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Needs jungle/woods update The game doesn’t have water procurement and stuff like that for jungles or wooded areas. I haven’t had to buy anything but there’s multiple copies of this app that say the same things this one does. I would give it 5 stars if it had an update or an addition to it.

About Blog – is a lifestyle website that promotes the pursuit of a preparedness lifestyle. It is written in a no-nonsense manner and takes advantage of Gaye Levy’s hands-on, nuts-and-bolts knowledge and common sense perspective dealing with life and the stumbling blocks we face in this crazy, mixed-up world.

It’s about creating a site that keeps people engaged, gets them clicking and lowers bounce rate and if you read about SurvivalLife over on you’ll see them talk about how they initally went with a really clean design similar to but their bounce rate was terrible so they made the site really messy and ugly and bounce rate dropped dramatically.

I bought this for my kids 72 hr emergency kit. She is 11 and needs tools that are easy and organized. We went over all the features, how to use the knife, read the booklet inside and everything else. It’s small and lightweight. It’s a great addition to her go bags we bought a second for my who is a teenager. I may end up getting one for myself.

About Blog – Survive Uk’s Survival Blog is a UK based survival, prepper blog with all the latest techniques needed in a SHTF situation. It aims to provide informative articles on prepping and gears to help you survive.

About Blog – Prepper Addict is a resource for Preppers, Survivalists and like minded people interested in bushcraft, survival skills and living in the great outdoors. It is our mission to be the best blog and store, providing you with a huge range of survival gear, tips and tricks and reviews for everything related to the survival and preparedness community.

About Blog – The Apartment Prepper’s Blog shares information about family preparedness in an Apartment Setting. Bernie Carr Discusses how families can prepare for emergencies while living in an apartment.

Children should never go into the woods alone. When you do go, take extra food, water and a warm jacket. Take a map and a compass, as well as your phone. Put these into a small day pack, so that you have survival basics. The rest of the article should be as applicable to you as a kid as it is to anyone else.

Carbon steel is a lightweight alloy that is bulletproof. You can easily procure this material as most saws are made from it. The pieces of carbon steel may require a high ‘exoskeleton’ for your jackets, clothes, and backpack.

bom/ShutterstockRocketing riders straight up a 456-foot tower at 128 mph before plunging them down the other side, Kingda Ka at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, is the tallest and second-fastest roller coaster in the world. As you can see from the front row, it’s no joke. But neither are you.

I know from when I asked you guys a few months back what knife was in your pocket that a lot of you carry Swiss Army Knives. Actually, the Victorinox Classic made it to the #1 spot on my list compiling your responses to that question. There’s no way anyone could deny the …

Sling-Shot-Bow: Oh boy, are some of you guys & gals gonna love this survival weapon. Instead of trying to make one of those tree branch slingshots or a bow & arrow out of some tree sapplings, make one of these weapons instead. This way you can use it to launch both, arrows and rocks. All you need is two (2) 1/2 inch long screw eyelets, some thick rubberbands, a piece of duct tape and a knife. And believe it or not, this sling-shot-bow is hellova lot easier to make, aim, shoot and hit your target than a damn slingshot or bow & arrow. Take a look below and you should be able to figure out how to make this survival weapon. Note: This weapon can be made out of any type of wood, not just bamboo.

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Too much of either one can be harmful, if not fatal to your body. If you’re dehydrated, do not eat anything until you’ve had water because the food will only absorb the remaining water in your body and cause you to be dehydrated even more. Drinking too much water can also mess up your metabolism and cause lots of complications long term. Always make sure you have enough of both food and water.

How are p38 p51s finicky? I used them in the military all the time since we had c-rations rather than MREs when I was in. As for the Sawyer million gallon straws they really aren’t much bigger than a life straw. I prefer the mini and it will do 100000 gallons. They also filter organisms as well as everything else.

