει τόσο 2 σταυρωτές κεφαλές Phillips όσο και 2 ίσιες σε 2 μεγέθη, ένα μικ..
Προσθέτει ότι και το περιβάλλον του Τραμπ είναι γεμάτο άτομα που θα μπορούσε κανείς να τους αποκαλέσει ηλίθιους. Ακόμη και το περιοδικό The New Republic σχολίαζε πρόσφατα ότι ένας ορισμένος τύπος «Νεοϋορκέζου ηλίθιου» είναι πολύ της μόδας στον Λευκό Οίκο. Για παράδειγμα, ο πρώην διευθυντής επικοινωνίας Anthony Scaramucci, ο οποίος παρότι έμεινε στη θέση του μόνο μια εβδομάδα ήταν η απόλυτη ενσάρκωση του ηλίθιου: στη διάρκεια μιας συνέντευξης κάλεσε τον πρώην στρατηγικό σύμβουλο του Τραμπ, Στιβ Μπάνον, «να γλείψει το πέος του» και βέβαια απολύθηκε.
Σε μία κατάσταση έκτακτης ανάγκης , θα χρειαστεί να ζήσετε ένα εύλογο χρονικό διάστημα τρώγωντας κονσέρβες ( ιδίως αν έχουμε και περιστατικό ραδιενεργούς διασποράς ) .Το ανοιχτήρι είναι απαραίτητο αφού πέραν του ευκόλου ανοίγματος που έχουν πολλές κονσέρβες εσείς θα χρειαστείτε κάθε μία που θα βρείτε στον δρόμο σας.
Το κυνήγι των άγριων ζώων δεν πρέπει να είναι η πρώτη σας σκέψη όταν ψάχνετε για τροφή – με βρόχους και παγίδες θα διαθέσετε λιγότερη ενέργεια. Τα περισσότερα ζώα μπορούν να παγιδευτούν με μια θηλιά συρμάτινη στη σωστή θέση, όπως π.χ. κοντά σε ένα κρησφύγετο ή πάνω από ένα μονοπάτι. (Αλλά μην την τοποθετήσετε πολύ κοντά στο κρησφύγετο σας, καθώς τα ζώα είναι πολύ επιφυλακτικά όταν βγαίνουν από την κρυψώνα τους.) Επίσης, να θυμάστε: ότι πρέπει να οδηγήσετε τα ζώα σαν σε χωνί προς την παγίδα. Πρέπει να καμουφλάρετε την παγίδα να μην φαίνεται, να καλύψετε την μυρωδιά σας και στη συνέχεια να το οδηγήσετε στο δόλωμα. Και όσες περισσότερες παγίδες στήσετε, τόσες περισσότερες πιθανότητες επιτυχίας έχετε. Εάν υπάρχουν ποτάμια, ή άλλα υδατικά συστήματα γύρω από την διαμονή σας, αυτά θα πρέπει να είναι τα πρώτα μέρη που θα ψάξετε για τροφή. Στις φωτογραφίες μπορείτε να δείτε μερικούς τύπους παγίδων που προτείνει ο Bear Grylls
Ο κ. Τουμαζής αναφέρει στο INBNews ότι μέχρι τον ερχόμενο Απρίλιο αναμένονται εξελίξεις για το θέμα της υλοποίησης της μαρίνας Αγίας Νάπας, αφού αφενός λήγει σχετική συμβατική υποχρέωση απέναντι στο κράτος και αφετέρου μέχρι τότε αναμένεται να ξεκαθαρίσει και το ζήτημα της χρηματοδότησης. Για το εν λόγω ζήτημα που είναι και κεφαλαιώδες για την ανάπτυξη ο κ. Τουμαζής τονίζει πως είναι δύσκολη η οικονομική συγκυρία αλλά η κοινοπραξία θα καταφέρει να εξασφαλίσει το απαραίτητο χρήμα που χρειάζεται. Σημειώνεται πως η αξία του έργου ανέρχεται στα 200 εκ. ευρώ.
  Οι πιο ευαίσθητες περιοχές είναι αυτές του λαιμού και του προσώπου, οι οποίες είναι συνήθως και οι πιο εκτεθειμένες στα δακρυγόνα. Το χημικό αέριο εκμεταλλεύεται την υγρασία του σώματος στα σημεία αυτά (λιπαρότητα δέρματος και ιδρώτας) για να δράσει.
Μην τρέχετε αν δε χρειάζεται να τρέχετε. Μη βιάζεστε αν έχετε ήδη χάσει το τρένο. Μην στριμώχνετε στο πρόγραμμά σας παραπάνω υποχρεώσεις από όσες αντέχετε. Όταν κάνετε βόλτα στην πόλη, προσπαθήστε να μην παρασύρεστε από τη βιασύνη του πλήθους, απολαύστε το αστικό τοπίο και δώστε την ευκαιρία στον εαυτό σας να παρατηρήσει το γύρω χώρο και να δει όλες τις ομορφιές που κρύβει η πόλη και οι άνθρωπου που ζουν σε αυτή.
Ενώ το θέμα της δεν είναι ακραιφνώς ο πόλεμος αλλά η εισβολή της βίας στις ζωές των ανθρώπων και η μεταβολή που προκαλεί η απώλεια ή η εξοικείωση με το κακό, τα διηγήματα της Ελισάβετ Χρονοπούλου αιωρούνται σε αυθυπαρξία έξω από θεματικές κατηγορίες. Αυτά τα θραύσματα συμβάντων, το δαχτυλίδι στο στρίφωμα, ο νεαρός νεκρός, η συνέντευξη («ό,τι θυμηθείτε, κύριε Μαυρίδη…»), ο θείος Απόστολος και το πόδι που εξέχει στο κάρο, το ημερολόγιο του πατέρα εν έτει 1942, το σημείωμα του Βασίλη, γεννηθέντος το 1917, ορίζουν έναν θαμπό ορίζοντα, όπου ο χρόνος καταλύεται υποχωρώντας προς όφελος της εμπειρίας. Το βίωμα, η ανάμνηση, η προβολή της φαντασίας, η διαχείριση της ενοχής, του κενού και του φόβου, οι μικρές ζωές που γιγαντώνονται και οι σκιές που επιζητούν ονοματεπώνυμο, ενώνουν αυτά τα σπαράγματα σε μία αλληλουχία. Υπάρχουν στιγμές υψηλής καλαισθησίας (μέσα από την ακρίβεια, την κατά μέτωπο θέαση) και στιγμές εξαιρετικής οικονομίας. Αν χάρηκα κάτι ιδιαίτερα στα διηγήματα της Ελισάβετ Χρονοπούλου είναι η ικανότητα ανασύνθεσης κόσμων με λίγα και βασικά υλικά, με έναν τρόπο συνειρμικό, με μία δύναμη υπαινικτική.