Happy Holidays, everybody! Here’s a little gift from me to you – I’ve posted four cover songs I recorded this year for my email list. (Don’t worry email list, I still love you!! There are more covers in your future.) To hear all four and read a little description of each, go to my SoundCloud page at or just click the text above. Thank you for being fantastic and for a great year of touring & shows! Coming up next… working on an album + starting a Patreon. Stay tuned, and have a great holiday!! <3 A lot has been said on the web by hunters, hikers, and wilderness officers on the effectiveness air horns have had to scare off bears, specifically grizzly bears. The official data is that an air horn may or may not work. After hearing what multiple people have had to say with varying credentials, my conclusion is that an air horn might be effective to scare off a grizzly bear 80-90% of the time. People who have used it caution others to hold the horn down so that it makes a long, continued noise. Bear hearing is more sensitive than a human's and that could be one reason why grizzlies have run at the sound of an air horn. Sometimes it may not work for you though -- equipment failure may occur unexpectedly (we don't live in a perfect world) or maybe a bear is simply too hungry or too angry. For these scenarios, have a back up plan. It begins with looking within. It is all about who you are being. Consider the psychology of survival. Sure, most people die from exposure to the elements, but what is happening inside those people that led to their death? In short, they freaked. They strayed away from a calm center. This Wilderness Survival Guide is intended as a basic introduction on how to prepare for and react in a wilderness survival situation. These wilderness skills and techniques are provided for information purposes only and are not intended to take the place of a professional wilderness survival or first aid training course. Rather, they are intended to increase your awareness of the lifesaving importance of wilderness survival skills and to encourage you to seek professional training. SURVCO Tactical Credit Card Ax - Slim enough to carry in your wallet, the Credit Card Ax is a serious survival tool. It’s made of stainless with a transformer design that you can turn into an actual axe with a makeshift handle a few zip ties. In this section of the website you will find an expanding library of information on wilderness survival tips and outdoor skills. Topics range from friction fires to shelter building, primitive cooking, flintknapping, and much more. A good flashlight is a survival basic. But this isn’t just a flashlight. It’s actually a tool designed for your car, with an attached window breaker and seat-belt cutter in case things get out of hand. Accidents happen, and it’s the dude who’s prepared for it that doesn’t have to sit in an upside-down car for 14 hours, slowly bleeding to death, before someone finds him. John is a bit of a foodie, so we guarantee the food is going to be great. With a catered dinner on Friday night, breakfast and coffee each morning, amazing food to gnosh on for lunch and snacks throughout the weekend, and happy hour Saturday evening, you will get a glimpse into one of John's passions: food! Plan to network with your creative peers from around the country and grab dinner on your own Saturday and Sunday nights. We plan to continue bringing you useful information that will be worth your time. If you check back often, you won't miss any new information that could prove useful in your daily life and in prepping.. Plus, we are real people, and we try to show that in everything we write. You never know what useful tidbit might show up. This guide is essential reading for every participant — first-timers and veterans alike. If you’re looking for specific information, browse the menus above to find it. Read this Survival Guide here or download a PDF (5 MB) to your device for offline browsing, so you can reference it (e.g. “where do I take my trash?”) when you’re on the road to and from Burning Man. But that’s not all you can do with a tampon. The cotton makes perfect tinder for starting a fire. Stuff the cotton into the plastic tube to make a filter straw for drinking sediment-heavy water. Use the string to tie a puff of cotton to the end of a wooden skewer—and now you have a dart for your blowgun. At the very least, the absorbent cotton makes an effective bandage for cuts and scrapes. Perhaps you should make room for tampons in your survival kit. Rather than MRE’s, check out your local LDS/Mormon “Bishop’s Warehouse” for cans & Mylar bags of bulk and dehydrated foods. The cans are designed for 30+ year storage and the Mylar bags are perfect for hiking, camping, and survival. They are a lot cheaper than MRE’s. You can even buy some Mylar bags and make your own “meals in a bag” for even less money. Looking for a “no-cook,” “no-fuss” survival food with a long life and reasonable taste? The UST 5-Year Emergency Food Ration Bar may be just the thing. I love shortbread cookies, and these remind me of apple cinnamon oatmeal and shortbread combined. Each pack has 2,400 calories in total, which can be broken into six 400-calorie cubes for rationing purposes. These are perfect for a survival kit stashed in your car or at work, and a good fit for the outdoors, too. If you’re not a shortbread fan, these crumbly cakes might not be your favorite, but they are packed with vitamins and minerals. Bon appétit! [redirect url='' sec='7']

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10 common weeds that you find in your yard and how they can heal sicknesses, burns, sores and other ailments. – After checking this list, I’ve got SIX them growing around my yard and garden. It’s nice to put a name to the plants.

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Now, there are three things needed to start a fire: fuel, oxygen and a spark. You have two of these in abundance in the wild. There is the almost unlimited amount of fuel in the form of twigs, branches, and dry leaves and there is oxygen all around. What you are missing is the spark or heat. So, let’s see what you can do to make that spark or heat happen.

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A truly unique travel knife, this is one piece of survival gear you can’t live without. About the size of your standard credit card, it unfolds to reveal a sharp blade and comfortable, non-slip gripping handle that lets you slice, cut or chop your way through even the toughest materials.

Survival Medicine Handbook: Essential Things Every Medicine Kit Needs And First-aid In Case Of Emergency: (Survival Books, Survival Guide, Survivalist, … (Survival Skills Book, Emergency Medicine) by [Carnell, Roy]

Go ahead, pick up any survival handbook and inside you’ll find the same old boring repetitive stuff. How to make a spear from a stick, a bow & arrow from some tree saplings, and a slingshot from a Y-shape tree branch.