Το να σκοτώνεις λοιπόν, για οποιοδήποτε λόγο, είναι “κακό”. Οι αιτίες όμως που σε οδήγησαν να σκοτώσεις είναι άλλο πράγμα. Δεν μπορεί να είναι η αιτία το ίδιο το “κακό”, απλά το αποτέλεσμα είναι “κακό”. Να κι άλλο αναποδογύρισμα!
Σε τροπικές περιοχές είναι πολύ σημαντικό επίσης να γνωρίζουμε πως παρότι η καρύδα έχει πόσιμο χυμό, οι πράσινες (άγουρες) καρύδες μπορούν να προκαλέσουν διάρροια. Μία τελευταία τεχνική για τροπικές περιοχές είναι η συλλογή νερού από την ακτή. Η μέθοδος χρησιμοποιεί την άμμο της παραλίας ως μέσο φιλτραρίσματος όπως βλέπετε στην επόμενη εικόνα.
Τα οικονομικά και οι παράπλευροι κλάδοι που τα ακολουθούν (π.χ. Χρηματοοικονομικά, Διοίκηση Επιχειρήσεων, Οικονομικά της Υγείας, Πολιτική Οικονομία, Οικονομικά της Δημόσιας Επιλογής και ακόμα Μαθηματικά οικονομικά) ασχολούνται γενικά μπορούμε να πούμε με τις οικονομικές επιλογές κρατών, επιχειρήσεων και ανθρώπων.
Προσέξτε όμως. Για να καταλάβουμε ποιο είναι πραγματικά το αίτιο και ποιο το αποτέλεσμα θα πρέπει να εφαρμόσουμε μια τακτική με το μυαλό μας: τη λέμε “ανάλυση”. Έχουμε ένα γεγονός. Το αναλύουμε συνεχώς, το κάνουμε “πενηνταράκια” όπως λέμε αλλά δεν μένουμε εκεί. Μετά το ξαναπιάνουμε, το ξανασυνθέτουμε το γεγονός και το βλέπουμε όπως ακριβώς ήταν στην αρχή, αλλά με την εξής διαφορά: τώρα το καταλαβαίνουμε πολύ πιο βαθιά, γιατί το “σπάσαμε” σε όσο πιο μικρά κομματάκια γίνεται, τα καταλάβαμε ένα-ένα και μετά, πάλι αρχίσαμε να το ξαναφτιάχνουμε το παζλ, σιγά-σιγά καταλαβαίνοντας την κάθε κίνησή μας, ώσπου να φτάσουμε στο αρχικό γεγονός πάλι. Το οποίο ίδιο είναι, αλλά τώρα το καταλαβαίνουμε πιο καλά, έχουμε μια πιο σφαιρική εικόνα στο μυαλό μας.
Σημαντικές τροφές σε μια τέτοια περίοδο είναι τα λαχανικά (ιδιαίτερα το σπανάκι, οι ντομάτες, οι πράσινες πιπεριές, το λάχανο, οι πατάτες, τα ραπανάκια, τα καρότα και το κουνουπίδι), τα ψάρια, το ελαιόλαδο και οι ελιές, οι ξηροί καρποί όπως τα φιστίκια και τα φρούτα, με ιδιαίτερη έμφαση σε επιλογές όπως μύρτιλο, ρόδι, πορτοκάλια, μπανάνες και βερίκοκα. 
We immediately treated her hoof and started her on antibiotics, twice daily and we are happy that she is already feeling better. Yucca now requires a lot of care and attention in order to treat and clean her hoof and it seems that she is responding well to the treatment. She will also be needing painkillers, daily for her ongoing problems. These are extremely expensive and should anyone wish to make a donation to help towards the cost of this medication we would be very grateful, and so would Yucca.
Θα με μυρίσεις, θα με ακούσεις, θα γίνεις ένα με το κορμί μου. Θα επιτελέσεις και σήμερα το ρόλο ενός αντικειμένου ωτακουστή και εγώ θα σου εκμυστηρευτώ και απόψε τη στερνή μου επιθυμία. Βαρέθηκα να πολλαπλασιάζω το «βιώνω». Να ζήσω επιθυμώ, να ζήσω. Θα σηκωθώ το πρωί και θα μπει στα ρουθούνια μου ο αέρας της λύτρωσης.
έΧΟΥΜΕ ιδιαίτερη «έλξη» προς τα «Σουρρεαλιστικά εργαλεία» του Μρεττόν, του δικού μας Εμπειρίκου… και χρόνια προσπαθούμε να κτίσουμε  και να κατοικίσουμε τη δική μας ΟΚΤάΝΑ, μήπως και σώσουμε τη ψυχούλα μας… Αλλά δεν… Χθες λοιπόν κυκλοφόρησε το 5ο τεύχος του περιοδικού ΚΛΗΔΟΝΑΣ της «Υπερρεαλιστικής Ομάδας Αθήνας» που εκδίδει ο Διαμαντής (δεν είναι το γνωστό «φιδάκι», είναι ο εκδότης) με προτάσεις για την » Σουρεαλιστική Επιβίωση».  Εμείς σας ενημερώνουμε, σας προκαλούμε και… από εκεί και μετΑ εσείς αποφασίζετε αν χρησιμοποιήσετε και πως τα «ΣουρΡεαλιστικά ΕργαλεΙα ΕΠΙΒίΩΣΗΣ». – RsB
Όσο λιγότεροι γνωρίζουν για την εγκυμοσύνη σου, τόσο το καλύτερο. Εκτός από την οικογένειά σου, τους πολύ κοντινούς φίλους και τη δουλειά –αναγκαστικά–, μέχρι τα σημάδια –κοιλιά φουσκωμένη– να γίνουν εμφανή, κράτησε το μυστικό για τον εαυτό σου. Έτσι θα γλιτώσεις από τις παρατηρήσεις για το πόσο πάχυνες, πόσο δεν πάχυνες και πόσο πρέπει να παχύνεις για να βγει το μωρό τέλειο.

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Condoms also burn. A latex condom will light up instantly, making it perfect tinder for getting a fire going. And since they’re watertight by nature, they can also be used to safely carry dry tinder. In a pinch, you can use condoms as rope to tie up a tarpaulin for shelter or—seriously—even turn them into a slingshot to hunt small game. Yes, you can hunt wild animals with condoms.

Sleeping out in the wildness can be rough, the ground is cold, bugs are frequent visitors, and rocks and dirt may not be the most comfortable of elements. So, welcome to the fabulous world of hammocks! Rock away to a gentle rest inside the snuggly confines of this super plush hammock from Amok, which promises versatility as well as maximum comfort. This deluxe sleeping mechanism comes complete with an integrated bug net, bottle holder and belongings pocket. The adjustable straps and rope attachments bind any tree conveniently and allow for multiple positions, including flat for sleeping and upright for a floating chair. This particular breed of hammock even offers a tarp to provide instant shelter from the rain. These beautiful suspension sleeping devices are top of the line and will set you back a little over 300 for the new model! But hold on, you can find standard hammocks for as low as 20 or 30 if you find yourself on a budget.

The book is divided into six separate chapters, followed by a list of fictional attacks throughout history and an appendix. The first chapter, The Undead: Myths and Realities, outlines Solanum, a fictional and incurable virus that creates a zombie, along with details on how it is spread (such as through an open wound, or contact with infected blood or saliva), and treatment of the infected (such as suicide or amputation of the injured limb, though the latter rarely works). The middle of this chapter explains the abilities and behavioral patterns of the undead, and the differences between voodoo zombies, movie zombies, and zombies created by Solanum.

Yes yes! Thank you so much, I knew I forgot plenty :). I will not be updating this list for some time but when I do I will be adding these thanks to your suggestion! Can’t believe I forgot them completely!

Joe and Amy Alton, aka Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy, come down with the flu after their successful appearance at the SHOT show in Nevada, just one of 47 states widespread outbreaks of influenza. Find out how hard it is to escape becoming a victi…

This Wilderness Survival Guide is intended as a basic introduction on how to prepare for and react in a wilderness survival situation. These wilderness skills and techniques are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to take the place of a professional wilderness survival or first aid training course. Rather, they are intended to increase your awareness of the lifesaving importance of wilderness survival skills and to encourage you to seek professional training.

We have another order of 2005-2017 SurvivalBlog Waterproof USB Archives that will be here soon, so keep watching the archive product page for details. In the meantime, we are hoping that you can help us sort out some confusion from the first batch of 1,000 USB sticks. We have:

There’s also plenty of cheap, yet high quality survival gear that’s a great price whether or not it’s on sale. If you’re interested, take a look at what we think the best bang-for-buck survival gear products are at the $5, $10, $15, $20, & $25 price points.

DISCLAIMER: the tips provided in this list does not guarantee survival. We are providing insights based on our own knowledge and experience. We simply sharing our personal ideas  and opinions with our audience. Use the outlined advice at your own risk. 

The p-value for all three overall tests (likelihood, Wald, and score) are significant, indicating that the model is significant. The p-value for log(thick) is 6.9e-07, with a hazard ratio HR = exp(coef) = 2.18, indicating a strong relationship between the thickness of the tumor and increased risk of death.

• Bowline: This knot is extremely useful when you need to attach something to a rope via a loop, because the tighter you pull, the tighter the knot gets. After you make a loop, remember this: the rabbit comes out of the hole, in front of the tree, goes behind the tree, and back down its original hole.

Don’t get me wrong; it is entirely understandable! However, if you want to get out of the situation, you must rely on sound judgment. If you are agitated, overly anxious or panicking, your brain will not think properly.

Let’s say you’re thrust into an emergency situation where rescue is not desirable. Let’s say you must avoid detection and roaming threats. If you want to get some shut-eye, it would be near impossible without a perimeter alarm system.

When you choose a sleeping bag rated for cold weather, sleeping bags filled with goose down are lightest — but they come with a consequence. If your bag gets wet it loses all insulating properties. A single tear can cause down to spill out. Your best bet is to get a down sleeping bag with a Gortex liner, to protect from moisture. But the price for Goretex down bags with a high rating can be steep — which can climb to $500 or more.

So, you found some waterbody in the wild and collected some water. You even boiled the water to make it safe to drink. But when you try to drink it, it has a horrible smell or unpleasant taste. It is a common scenario faced by many survivalists.

A SPOT Messenger is a satellite communication devices that allows you to contact emergency services, reach your own personal contacts for help during non-emergencies, or even simply check in with your friends and family as you trek so that they know you’re alright. A service subscription is required and is not cheap.

The survival function must be non-increasing: S(u) ≤ S(t) if u ≥ t. This property follows directly because T>u implies T>t. This reflects the notion that survival to a later age is only possible if all younger ages are attained. Given this property, the lifetime distribution function and event density (F and f below) are well-defined.

The common stereotype that preppers are selfish, lone wolf hoarders who have given up on the world is just plain false. Some preppers even go as far as to say the reason they prep is to be able to help others. From our blog post covering the top motivations among liberal preppers, a leader from

The second we got an air gun, Thomas immediately figured it would be absolutely perfect for a SHTF scenario. You could score some small game fairly easily, even in the city. There’s always squirrels and birds, and sometimes even rabbits to be had.

Rawles is a strong proponent of Citizen Journalism. In April 2014, along with his son Robert, Rawles co-founded The Constitution First Amendment Press Association (CFAPA),[75] a private free press advocacy group that distributes press credentials to any literate adult U.S. Citizen, free of charge.[76][77]

We know there is a TON of crap out there about survival and prepping. We can’t help it to be surprised by the astonishing amount of B.S. crappy info, put out there by self proclaimed, so called “experts” that either push you to buy their gear and tools or send you in a wild goose-chase with no real world practical application. Think about it, chances are that most of the REAL expert suck at marketing and don’t really know how to get their actual good info out into the world.

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​Glow sticks come in all shape, form, and colors. The ones you want are not those party things that you can wear like a necklace. You want to buy the ones that have a high light output. These glow sticks can last for years in your kit. However, it is advisable that you change them before they reach their expiration date.

Take a piece of clothing that you can wrap around your head and soak it in your urine. Wrap this damp cloth around your head to stay cool. It may sound a bit gross, but trust me, it will be much comfortable with the pee-rag on your head!

I purchased 3 of these (one for each car glovebox)…its a handy little kit, but one of the flashlights didn’t work (no, not just the battery) and when I contacted the seller directly, I received no response…disappointing

Glow sticks can be life savers in survival situations. These are small sticks that are filled with a chemical substance that emits light when mechanical shock triggers a chemical reaction. I am sure you must have seen them at parties and such, but they are of great value to a survivalist.

One great way to identify some edible plants is by studying up a little bit. You can always find books and resources on the internet that can educate you to identify these poisonous plants. So, if you have some time, read up!

His Tools For Survival: What You Need to Survive When You’re on Your Own (2014) is another non-fiction book drawn primarily from his posts. The publisher describes the book as a guide to the selection, use, and care of tools. It was released on December 30, 2014, by Penguin Books, and immediately jumped to #1 in Amazon’s Survival & Emergency Preparedness books category. The paperback book’s ISBN is 978-0-452-29812-5. It is also sold as an e-book and audiobook.[60][61]

This isn’t exactly the kind of content we like to publish at The Prepared — too many prepper websites fill the space with constant doom porn designed to scare you. The fascist plague zombies are coming at any minute… run! But I’m guessing I’m the only prepper with a website who’s not only been inside

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A pocket-knife is cool, but as my man Crocodile Dundee once said, now this is a knife. And it’s a knife vouched for by our other boy, Bear Grylls. Look, I shouldn’t have to explain the appeal of a knife, not to mention the need for one. Anytime you can call a tool a weapon and vice-versa, you’ve got yourself something worth carrying.

For a neutral assessment of the huge efforts put in by the author, the book has its own strengths and weaknesses; however, the former outweigh the latter by a huge margin. One of its crystal clear strengths is the author’s obsession with precision and a clinical eye for relevant details.[45]

Having explained why central banks are so nervous about cryptocurrencies, it seems the rest of the banking sector is finally admitting the real driver behind their disdain for digital currencies – they are competition and an existential threat.