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Aluminium facing outward of the shelter can also reflect sunlight, allowing you to stay cooler under the shelter. Among the survivalist community, these are referred to as super shelters, and rightfully so. 4. Folding knife: The TecX Inceptra Fold-Up Knife ($24.99) is secure and sharp. This inexpensive fold-up knife is lightweight and conveniently folds for safety. Also, it easily shaves wood for kindling or serves as spear point. Stay in one place. This not only increases your chances of being found, but also reduces the energy your body expends and the amount of water and food you will need. Hunker down and stay put. Chances are that someone will be looking for you, especially if you let someone know your plans. Also, if you're with someone else, do not separate. Having strength in numbers will help you survive. Since the dawn of man, weapons have been a priority for hunting and defending ourselves.  With hungry, large predators and other humans ready to attack, self-defense was vital.  In addition, weapons … [Read More...] On the heels of news that the United States is posturing ships in the Black Sea near Russia’s border, Vladimir Putin revealed a slew of new defense systems Thursday, including a new prototype missile that “can reach any point in the world.” He also has a supersonic weapon that cannot be tracked by anti-missile systems. This thing is insane. Came to me sharp enough to hack through small trees in one stroke.It's a perfect weight, cleaves clean and is nice and thick. Easily the best machete I've ever had. The survival tips that come with it are worth knowing too. I've seen the few reviews that have a problem with the sheath, but I find it of good quality, it's tough, and holds the parang well. HIGHLY recommend. SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper. Today’s focus is on ancient tool technologies and building technologies. Bu… In the case of an emergency doing the right thing or having the right skill could make the difference between life and death it can save your life or someone else's life. We have compiled a collection of some of the most crucial information and skills you Plastic/rubber tubing is good for slingshots, tourniquets, can be used as a straw to draw water from holes in the ground, etc. Wire saws are good, too. Though of course they can’t do everything a regular saw can, their portability, your right, makes them a huge asset. About Blog - Ken Jorgustin’s survival blog invites you to learn survival and preparedness for life after a short term emergency, a disaster, or economic collapse. Ken covers a wide range of subjects, all of them in some way having relevance to preparedness and prepping - and the motivations for doing so. If you are interested in attending the Survival Guide, please get in touch with Nichelle at to find out where we are hosting this next. We have done this workshop in Seattle, St. Louis, and Austin, and there will be opportunities in other cities in the future as well. If you are attending, Nichelle will send out information on hotels as part of the registration packet. Here for the first time and am glad I came. I have designed and built my own off grid home and existence in southern Colorado (solar powered) but have yet to create my own food supply (aquaponic) in the future or survival preparation to the extent I hope to in the near future. Thanks so much for all the site info and looking forward to your eBook and newsletter. The solution? Instead of using latex slingshot bands, use instead several thick rubber bands. This way if a rubber band breaks you can either repair it by tying the two broken ends together or replace the one broken rubberband. Check it out below. The log-rank test compares the survival times of two or more groups. This example uses a log-rank test for a difference in survival in the maintained versus non-maintained treatment groups in the aml data. The graph shows KM plots for the aml data broken out by treatment group, which is indicated by the variable x in the data. Back in 2015, I reviewed the original Kershaw Shuffle. I don’t normally review newer models because usually the differences are so slight (Paramilitary 2 vs Paramilitary 3 for example), but in the case of the Shuffle II, it might as well be a… When you walk through bushes and thickets, your shoelaces can be quickly caught in the branches. It can cause you to lose footing or fall. Use a duct tape to tape the loose ends of your laces to your upper ankle. This way, there will be no open laces to tangle. Some survivalists will, no doubt, want to stay as far away from these items as possible, as most of them will over time become useless in a state of complete apocalyptic devastation. That being said, for short-term prepping emergencies, at the very least, these items are likely to come in quite handy, especially in our power/electricity driven world of today. About Blog - UK Preppers Guide is a survival guide for UK Preppers and anyone prepping for doomsday. It includes articles and video reviews on prepping and preparing to survive doomsday. It also provides survivalist and ushcraft information and help. if you’re into the great outdoors and survivalism then you will find our cool survival gear category right up your alley, we have hand selected all the coolest survival bracelets, gear, gadgets, and tools and featured them all here on this page! So sit back, relax and take your time while you make your ultimate survival gear list to take on the great outdoors! Pliers are another one of those survival tools that cannot easily be replaced by other devices. Being able to grip an object with powerful force and pull or twist can be essential but cannot be replicated using your fingers. What if you don’t happen to carry flint and steel set with you? Well, you can use the power of the sun to start a fire. All you need to do is put some water in a clear plastic bag and tie it like a balloon, as spherical as possible. When you hold this bag against the sun, you will see the familiar converging of the sun rays on the ground. For personnel who are flying over large bodies of water, in additional to wearing a survival suit over cold water, a survival kit may have additional items such as flotation vests, sea anchor, fishing nets, fishing equipment, fluorescent sea marking dye, pyrotechnical signals, a survival and/or radio-beacon, formerly a distress marker light replaced by a flashing strobe, formerly a seawater still[4] or chemical desalinator kit now replaced by a hand pumped reverse osmosis desalinator (MROD) for desalinating seawater, a raft repair kit, a paddle, a bailer and sponge, sunscreen, medical equipment, a whistle, a compass, and a sun shade hat. The Survival Guide weekend is a game changer, it’s designed around the idea that one weekend can change everything. John (and company) are known for breaking the rules, being innovative, and thinking outside of the box. This thinking, combined with immense industry and business knowledge, is what has skyrocketed his career. He’s here to share that, and this is not to be missed. Whether just starting out in the commercial photography industry, or ready for a new chapter in your career, the Survival Guide is an opportunity to delve in deep, and truly understand what it takes to become a successful commercial artist built on a solid business foundation. Jump up ^ Rucksack #1, Survival Kit, Apollo 15. Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum. Archived from the original on 2017-08-25. Retrieved 10 December. Check date values in: |access-date= (help) Not my personal “go to” weapon of choice, but I’m also not a tactical pen-wielding master. I’ve seen videos on tactical pens being used for self-defense, and they are lethal in the right set of hands. They need to figure out a better plan to get things out and to their customers. This is going to cost them their business if they don't do something different than their current shipping. Or maybe it's in their warehouse and the workers just don't work but are packaging one shipment a day. Goodluck if you make a purchase from them, I hope you get your item in a reasonable amount of time. Hopefully, the comments by president Donald Trump are a wakeup call for all Americans, as his statements should have all but sealed his fate in 2020.  Look forward to an overly leftist dictator for president in the next election cycle, although it won’t be much different than how Trump is acting now.  [redirect url='' sec='7']

τα βασικά εργαλεία επιβίωσης για πεζοπορία εξοπλισμό κατασκήνωσης και επιβίωσης

Υπάρχουν ειδικά/ιδανικά καρεκλάκια για camping τα οποία κλείνουν, είναι ελαφριά και εύκολα στη μεταφορά. Μπορεί να φαίνεται ταλαιπωρία το κουβάλημα τους, αλλά μάλλον μεγαλύτερη είναι η… ορθοστασία
Γύρω στο μεσημέρι είμαι στην Ομόνοια και λέω (ένας θεός με φώτισε): Δεν πάω να ρωτήσω και εδώ, μήπως ο της Καλλιθέας έκανε λάθος; Η κοπέλα στο γκισέ μου λέει “δεν γινεται μόνο με το ΑΜΚΑ, θα κάνουμε κανονικά τη διαδικασία και, αν έχει ήδη εκδοθεί, το σύστημα θα μας σταματήσει”. Σε χρόνο μηδέν με φωτογραφίζει, παίρνει το έντυπο της αίτησης με τον κωδικό, δε μου ζητάει ούτε ταυτότητα ούτε την πιστοποίηση ΑΜΚΑ και μου βάζει στο χέρι την ηλεκτρονική μου κάρτα!!!
Στη σελιδα της athenacard έχει μια σύντομη φόρμα για να φτιάξετε αίτηση και να την τυπώσετε. Αν δεν έχετε πρόσβαση σε εκτυπωτή, μπορείτε να μην τη φτιάξετε, αλλά θα χρειαστείτε βεβαίωση αμκα πχ από το
Ρούχα σάκου : Φανέλες, βρακιά, κάλτσες, μικρή πετσέτα, ισοθερμικά εσώρουχα, σκούφος, μπαλακλάβα ή φούλ φέις κουκούλα, γάντια, αδιάβροχο (έστω μιας χρήσης σε μίνι συσκευασία).»»»»»»ΤΑ ΠΑΠΟΥΤΣΙΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ ΤΟ Α ΚΑΙ ΤΟ Ω ΓΙΑ ΤΗΝ ΕΠΙΒΙΩΣΗ ΣΑΣ »»»»»»» πρέπει να είναι άνετα όσο το δυνατόν υδατοστεγή και να είναι ει δυνατόν ορειβατικά μποτάκια.
Το φυτό λοιπόν που μεγαλώνει σιγά-σιγά, κάθε φορά προσπερνά την παλιά του κατάσταση κι έρχεται η στιγμή που “αρνείται” όπως λέμε τελείως την παλιά του μορφή και γίνεται δέντρο. Ή όπως έλεγε ο Χέγκελ, που είναι ο πατέρας ας πούμε της σύγχρονης διαλεκτικής, η διαλεκτική είναι η “άρνηση της άρνησης”. Το φυτό αρνείται κάθε στιγμή που μεγαλώνει την προηγούμενή του κατάσταση, ώσπου φτάνει να αρνείται όλες αυτές τις διαδοχικές αρνήσεις και γίνεται κάτι άλλο, δηλ. δέντρο. Στο φυτό μέσα, όπως και σε όλα τα πράγματα, επιδρούν κάποιες δυνάμεις (π.χ. ήλιος, νερό, θρεπτικά συστατικά στο χώμα) που δίνουν σ’ αυτήν την αλλαγή.
Με απλά λόγια, οι πρώτοι άνθρωποι λάτρευαν τον αρχηγό τους όσο ζούσε επειδή είχε τη γνώση και έλεγχε τις παραγωγικές δυνάμεις της τότε πρωτόγονης κοινωνίας, αλλά τον λάτρευαν και μετά τον θάνατό του. Κι επειδή δεν υπήρχε πια η φυσική του παρουσία, λάτρευαν τα αντικείμενα που σχετιζόταν μ’ αυτόν. Η “ψυχή” του, οι σκέψεις του και η σοφία του δηλαδή, εξακολουθούσαν να υπάρχουν και μεταφέρονταν απ’ το σώμα στα αντικείμενα. Η προ-θρησκευτική αυτή συμπεριφορά ονομάζεται ανιμισμός, η οποία σε βάθος χρόνου γινόταν και προγονολατρεία.
Οι άνθρωποι τείνουν να κατεβάζουν ενστικτωδώς το κεφάλι τους και να αυξάνουν το ρυθμό του βαδίσματός τους όταν αισθάνονται κίνδυνο. Ωστόσο, πρέπει να κάνετε ακριβώς το αντίθετο, δηλαδή να σηκώσετε ψηλά το πιγούνι σας με σιγουριά και να επιβραδύνετε.
  Σε μεγαλύτερες ποσότητες τα μάτια κλείνουν ανεξέλεγκτα, καίγονται και δακρύζουν ασταμάτητα. Η μύτη καίγεται και τρέχει και το υγρό δέρμα νιώθει έντονα καψίματα. Προκαλείται έντονος βήχας και ασφυξία στο λαιμό και το θώρακα.
Ανεξαρτήτως των καιρικών συνθηκών η κουβέρτα επιβίωσης είναι απαραίτητη σε κάθε περίπτωση:Διατηρεί την θερμοκρασία του σώματος και αντέχετε μία κρύα νύχτα, ή προφυλάσσει έναν τραυματία σε κατάσταση σόκ. Είναι φθηνές, ενώ υπάρχει και ολόσωμη παραλλαγή, αλλά υπάρχουν και διπλής όψεως, όχι μόνο εναντίον του κρύου αλλά και της ζέστης ( ιδιαίτερα χρήσιμη σε περίπτωση πυρκαγιάς).
Το τσεκούρι ενός χεριού είναι ένα μικρό τσεκούρι, που προορίζεται κυρίως για χρήση με το ένα χέρι. Η λαβή είναι περίπου 35 εκατοστά σε μήκος και η κεφαλή ζυγίζει περίπου 500-700 γραμμάρια. Είναι ιδανικό για να σκάλισμα και για να σχίζετε μικρά καυσόξυλα. Το καλύτερο τσεκούρι ενός χεριού είναι κατάλληλο για να κόβει δέντρα με διάμετρο μέχρι 5 εκατοστά.
Να φας στα μαγαζιά γύρω από το Saint–Michel. Οι επιλογές σου εξαντλούνται σε υπερτιμημένη τουριστική δήθεν τοπική κουζίνα και σε εξίσου υπερτιμημένο και αμφιβόλου ποιότητας και προέλευσης κεμπάπ. Σε γλυτώνω από δηλητηρίαση αυτή την στιγμή, να το ξέρεις.