We have partnered with Bookshout and recommend using their app as a simple way to read our e-books. Their App is available for download on iOS and Android devices. You can also access your e-book titles on your desktop or mobile browser.

In March 2011, Rawles formulated the American Redoubt movement. Rawles proposes five western states (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, eastern Oregon, and eastern Washington) as a safe haven for conservative Christians and Jews.[72] The concept was endorsed by former Presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin, who had recently relocated his entire extended family to western Montana.[73] One of its adherents, John Jacob Schmidt, started a weekly podcast called Radio Free Redoubt to help further the movement.[74] There is no data to measure how many people have moved into the area in response to this plan.

When it comes to multi-tools, Leatherman is the undisputed champ. And this survival tool, in particular, with nineteen different tools, will keep you in the game. It has everything from a saw to an electrical crimper on there, and to show you that they’re serious, Leatherman gives you a 25-year (!) guarantee.

About Blog – The Canadian Preppers Network is a group of volunteer authors who contribute articles with the hope of raising awareness of emergency-preparedness, self-reliance and self-sufficiency in Canada.

Like any emergency kit, the Pocket Survival Pak — which was developed by Doug Ritter, founder of the survivalist website Equipped To Survive — can help lost or injured explorers signal helicopters and planes, start fires, boil water, melt snow for water, catch fish, navigate through the woods, trap small animals, perform rudimentary first aid, and repair damaged gear.

HOME OR OUTDOOR VERSATILITY – It’s not always easy or convenient to carry a pocket knife in your pocket, which is why our multipurpose knife is great for the kitchen, garage, backyard, barn, or even while traveling by car.

The communications equipment may include a multi-band receiver/scanner, a citizens band (CB) radio, portable walkie-talkies with rechargeable batteries, and a portable battery-powered television. The power supplies may include a diesel or gasoline generator with a one-month fuel supply, an auto battery and charger, extension cord, flashlights, rechargeable batteries (with recharger), an electric multi meter, and a test light. Defense items include a revolver, semi-automatic pistol, rifle, shotgun, ammunition, mace or pepper spray, and a large knife such as a KA-BAR or a bowie knife.

Rawles is the Senior Editor of, a blog on survival and preparedness topics.[19] It has been described as the guiding light of the prepper movement[20] and the grandaddy of survival blogs.[21] He concentrates on encouraging family preparedness for many possible threats toward society.[22] In his various writings, Rawles has warned about socio-economic collapse,[23][24] pandemics,[25] X-class solar flares taking down power grids,[26] terrorist attacks,[27] and food shortages.

You will already see a shape. You can reinforce this tent skeleton by propping some more sticks to support the longer stick. Now, cover the tent with branches of trees and leaves to make a comfortable shelter.

The water was the energy source. Again, just because something has one USE doesn’t mean you can’t use it for both or for whatever you want. Here, a solar powered pump, pumps water up into a storage tank up above its intended use. When needed a simple hand valve is then turned the water drains out of the tank, turning a generator and you have electricity…. (If you capture the draining water, you could use it repeatedly or to drink or shower etc)… I noted I’d come back to fuel (storage) tanks. A small gasoline powered generator is useless without gas. But, a Diesel one-if you could make bio-diesel, or with a flex fuel generator, using diesel or propane, could have a way to add a smaller portable tank… by installing one of those large propane tanks common on farms or in the Mid west even more options.

LED lanterns and headlamps (yes, the dorky ones) are both a better, user friendly source for task lighting. Just try chopping that onion while holding a flashlight. No suggestions here but there are entire websites dedicated to each. Don’t go crazy on $$, this stuff is all made in the same place, probably by the same people. I have Streamlight, Ray-o-Vac and 30-Day currently on my shelf and I swear the parts are interchangeable.

Another section, which could be useful to all international postdocs, is the A Quick Guide to Visas for International Postdocs. This section describes the variety of visas that most international postdocs use for entry into the United States. This is a highly relevant aid given the current state of flux in visa regulations. This section outlines the terminology (Do you know the difference between SEVIS and USCIS?) and has a comparison between the J-1 and H-1B visas.

When you get to a water source, you’ll want to filter it, purify it and put some in a bottle. Because you rarely know how far the next water source is and a water bottle keeps you hydrated between sources.

NOTE: One of the biggest hurdles in starting a fire is finding the right kind of kindling. If you can make a kindling that can catch fire quickly, you have half of your work cut out. One of the best fuel that you can make is a char cloth.

About Blog – My name is Robert and our mission at US Preppers is to help you prepare for emergencies or disasters before they happen. As a family man and father of two boys, I am concerned about the future of our modern way of life. We know things can happen and we are not going to be complacent and let society dictate our survival.

At the push of a button, PLBs from companies like ACR Electronics Inc. transmit your position via GPS coordinates and the 406 MHz radio frequency to search-and-rescue centers, who may be able to then start a search process within minutes.

​Right size: If you are planning to walk a lot, remember that your feet are going to get a bit swollen. In that case, your shoes need to fit correctly. Anticipate the situation and choose your shoe size accordingly.

​Now fill the bottle up to an inch or two with following material: Coarse gravel, coarse sand, charcoal and fine sand. You can get the charcoal from your fire that you made in step 2. Just collect the charcoal and crush it up into a fine power.