Αυτή όπως καταλαβαίνουμε είναι η ιδεαλιστική άποψη και είναι η πιο διαδεδομένη στον κόσμο. Ακόμα κι άνθρωποι που δεν έχουν καμμιά σχέση με θρησκεία, δεν πηγαίνουν στις εκκλησίες και τα τζαμιά, δεν προσεύχονται, ακόμα-ακόμα δεν πιστεύουν ότι ο θεός ή θεοί παρεμβαίνουν με κάποιο τρόπο στον κόσμο και όλα κινούνται με τους νόμους της φύσης, στο πιο μεγάλο υπαρξιακό ερώτημα “πώς έγινε ο κόσμος”, οι περισσότεροι άνθρωποι συμφωνούν ότι φτιάχτηκε από “κάτι”. Κι αυτό το κάτι, για να πάρει απόφαση να φτιάξει ένα σύμπαν ολόκληρο, είχε κάποιον λόγο, είχε (και έχει) μια συνείδηση.
Από την αρχική φωτογραφία, βλέπουμε ότι μέσα στη θήκη υπάρχει και μία κουβέρτα επιβίωσης. Μερικές από τις εναλλακτικές χρήσεις της κουβέρτας επιβίωσης, πέρα από τις γνωστές, είχαμε περιγράψει στο άρθρο μας «Κουβέρτα Επιβίωσης».
Οι επιλογές παρέμβασης για την πρόληψη για καρκίνο του μαστού σε γυναίκες υψηλού κινδύνου, δηλ. αυτές που έχουν είτε κληρονομικά μεταλλαγμένα γονίδια, είτε λοβιακή νεοπλασία ή πολύ επιβαρυμένο οικογενειακό ιστορικό) είναι:
Καλημέρα. Θα ήθελα τα “φώτα” σας. Δεν κατοικώ στην Αθήνα αλλά στην επαρχία. Επισκέπτομαι την Αθήνα μία φορά το τρίμηνο περίπου. Κάνω μία με δύο διαδρομές με το μετρό τη φορά. Τι κάνω με το εισιτήριο; Έχω μπερδευτεί.
Φυσικό πρόσωπο/Νομικό πρόσωπο: Η απάντηση στα ερωτήματα αυτά είναι πολύπλοκη. Αρχικά, θα πρέπει να πούμε πως δεν υπάρχει συγκεκριμένη «στρατηγική» εκ μέρους των Τραπεζών και κάθε περίπτωση αντιμετωπίζεται ξεχωριστά. Το γεγονός αυτό καθιστά απαραίτητη την συνδιαλλαγή με την Τράπεζα. Έχουμε αντιμετωπίσει περιπτώσεις, στις οποίες, αφού έχει παρουσιαστεί στην Τράπεζα η τραγική οικονομική θέση του οφειλέτη, αυτή να διαγράφει το μεγαλύτερο μέρος της οφειλής και το δάνειο να «κλείνει» με την εφάπαξ καταβολή ενός μικρού αντιτίμου. Όταν, όμως, η Τράπεζα έχει εξασφαλίσεις πάνω στο δάνειο (υποθήκη) είναι πιο δύσκολο να δεχθεί κούρεμα, με εφάπαξ καταβολή. Η λογική της πώλησης στα funds και όχι στον οφειλέτη, έχει να κάνει με τον φόβο των Τραπεζών για τη δημιουργία κύματος κακοπληρωτών, οι οποίοι θα αναμένουν την προσφορά εξαγοράς των δανείων τους.
Γιατί είναι σημαντικό; Σε μια έκτακτη περίπτωση, άν υπάρξει καπνός, ο φωτισμός έκτακτης ανάγκης μπορεί να είναι πολύ αχνός για να σας καθοδηγήσει. Όταν γνωρίζετε με βεβαιότητα τον αριθμό των σειρών ανάμεσα στο κάθισμά σας και την έξοδο, μπορείτε να μετακινηθείτε προς τα εκεί μετρώντας τα προσκέφαλα των καθισμάτων.
Απλά, επιλέγεις από το μενού το ”Online Κράτηση”, τοποθετείς την κάρτα σου στην υποδοχή και περιμένεις μέχρι να γίνει η φόρτωση και να πάρεις την απόδειξη. Άλλωστε, με το που πληρώνεις μέσω ΔΙΑΣ στο internet, βγαίνει η πρώτη απόδειξη pdf, με τις οδηγίες για το μηχάνημα. Οδηγίες για το NFC, δεν δίνει. Την άλλη φορά που θα μπω μέσω κινητού, θα σας πω αν αλλάζει κάτι.
-Πως μπορεί ένας τέτοιος αμαθής και πρωτόγονος άνθρωπος να συνδέσει τον πόνο με την τρύπα στο δόντι (αφήστε που πολλές φορές δεν φαίνεται καν η τερηδόνα) και να καταλάβει ότι μπορεί να κάνει μία τόσο περίπλοκη θεραπεία;
Kυκλοφόρησε πρόσφατα σε 4η έκδοση, το πρωτοποριακό μυθιστόρημα του Σπύρου Βρεττού, Αγωνία επιβίωσης  (εκδ. Γρηγόρη, Αθήνα 2015). Το έργο έχει μεταφραστεί στην αγγλική γλώσσα.   To μυθιστόρημα αυτό είναι το πρώτο μιας τριλογίας (τα άλλα δύο: Απίστευτο Μηχάνημα-εκδ. Γρηγόρη, 2009, Η ζωή και ο θάνατος του Ειρηνοποιού, υπό έκδ.) και πραγματεύεται το πλέον ζωτικό πρόβλημα: εκείνο δηλαδή της επιβίωσης στη συνολική του έκφανση.
Δεσμευόμαστε να διατηρήσουμε τα προσωπικά σας δεδομένα ασφαλή! Τα στοιχεία που ζητάει το SBS Studies ΔΕΝ μοιράζονται με κανέναν και η συλλογή τους έχει σαν μοναδικό στόχο την καλύτερη εξυπηρέτησή σας. Τα στοιχεία σας μεταφέρονται με ασφάλεια μέσω HTTPS όπως μπορείτε να δείτε και στην γραμμή διεύθυνσης μαζί με το χαρακτηριστικό εικονίδιο-λουκέτο.
Θέλετε να κόψετε μεγάλα δέντρα; Τότε θα χρειαστείτε ένα τσεκούρι κοπής δέντρων. Είναι κατάλληλο για ξυλοκόπους. Η εξαιρετικά κοφτερή λεπίδα του κόβει το ξύλο όσο πιο βαθιά γίνεται σε κάθε χτύπημα. Η λαβή του είναι πάνω από 75 εκατοστά σε μήκος, συνήθως 90 εκατοστά. Η κεφαλή μπορεί να ζυγίζει από 1.5 μέχρι 2.5 κιλά, μπορεί και παραπάνω.
Ένας Γερμανός φυσικός, ο Max Planck κάποτε έκατσε και υπολόγισε πόσο μικρή μπορεί να ήταν αυτή η κουκίδα. Κι έτσι έβγαλε την περίφημη κλίμακα Planck. Σύμφωνα μ’ αυτή την κλίμακα, ο Planck έλεγε ότι όταν αυτή η κουκίδα είχε διάμετρο ένα πολύ πολύ μικρούτσικο κλάσμα του εκατοστού, κι όταν το σύμπαν είχε “ηλικία” σα να λέμε, ένα πολύ πολύ μικρούτσικο κλάσμα του δευτερολέπτου, πρίν απ’ αυτό δεν μπορούμε να ξέρουμε τι έγινε γιατί η ύλη, σ’ αυτή την τεράστια πυκνότητα παύει να έχει τις ιδιότητες που ξέρουμε, καταρρέουν όπως έλεγε οι νόμοι της φύσης. Δηλαδή, με τους νόμους της φύσης που ισχύουν και μπορούμε να περιγράψουμε, δεν μπορούμε να δούμε με τίποτα αν υπήρξε ποτέ χρονική στιγμή μηδέν. Αυτό από πρώτη άποψη είναι αγνωστικισμός: Όταν λες “δεν μπορώ να ξέρω” ουσιαστικά βάζεις όρια στις γνώσεις σου. Βεβαίως, σ ‘αυτό το σημείο της ανθρώπινης σκέψης που δύσκολα η επιστήμη ξεχωρίζει απ’ την φιλοσοφία, οι γνώσεις μας όντως φτάνουν στα όριά τους γιατί είμαστε στα όρια των πάντων, του σύμπαντος δηλαδή.
Ίσως χρειαστεί να περάσετε στην ύπαιθρο αρκετές ημέρες και νύκτες.Αντικουνουπικά είναι απαραίτητα ιδίως καλοκαίρι ,υπάρχουν επίσης απωθητικά ψύλλων – κοριών, φθειρών, και να μην ξεχάσετε την απώθηση φιδιών. Πάντα να έχετε μαζί σας και συσκευή αφαίρεσης δηλητηρίου
Οι γονείς των μαθητών της Β που θέλουν να σπουδάσουν στον τομέα Εφαρμοσμένων Τεχνών (Γραφίστες) και Υγείας και Πρόνοιας (νοσηλευτές, βρεφονηπιοκόμοι κλπ) ΠΡΕΠΕΙ ΝΑ ΕΙΝΑΙ την Πέμπτη στις 5:30 στο 6ο ΓΕΛ (Ραψάνη)
Όταν τα πράγματα δεν πάνε καλά με την άντληση, οι περισσότερες μαμάδες αμέσως πιστεύουν ότι κάτι δεν πάει καλά με την παραγωγή τους ή ότι κάνουν κάτι λάθος. Πριν φτάσετε σ’ αυτό το συμπέρασμα, σκεφτείτε ότι μπορεί να μην φταίτε καθόλου εσείς. Καταρχήν ελέγξτε την αντλία σας και όλα τα μέρη της. Μπορεί κάποιο να έχει καταστραφεί. Τα λεπτά μέρη όπως οι βαλβίδες και οι μεμβράνες εύκολα σκίζονται ή κόβονται, κι αυτό μπορεί άμεσα να επηρεάσει την λειτουργία της αντλίας και συνεπώς και την παραγωγή σας. Όλα τα μέρη της αντλίας συνήθως μπορούν να αντικατασταθούν.
Ναι το είδα.. εάν το πάρουν χαμπάρι. Εδώ έλεγαν ότι είχαν έτοιμη την εφαρμογή για την ολοκληρωμένη κράτηση της κάρτας online και έχουν περάσει τόσες μερες από την έγκριση και ακομα τίποτα. Ενώ έλεγαν θα ότι και την επόμενη μέρα θα μπορούσαν να το ενεργοποιήσουν.
Για την κάρτα σας το είπα και πάνω ούτε πριν υπήρχε. Δεν υπήρχε η δυνατότητα και τώρα την καταργήσανε… Θα εφαρμοστεί. Όπως και πριν οποίος θέλει να πληρώσει με κάρτα θα πάει στο ταμείο. Προφανώς ο υπολογισμός του επιβατικού κοινού έγινε στο χάρτινο εισιτηριο που δεν πλήρωνε σχεδόν κανένας. Σχετικό παράδειγμα ο σταθμός Αιγάλεω που μόλις εκλεισαν οι πύλες η επιβατική κίνηση αυξήθηκε 50%. Με λανθασμένο input θα έχουμε και λανθασμένο output.
Πώς ένας μάνατζερ γίνεται ανυπόφορος: Εξαιτίας της εξουσίας που διαθέτει, απαντά ο Robert Sutton, «τα άτομα έχουν μια φυσική τάση να το παρακάνουν». Αυτό επιδεινώνεται γιατί οι εργαζόμενοι συνήθως το υφίστανται σιωπηλά. Πάνω από τους μισούς εργαζόμενους στον κόσμο ζουν «σε ένα κλίμα μόνιμης εχθρότητας», 1/4 εξ αυτών είναι μάρτυρες απρεπούς συμπεριφοράς τουλάχιστον μια φορά την εβδομάδα, σύμφωνα με αμερικανική μελέτη.
«Στο νησί Palawan των Φιλιππίνων, 12 βδομάδες, 21 παίκτες χωρισμένοι σε 3 ομάδες, 3 περιοχές διαμονής. Συνεχής μάχη για τη διαμονή, επιβίωση, και παραμονή στο παιχνίδι. 1 νικητής, 1 χρηματικό έπαθλο των 150.000€!
Όταν λέτε εσκεμμένα τι ακριβώς εννοείται;; Θα πει ο οδηγός του μετρό να σταματήσει στην μέση της σήραγγας για να σας καθυστερήσει;; Δεν ξέρω πόσο καιρό έχετε να χρησιμοποιήσετε τα μέσα γιατί ο χρόνος του ενιαίου εισιτήριου είναι 90 λεπτα αλλα και σήμερα με το χάρτινο σύστημα εάν ο ελεγκτής σε πιάσει με εισιτήριο που έχει λήξει (ακόμα και εάν δεν είχε όταν ξεκινήσατε την διαδρομή) θα σας κόψει πρόστιμο.