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Vaak zat ik in de cockpit, op het bovendek, alleen maar omhoog te kijken hoe sterren en planetoïden blauwachtig op ons af raasden en naar rood verkleurden terwijl we ze passeerden. Het was een betoverend schouwspel. Naarmate de snelheid toenam, werden de verkleuringen steeds sterker, tot­dat de langsrazende puntjes samen één gepixe­leerde cirkelvormige regenboog vormden.
Wordt onze samenleving één kamp waar geestelijke ‘ondervoeding’ ons brengt tot een toestand waar wij op een prikkel reageren met het juiste gedrag zonder dat er nog een tussenfase is van ‘vrije wil’, zonder dat er nog een moment is waarbij men binnen een reeks mogelijkheden kan kiezen welke van deze al of niet zal worden gerealiseerd? Waar alle neuzen in één richting worden geduwd zodat niemand nog kan bougeren zonder het risico te lopen als pestlijder of paria te worden gestigmatiseerd. Waar de commerciële goedhartigheid van Sinterklaas niet in vraag gesteld kan worden, de politieke keurigheid van Yves Leterme boven elke twijfel verheven is, het duivels karakter van Jean-Marie Dedecker niet ontkend kan worden, de onvervangbaarheid van de moeder in de opvoeding van haar kind tot maatschappelijke grondwet is verheven, de neutraliteit van de VRT-berichtgeving buiten kijf staat of waar de sclerose van de Parti Socialiste en de onbekwaamheid van Laurette Onkelinx wetenschappelijke waarheden zijn? Waar iedereen uniform denkt en handelt en men mensen met een voorbeeldfunctie maar te imiteren heeft? Waar vrije wil en morele vaardigheden totaal overbodig geworden zijn? Waar wij door de verstomming van het spreken het uitzicht op zelfbeschikking, op overleg met onszelf en met onze medemensen verloren hebben? Boven onze samenleving zweeft een aanzwellende wolk van onfeilbare mythes die lijken op de opschriften boven de ingang van de concentratiekampen. Dat wij het eens zijn dat de aarde rond is (hoewel: zo volmaakt rond is ze niet!), tot daar aan toe, maar dat sociaal-culturele constructies, mythes dus, zoals de boven alle mensen verheven godheid van figuren die men niet met de handen mag aanraken, zoals b.v. onze beminnelijke Rik Torfs (zie hieronder), de dopingzuivere Tom Boonen, het beeld van de jobcreërende UNIZO-ondernemer of de morele onkreukbaarheid van 11.11.11, dat deze mythische figuren genieten van een natuurlijke onaantastbaarheid die hen boven elke kritiek verheft, dat wordt stilaan onrustwekkend. Of hebben wij dat uitzicht op de vrije mens opgegeven omdat wij op weg zijn een nieuw soort mens te worden? Was onze ‘vrije wil’ maar een historische periode geweest die wij nu afsluiten op weg naar een superhumane of posthumane fase waarin wij onze emotionele lichamelijkheid zullen hebben ingeruild voor die van een puur rationele, ‘wetenschappelijke’ geest die voor elk probleem de passende oplossing produceert zonder dat er nog van menselijk lijden, van menselijke passie sprake is? Zal ons leven eruitzien als dat van een team kosmonauten die zich niet kunnen permitteren aan boord van hun ruimteschip ruzie te hebben met elkaar noch elkaar lief te hebben? Of zijn wij – de schrijver dezes – conservatief? Worden wij oud en kunnen wij niet meer mee met onze tijd? Ik ga in een hierna komend essay dieper in op de vraag of wij ons moeten neerliggen bij een lotsbestemming als on-mens of na-mens: het post-humane dat meer en meer in de belangstelling komt van kunstenaars, filosofen en wetenschappers.
De tradities van de stam ondergingen slechts trage veranderingen. Wijzigingen aan rituelen en magische gebruiken waren bijzonder riskant: de wereld kon instorten (b.v. de beschikbaarheid van jachtdieren kon in het gedrang komen). Alleen daar waar geen magische rituelen nodig waren, konden relatief snelle veranderingen worden geboekt, in het bijzonder op het vlak van de productie van werktuigen. Langzamerhand werd echter de omgeving herschapen. Door iedere nieuwe techniek werd de omgeving die men beheerste, groter. De bolas maakte bijvoorbeeld de jacht op snel wild in een open vlakte mogelijk. Vuur en kledij lieten toe te verblijven en te opereren in voorheen onherbergzame streken. Accidentele of bewust uitgevoerde handelingen, zoals het afbranden van stukken grond, hadden dan weer een andere impact op het uitzicht van het landschap. Nieuwe mythes lieten toe nieuwe bijzondere ervaringen van stamgenoten in het bestaande mythologische stelsel te integreren. Naarmate het verblijf op een zelfde plaats langer duurde, groeide het kampement stilaan uit tot een klein dorp en het werd omheind door palissades die afweer boden tegen vijanden van alle slag. De semi-sedentaire levenswijze (met seizoensgewijze verwisseling van kampement) of de quasi permanente sedentarisatie in een echte nederzetting veronderstelde een productiviteitstijging die mogelijk was door de verbeterde technieken en mogelijk ook door de reeds verworven mogelijkheid om voedsel voor een bepaalde tijd te bewaren. De sedentaire levenswijze zelf vergrootte dan op zijn beurt verder de productiviteit, zeker in gebieden die rijk waren aan jachtwild en plantaardig voedsel, omdat men zich kon toeleggen op het ontwerpen van nog efficiëntere werktuigen of van adequatere en economischere manieren om voedsel te bereiden.
Franco Berardi ziet de verdringing van het menselijk direct contact door de zich veralgemenende connectie aan info-machines en info-schermen (gsm, smartphone, pc, tablet, laptop, tv, …) als het meest gerealiseerd in Zuid-Korea en meer in het bijzonder in haar hoofdstad Seoel. Iedereen hangt er constant en permanent aan mobieltjes en tablets. Deze connectie aan info-machines waarbij de persoon, haar lichaam en haar brein gewoon een doorgangspunt voor informatiefluxen zijn geworden, heeft er praktisch elke vorm van direct contact tussen mensen vervangen. Berardi ervaart deze wereldwijde situatie als catastrofaal, als onvermijdelijke voorbode van nerveuze uitputting, “depressie”, agressieve acting-out’s en collaps, omdat het menselijk bewustzijn en het organisch brein de informatiesnelheid na een bepaalde tijd hoe dan ook totaal niet meer kunnen volgen. Vandaar zijn alles overheersend pessimisme met betrekking tot de nabije toekomst. En zijn wijs besef van de volstrekte onmogelijkheid om met “politieke actie” de situatie te keren en de komende apocalyps te verhinderen, een apocalyps die overigens niet nakend is maar reeds volop aan de gang (“What Should We Do When Nothing Can be Done?”).
Inmiddels ben ik weer terug in Ghana. Ik ben drie weken in Nederland geweest, bij mijn vrouw in Friesland. Ik ben een paar kilo aangekomen van al het lekkere eten, zoals pannekoeken, erwtensoep, spruitjes, en ik heb ook vaak uitgeslapen. Rini en ik hebben regelmatig samen een mooie film bekeken en af en toe was het weer goed genoeg om een eind te gaan wandelen. Heerlijk. De nestkastjes voor de vogels heb ik schoongemaakt en hangen weer aan de bomen. Klaar voor de lente. Gelukkig ben ik ook deze keer niet uit de boom gevallen.
‘Ik wil rust,’ zei Meyago en ze zeepte Ujhalins borsten, buik en billen in. ‘Ik wil ongestoord door de stad kunnen lopen. Ik wil mijn oude werk terug. Ik wil kunnen leven zonder bang te zijn. Ik wil geen moorden meer’ en daar viel stil.
Een metalen tank besloeg het midden van de ruimte. Talloze slangen aan een kant van het gevaarte waren verbonden met onbekende machinerie die er geïm­proviseerd uitzag en Harrald herinnerde zich de woorden van Arnold Janssens. Een bundel glasvezel­kabels liep naar een donkere kast in de hoek waarin twee dozijn computers in hoog tempo ledjes lieten oplichten. Harrald vroeg zich af waar de computers het zo druk mee konden hebben.
Maar hij ziet buiten wel iets dat hem interesseert. Een herinnering aan gefluisterde woorden kriebelt in zijn brein en vertaalt zich tot een glimlach. Het is zoals zijn moeder altijd placht te zeggen: sommigen zijn nu eenmaal voor het geluk geboren. Hij kruipt uit de alkoof, fatsoeneert zijn kleren en haar, zo goed en kwaad als dat gaat, en haast zich naar buiten.
De deur zwaaide open, onmiddellijk dreef een scheut toortslicht binnen en hoorde je in de verte de vrolijk kwetterende stemmen van, onmiskenbaar, de drie gezusters. Vóór Urendel dit tot zich door liet dringen stond Eochaid voor hem, met een brede grijns. De dwerg gooide een flink stuk vlees in de schoot van de monnik.
Die menselijke hoogmoed noemden de Oude Grieken “hubris”, door ons niet-Grieken doorgaans uitgesproken als “hybris”. De gedachte dat de Mens met Gods eer en glorie zou gaan lopen, komt vooral ter sprake bij kwesties zoals het produceren van leven in het laboratorium, of het kweken van embryo’s uit eicellen. (Daar wordt weliswaar ietwat in het geheim hard aan gewerkt.) En dan herinnert men aan het lot van de Griekse halfgod Prometheus die zo stoutmoedig was het vuur te stelen op de berg Olympus, verblijfplaats van de mythologische goden, en het aan de mensen te geven. Tot woede van oppergod Zeus. Prometheus werd voor zijn hybris door Zeus ongemeen hard gestraft. Hij werd aan de Kaukasus vastgeklonken en elke dag kwam een adelaar zijn lever opeten. Die groeide elke nacht weer aan, zodat zijn straf eeuwig duurde. Daarnaast zond Zeus een vrouw, Pandora, naar de stervelingen. Zij moest onheil over hen brengen. Zeus gaf haar een gesloten vat mee, de beruchte doos van Pandora, waarin alle rampen, ongelukken en ziekten zaten opgesloten. Pandora kon haar nieuwsgierigheid niet bedwingen en opende het vat. Alle rampen, ziekten en zorgen ontsnapten uit het vat en verspreidden zich over de aarde. Pandora poogde nog het vat dicht te klappen, maar alleen de Hoop bleef nog in het vat toen het weer gesloten was. Het is niet duidelijk of Zeus met die doos en in het bijzonder met de Hoop goede of slechte bedoelingen had. Nietzsche alvast vond de hoop de slechtste kwaal van allemaal: ze betekent immers dat het niet goed met ons gaat. Hoe dan ook: de goden verdragen niet dat de mensen zich goddelijke privileges zouden toe-eigenen. Want het vuur werd geassocieerd met de bliksem. En de hemel doen bliksemen was een voorrecht van oppergod Zeus.
Die laatste is natuurlijk essentieel, zeker als één van je overlevers gewond geraakt is. Zeker in de eerste dagen is het van groot belang dat je veel, en vooral de juiste grondstoffen zoekt. Het is leuk om wapens en –onderdelen te zoeken, maar als je geen eten kan koken omdat je te weinig hout hebt, heb je nog weinig aan je goede verdediging. Het is dus constant zoeken naar het minimaal noodzakelijke, en het vermijden van overbodige luxe. Hoewel, ook wat luxe lijkt, zoals een radio of toch die sigaret, kan een depressie vermijden, en daarmee op langere termijn toch essentieel zijn.
Plots verandert het klimaat in mijn omgeving. Het wordt kouder en er valt sneeuw. Mijn twee witte lievelingetjes weet ik bijna niet meer te vinden en mijn twee bruintjes werden door een boze vogel opgegeten.
Onze hond had een volledig nierfalen, maar kreeg speciale voeding zonder eiwitten waardoor de nieren eigenlijk zo goed als niet hoeven te werken.Kreeg ze wel eiwitten dan moest het wel door de nieren en vergiftigde ze zichzelf.Wij hebben dit een half jaar lang kunnen doen maar ze was al 12jaar en voor een grote hond is dit stokoud.En zoals ik hier nog gelezen hab,ken je je maatje dan zie je het aan haar snuitje en met veel pijn hebben we toen besloten haar te laten inslapen. Maar we hadden pas een paar dagen ervoor nog een zak van dat dure spul gekocht en nu staat dat hier nog, dus als ik er iemand van jullie een plezier mee kan doen,graag.Men kan hem gratis komen afhalen.
Ook maar even langs de Casualty: Er was nog iemand met buikpijn, die wél huilde van de buikpijn, maar eerst niet onderzocht wilde worden. Die heb ik toen op een kamertje 20 meter verderop maar nagekeken: geen specifieke afwijkingen. Toen kon ik naar huis: de vogels beginnen alweer te zingen, uit wel tien moskeeën klonk een kakofonie van moslim gebeden die half gezegd, half gezongen worden. Eerst de bloes met korte mouwen in een emmer sop gezet, anders wil het bloed niet meer uit de mouwen. En toen maar weer eens naar bed om kwart voor vijf.. Ik had tot kwart over twaalf al een half uur geslapen.
Rami volgt me zwijgend door de doolhof van roestige stalen gangen, nauwe trappetjes, tussen containers ingeklemde ravijnen en galmende open dekdelen van het Schip Stad. Geuren van roest en olie en af en toe een hint van verrotting overstemmen de zilte zeelucht. Uit honderden vierkante raampjes schijnt flakkerend-oranje licht. Naar de boeg toe klinkt het vloekende snerpen van een cirkelzaag, de galmende dreun van een smidshamer; op het Schip Stad staat de woningbouw nooit stil. Mensen die ons passeren groeten Rami, die stoïcijns doorstapt. Af en toe werpt iemand een tweede blik op mij; op herkenning volgen meestal ongelovig opengesperde ogen. gebruikt cookies en vergelijkbare technologieën (cookies) onder andere om u een optimale gebruikerservaring te bieden. Ook kunnen we hierdoor het gedrag van bezoekers vastleggen en analyseren en daardoor onze website verbeteren. Cookies van onszelf en van derden kunnen worden gebruikt om advertenties te tonen en artikelen aan te bevelen op die aansluiten op uw interesses. Ook derden kunnen uw internetgedrag volgen. Cookies kunnen gebruikt worden om op sites van derden relevante advertenties te tonen. Cookies van derde partijen maken daarnaast mogelijk dat u informatie kunt delen via social media zoals Twitter en Facebook. Meer informatie hierover vindt u in ons cookie-statement.
Berend liet het snoer door zijn vingers glijden, van het stopcontact tot aan het apparaat, waar de plug scheef in stak. ‘Ik denk dat dit er uit is getrild,’ zei Berend, en duwde de plug stevig terug in de machine.
57. Voedingstoestand bij kinderen met kanker (geindustrialiseerde landen) Prevalentie ondervoeding1 • Leukemie & lymfomen: 0-10% • Neuroblastoom: 20-50% • Medulloblastoom: 30% • Andere maligniteiten: 0-30% Probleem prevalentie cijfers • Cross-sectioneel, retrospectief • Weinig bekend solide en hersentumoren • Kleine aantallen (n< 20) 1 Brinksma CROH 2012 En internationaal wordt onze economie voor een flink stuk gedirigeerd door een geglobaliseerd neoliberalisme. In West-Europa is deze dan nog gekoppeld aan een verregaande “soberheidspolitiek”, opgelegd door de Europese Commissie. Op die manier neemt de inkomensongelijkheid steeds meer onrustwekkende hoogtes aan. Socialistische partijen die zich profileren als beleidspartijen, kunnen in deze context niet anders dan zich voor een niet onbelangrijke mate te verloochenen. Het levert hen het pijnlijke verwijt op “kaviaarsocialisten” te zijn (waar ze vroeger “salonsocialisten” waren). Een parlementaire meerderheid is doorgaan ook maar tijdelijk, onvoldoende om een beleid op halflange termijn uit te voeren (cf. Labour in Engeland, de PS in Frankrijk, enzovoort). Een democratische wereldregering zoals met aandrang gevraagd door de vermaarde Pools-Britse socioloog en sociaaldemocraat Zygmunt Bauman, zit er niet aan te komen (5). En het is ook niet duidelijk wat men zich daarbij moet voorstellen, vooral bij dat “democratische”. Waar is de tijd van de Socialistische Internationale waar heel wat Belgische socialisten een prominente diplomatieke bemiddelingsrol speelden? Edifier G2E. Bedoeld voor: PC/gaming. Headset type: Stereofonisch, Draagwijze: Hoofdband, Kleur van het product: Zwart, Rood. Connectiviteitstechnologie: Bedraad, Lengte snoer: 2 m. Positie speakers koptelefoon: Circumaural, Frequentiebereik koptelefoon: 20 - 20000 Hz, Impedantie: 45 Ohm. Gewicht: 278 gGaming hoofdtelefoonVoorzien van 40mm Berend keek van het verband om Willems hand, waar aan de bovenkant een klein streepje donkkerrood opbloeide, naar zijn eigen vingers, die zenuwachtig aan elkaar pulkten. ‘Wanneer kom je weer terug in de slagerij?’ Vasthoudendheid in het doen van oefeningen is belangrijk. Van het fundamentele belang van buigen en strekken kan men vele oefeningen meer hebben om vaardigheid en kracht te ontwikkelen met een zekere uitkomst op het oog. Al deze oefeningen moeten later weer worden opgegeven daar men ouder wordt en/of zijn doelen heeft bereikt. Men mag zelfs hopen dat de oefening geen schade heeft aangericht daar overontwikkelde spieren zullen vervetten als ze hun funktie verliezen. In het bijzonder is dat gevaarlijk voor de hartspier. Dus moet men aan de ene kant opgeven terwijl anderzijds men door moet gaan met basisoefeningen die kunnen doorgaan tot je dood. Eenvoudig buigen en strekken voor zover het gaat zal het lichaam fit houden voorzover dat ook op hoge leeftijd mogelijk is. Met de standvastigheid van oefenen zal de kunst van het zich gelijkrichten daarop volgen.   Hoe moet ik dat uitdrukken zonder onbegrijpelijk of vaag over te komen en zonder kans op onherstelbaar misverstand? Laat ik zeggen dat ik me van jongs af geleerd heb fenomenen, gebeurtenissen, etc. en hun verloop te vatten of pogen te vatten binnen hun “plaats” of “moment” in een dualiteit of veelvoud van “krachten”, “processen” en mogelijkheden die zich in die fenomenen of gebeurtenissen manifesteren, realiseren of actualiseren, om het wat intellectualistisch uit te drukken. Doorgaans kunnen die “krachten” etc. gebundeld worden tot 2 dominante of convergente “krachtlijnen” of “krachtbronnen”. Cruciaal staat ons hierbij voor ogen dat dit onderscheid tussen 2 of meer “krachtlijnen/bronnen” in het geheel niet verwijst naar tegengestelde principes of beginselen, zoals Licht en Duisternis, Goed en Kwaad, Ziel en Stof of andere elkaar vijandig gezind zijnde “polen” die floreren in diverse gnostisch of manicheïstisch dualistische leerstellingen en analyses. Veeleer begrijpen we het samenspel tussen verschillende krachten, processen, mechanismen of werkzame mogelijkheden of potenties in termen van “lijnen” die elkaar doorkruisen, op bepaalde punten samenkomen, in elkaars verlengde liggen, en dergelijke meer. De diverse werkzame “krachten” of “bronnen” zijn niet in “oorlog met elkaar” verwikkeld, maar bevruchten elkaar eerder of vloeien uit elkaar voort. Uiteraard kan een bepaalde kracht of bron de overhand krijgen en de andere wegdrukken. Maar dat op een “punt” waar de éne zich bevindt, geen plaats zou zijn voor de andere(n), lijkt ons een absoluut onheilzaam uitgangspunt. Onderliggend aan onze visie is ook dat alles dat zich aan ons aandient, zich dynamisch in de “tijd” afspeelt en dat elke kijk op een zaak als een vast en statisch gegeven onherroepelijk op een fiasco afstevent, minstens op een pijnlijk falen. Ansalaam Grimpeerd-de Boevere was net als ik een half-bionische eekhoorn, want ja, hoe je het ook draait of keert: soort zoekt soort, vroeg of laat. Ze had geen krimp gegeven toen ik aankondigde er even tussenuit te moeten om mijn leven op een rijtje te zetten en te bedenken wat ik nu moest aanvangen, wat enkel mooie woorden waren om te zeggen dat ik naar een nieuwe werkgever op jacht ging. Ansalaam hoorde graag mooie woorden, wat dat betreft was ze een eersteklas­reiziger op de monorail van het Marsiaanse leven, mentale behoeften en materiële realiteit perfect in evenwicht. Ze had geen traan gelaten, had haar staart (prachtig, lang, dik en zacht) voor haar borst gevouwen nadat hij een huivering over mijn rug had gejaagd, en ze had begrijpend geknikt. ‘Enkel de tag ontbreekt nog.’ Zohra wilde haar hand­ekening onder het kunstwerk zetten, maar werd plots verblind door een bundel licht. Ogenblikkelijk werden alle gore details in de tunnel zichtbaar: ratten, zwerf­vuil, een verdwaalde schoen, bloederig maand­erband, uitwerpselen van daklozen en heroïnenaalden. ‘Shit, we zijn erbij.’ Ze deinsde achteruit en struikelde bijna over het tramspoor. De lichtstraal was afkomstig van het platform. Daarachter dansten de contouren van een opzichter. Hij riep iets onverstaanbaars. De sfeer, decor, muziek en camerabewerking van de film was prachtig. De heerschappij van malafide clans werd goed uitgewerkt en het trio krijgt met zo twee bendes te maken. Het is een business als een ander waar je moet afrekenen met concurrentie zullen die waarschijnlijk denken. Een ander bekend fenomeen, namelijk de kastesamenleving in India kwam in zijn geheel niet aan bod. Dat is geen verwijt, eerder een vaststelling. Mogelijk kon dat de film naar een nog hoger niveau gebracht hebben. Hoogst vermoedelijk was het mijn respect voor zowel het één als het ander, alsmede voor de derde hond die met het been heen liep, die ervoor zorgde dat ik in deze fase van onstuimige jeugdige ontwikkeling wel in dualiteiten dacht maar niet in onverenigbare en elkaar uitsluitende polen of tegenstellingen. Scherpe polarisaties met de erbij horende vraag: “Which side are you on?” hebben me altijd al een aarzelend en ongemakkelijk gevoel gegeven. Mogelijk vanuit een schrik en afkeer voor het nemen van risico’s. Het wedden op twee paarden sluit ook nog het voordeel niet uit dat soms beide paarden kunnen winnen. Ongetwijfeld had ik als kind reeds een uitgesproken voorkeur voor non-zero-sum games en win-winsituaties. Ik herinner me bijvoorbeeld dat ik ergens rond mijn 7de een dergelijk soort oplossing had bedacht na een traumatische beginervaring bij het op de schoolspeelplaats georganiseerde knikkerspel, een aangelegenheid waar toen je ganse status in de groep van peers en soms zelfs ook je lichamelijke integriteit, en zeker dus ook je zelfbeeld, in het geding waren. Als naïeve nieuweling in dat knikkerspel verloor ik na de eerste spelbeurten meteen al een substantieel aantal van mijn knikkers. Dit met de onwrikbare overtuiging dat mijn vader die een volle beurs ongerepte knikkers aan mijn liefdevolle zorgen had toevertrouwd, zich tegenover dat teleurstellend resultaat niet bepaald vergevingsgezind zou opstellen. Dus kwam ik op het idee ’s morgens zonder knikkers op zak naar school te trekken en de sinaasappel die mijn moeder me elke morgen in mijn tas stopte, in te ruilen voor twee of drie knikkers. Daarmee kon ik dan aan de slag zonder enig risico op stuitend verlies.  Er is vandaag een probleem met het netwerk van Airtel, wat betekent dat bellen af en toe een periode niet mogelijk is. Extra makkelijk dat ik dan nog wel een snelle internetverbinding heb. Dus ik mail af en toe maar iemand… en dus nu iedereen. Ik zou de zaak eens moeten herschrijven en een poging doen om Walter Benjamins idee te vatten. Wat leesbaarder maken en de zware zinnen wat opvrolijken, zowel qua stijl als inhoud. Dan kan Patrick C. zich eindelijk eens de moeite getroosten om onze teksten tot het einde toe te lezen. Deugdzame burgervrouwen onderwierpen zich een halve eeuw geleden nog aan hun echtgenoot. Nu onderwerpen ze zich aan hun kinderen. (Over de mannen moeten we het hierbij niet hebben: die tellen niet meer mee – of vechten ergens aan één of ander ver-van-mijn-bed-front!) Haar hand bewoog zich naar de scheermesjes en greep er een. De bewegingen waren wat traag en onge­coör­dineerd, waardoor ze in de scherpe kant greep en er onmiddellijk bloeddruppels opwelden uit de sneden die nu dwars over haar vingertoppen liepen. Ze vielen in het water en vielen daar uiteen in wolkende roze draden. Ze stak een sigaret op. Met een paar trekjes nicotine probeerde ze haar zintuigen tot rust te brengen en met de rook blies ze een beschermend rookgordijn. Al inhalerend keek ze om zich heen. Het perron was verder verlaten. Op het tegenoverliggende perron stond een zoenend stel en wat eenlingen die geobsedeerd in hun mobiel staarden. In de verte zag Sterre de koplampen van de Intercity al. Op het moment dat ze haar trein zag, keek de vent van het zoenende stel op. Hij wierp haar een geile zoen toe. Hij lachte. Kut, dacht ze en keek snel een andere kant op. [redirect url='' sec='7']