τα εργαλεία έκτακτης ανάγκης στρατιωτικά προμήθειες επιβίωσης

Σε κάθε περίπτωση θέλετε ανθεκτικά αλλά και άνετα υποδήματα.Οι αρβύλες θα σας πάνε οπουδήποτε, και η κίνηση είναι σίγουρη σε καταστάσεις κρίσης . Με μόνωση , ασφάλιση στον αστράγαλο, διαπνέουσες μεμβράνες, αδιάβροχες, εύκολο δέσιμο, χωρίς να γλυστράτε, σε συνδυασμό με ειδικές κάλτσες (ακόμη και αντικουνουπικές….), για κάθε εποχή, και για πολλά χρόνια είναι κάτι που θα το χαρείτε από τώρα !
Σωστό και αυτό. Όταν θα πάω την Τετάρτη να την ανανεώσω, θα δοκιμάσω να βάλω κα χρηματική αξία, να δω πως λειτουργεί ταυτόχρονα με υπάρχουσα μηνιαία. Και αν έχω χρόνο, θα πάω κάποια στιγμή στο αεροδρόμιο, να δω αν θα «τραβήξει» από την χρηματική αξία ή αν θα μου ανάψει κόκκινο.
Είχα φορτίσει την προσωποποιημένη κάρτα μου, με πακέτο 10+1 απλών εισιτηρίων, τα οποία τα χρησιμοποιώ κανονικά. Σε περίπτωση που την φορτίσω με μηνιαίο κόμιστρο -απ’ότι είδα στο site, μου επιτρέπει αυτήν την αγορά- γνωρίζει κάποιος τι θα συμβεί όταν πάω μετά στο επικυρωτικό μηχάνημα;
Ωραίο θα ήταν, αλλά νομίζω πως δουλεύει λίγο διαφορετικά η φόρτιση εδώ. Αν έχεις προσέξει, όταν φορτίζεται η καρτα θέλει λίγα δευτερόλεπτα, ενώ στο Λονδίνο την ακουμπάς στο μηχάνημα και φορτίζει αμέσως. Δεν μπορούν να κρατάνε κάποιον στην πύλη τόση ώρα.
Blackview A7 Pro Unlocked 4G phone,Android 7.0,5.0 Inch HD IPS Display, MT6737 Quad-core 1.3GHz, 2GB RAM+16GB ROM, 8MP+0.3MP Dual Rear Camera Lens, Fingerprint Recognition, Dual SIM Dual standby, Gesture/GPS/FM/WiFi, SIM Free Mobile Phones,Gold
Αν έχετε στο αυτοκίνητό σας ένα τέτοιο, δεν θα έχετε ποτέ το πρόβλημα να ξεκολλήσετε το αυτοκίνητό σας από τη λάσπη ή το χιόνι. Όταν το αυτοκίνητό σας κολλήσει, μπορείτε να χρησιμοποιήσετε τις συσκευασίες για επιπλέον τριβή τοποθετώντας το κάτω από τα ελαστικά.
Το παράξενο είναι πως η μυρωδιά των αγαπημένων με ακολουθεί. Τα πρωινά, τις νύχτες, στα λεωφορεία, στα ξενύχτια, ακόμα και μέσα σε σκοτεινούς βόθρους, τρυπούν τα ρουθούνια μου οι μοσχοβολιές της αγάπης. Εξού και το εξαιρετικό μου μνημονικό. Όλα μπορώ να τα ξεχάσω, τη μυρωδιά της μνήμης ποτέ. Συνηθίζω να διηγούμαι και ιστορίες. Δυσκολεύομαι να ακολουθήσω κανόνες. Απλά ξεστομίζω, αυτά που σκέφτομαι. Άλλοτε λίγο, άλλοτε πολύ με κολλάνε στον τοίχο τα ίδια μου τα λόγια. Παίξτε ένα παιχνίδι μαζί μου. Διαβάστε φωναχτά ένα κείμενο. Θα τρομάζετε απ’ τις αλήθειες που τρυπούν τα αυτιά σας. Είναι τρομακτική και η δύναμη της ακοής. Μυρίζω και ακούω. Ακόμα δυο ρήματα στη συλλογή μου. Ας είναι…
Αλλά και η χαμένη ομάδα δεν έμεινε με άδεια χέρια. Τα Praktiker έδωσαν τόσο στους νικητές όσο και στους χαμένους από ένα υπόστρωμα για να μαλακώσει τον πόνο τους και ένα κουτί που κρύβει μέσα του έναν μικρό θησαυρό, τα απαραίτητα εργαλεία επιβίωσης στις συνθήκες του Αγίου Δομίνικου. Με το φτυάρι, το σφυρί, το τσεκούρι, το πριόνι και τα υπόλοιπα εργαλεία χειρός που πήραν, μπορεί ακόμα και η χαμένη ομάδα να αποκτήσει το δικό της σπίτι για να παραμείνει ανταγωνιστική στην προσπάθειά της να επικρατήσει επί των αντιπάλων. Άλλωστε, η τέχνη της επιβίωσης βασίζεται στην ικανότητα να ξεπερνάς τις δοκιμασίες που θα συναντήσεις, χρησιμοποιώντας ό,τι έχεις διαθέσιμο και μετατρέποντάς το σε κάτι χρήσιμο με τα εργαλεία σου.