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When it comes to survival tips and techniques, the more you know, the better. While you can’t possibly prepare for every single thing that is out there, you can try your best to be as aware of many of them as you can. Sometimes these bits and pieces of knowledge can seem quite like useless trivia at times, but don’t be fooled. The knowledge is there not to be useful ALL the time, but rather to be there when you need it the most. That is why we put together a massive list of 50 Survival Tips and Tricks for the outdoors.

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A Dry Top Super Heavy Duty Tarp on the other hand is a lot more tear resistant than any backpacking tent that I’ve seen. If you carry a couple of these of varying sizes you can assemble a survival shelter rather quickly. You’ll have to learn how to build a simple shelter first of course, which you can do using a nearby tree, rope, and a stick or two you find on the ground. A tarp shelter is easily camouflaged with brush — should you need to stay hidden for any period of time.

• Use it to desalinate seawater. Just boil seawater underneath a tented poncho to catch the vapour and produce the water through condensation. This will separate the salt from the water, it drinkable.

Though the media often attempts to twist the gun rights debate into a web of complexity, gun rights is in fact a rather simple issue — either you believe that people have an inherent right to self defense, or you don’t.

Not my personal “go to” weapon of choice, but I’m also not a tactical pen-wielding master. I’ve seen videos on tactical pens being used for self-defense, and they are lethal in the right set of hands.

I don’t think it’s possible to carry all these items on one’s back! Maybe you could manage carrying them all in a vehicle, but even then it might be pushing it. Definitely the list is meant to be picked and chosen from, and a lot of the items are redundant; as you said “this or that” rather than “have one of each.” I just tried to make the list as all-inclusive as possible, just as a reminder that some things are available, even if they’re not particularly ideal/portable, or what most people would choose to have.

I highly recommend the Biolite stove as an emergency cooking stove. It does not require anything but natural bio fuel such as pine cones, twigs and sticks. There is a battery that recharges while the fire is burning. This battery charges phones, runs a small light via USB port on device. Very useful if there is no way to charge your devices. There are also attachments that provide camp site lighting also recharged by the stove while burning. It is pricey but works like a charm, weight is very little and has a nice grill attachment for cooking meat or veggies. I don’t work for them just have had great experience with this flexible little stove.

Water: Though boiling and distilling are methods for safe drinking water, you can’t always rely on these methods, especially if you’re in a hurry and have to get out of a dangerous area or through hostile territory. You are going to want a way to quickly filter water and make it safe to drink.

Real binoculars are for the wilderness. Get yourself a pair of real binoculars. Outdoor Life rated several binoculars, most coming in at over $1000, with one priced at $2700. That is steep! But Outdoor Life did give a high rating to a cheaper pair — The Alpen Apex XP 8×42 is priced at about $300 and received Outdoor Life’s Great Buy tag. If you have the money to spend, sure, go ahead and spend top dollar, buy the best of the best. You will get more bang for your buck. But you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck as well with the Alpen Apex 8×42 for a lot less.

I’ll have to take your word for it. I scrolled down through their FB page, but couldn’t find any offers. I signed up for their list and no offers yet (though I imagine they wait for an opportune time). I did see the member’s area offer of $19.95, which I’m assuming also contains upsells.