Την ψυχή την τοποθετούμε ασυναίσθητα, κάπου μέσα στο σώμα μας και κυρίως μέσα στο στήθος. Όταν αναφερόμαστε στην ψυχή μας ακουμπάμε συνήθως το στήθος μας κάτι που μας οδηγεί στο να τη θεωρούμε κάτι κοντινό με την αφηρημένη σημασία της “καρδιάς”, όχι του οργάνου του σώματός μας που χτυπάει, αλλά ως το μέρος του σώματός μας όπου είναι αποθηκευμένα τα συναισθήματά μας: χαρά, λύπη, θυμός, γαλήνη και άλλα. Τα συναισθήματά μας έχουν επίσης πολύ ισχυρή επίδραση επάνω μας, διότι τα αισθανόμαστε χωρίς προσπάθεια, σε αντίθεση με το λογικό μυαλό, το οποίο το χρησιμοποιούμε συνειδητά για να εξετάσουμε ένα ζήτημα λογικά, με το μυαλό μας.
Ένα βασικό κριτήριο διάκρισης των κατηγοριών φακών επαφής είναι το υλικό από το οποίο κατασκευάζονται. Οι φακοί επαφής διακρίνονται σε μαλακούς υδρόφιλους, σε σκληρούς και ημίσκληρους. Η πλειονότητα των χρηστών φακών επαφής χρησιμοποιούν σήμερα τους μαλακούς υδρόφιλους φακούς επαφής, καθώς είναι πιο εύχρηστοι και κατάλληλοι για αντιμετώπιση ποικίλων διαθλαστικών προβλημάτων.
Επίσης, μου αρέσουν πολύ οι λίστες στο twitter. Έχω μία ονόματι “Linguists” με 95 μέλη και ακολουθώ και τη λίστα “Translators” του Luke Spear με 478 μεταφραστές. Με ένα απλό scroll down κάθε πρωί, βλέπω τι κάνουν άλλοι μεταφραστές σε όλο τον κόσμο, αν βαριούνται, αν μεταφράζουν, αν κάνουν γλωσσάρια, αν παρακολουθούν κάποιο ενδιαφέρον webinar κτλ. Ο αγαπημένος μου είναι ο λογαριασμός @rainylondon πίσω από τον οποίο κρύβεται η μεταφράστρια και διερμηνέας Valeria Aliperta. Και η σελίδα όμως της Valeria στο facebook ( ) είναι, κατά τη γνώμη μου, ένα πολύ καλό παράδειγμα του πώς ένας freelancer μεταφραστής μπορεί να διατηρεί μία καθαρά επαγγελματική, αλλά καθόλου βαρετή σελίδα στα μέσα κοινωνικής δικτύωσης.
που είναι η κανονική και την έχω φορτώσει με τριάντα ημέρες και επώνυμη καθώς είχα την κλασσική μηνιαία κάρτα και πριν. Στη δε δική μου κάρτα αναφέρει μόνο στο μετρό τις μέρες που απομένουν, στο τραμ επίσης αναφέρει μόνο ότι είναι έγκυρη όταν την περνάω αλλά δεν με απασχολεί τόσο αυτό όσο για το απλό εισιτήριο με τις πολλαπλές διαδρομές που έβγαλα στον γιο μου και απλά δεν κάνει αναφορά πόσες διαδρομές έχει μέσα. Απλά φοβάμαι ότι κάποια στιγμή θα επιβιβαστεί και το εισιτήριο θα έχει αδειάσει χωρίς να το γνωρίζει από πριν.
Μπορεί και να υπήρχαν είδη πιθηκοειδών που δεν κατάφερναν να καλύπτουν μεγάλες αποστάσεις και να εξαφανίστηκαν με τα χρόνια καθώς δεν θα μπορούσαν να τραφούν. Υπήρχαν κι άλλα είδη που προσαρμόστηκε το πεπτικό τους σύστημα, να τρώνε φύλλα και χορτάρια δηλαδή και να φτάσαν ως τις μέρες μας σαν διάφορα είδη πιθήκων.
Επιβιώνω, αγαπητοί, επιβιώνω δίχως να παραπονιέμαι, δίχως να διατάζω, δίχως να επαιτώ. Επιβιώνω ακόμα και μέσα στην κόλαση δίχως να ζητώ να μου σκουπίσουν τον ιδρώτα. Απολαμβάνω τους μικρούς σε διάρκεια παράδεισους, ρουφώντας αργά με το καλαμάκι μου κανά δυο όνειρα και πέντε έξι ελπίδες. Ψάχνω την κουμπότρυπα μου σαν γνήσιο και τίμιο κουμπί όχι για να ταιριάξω απλά για κάνω μια παύση απ’ τις βουές ξεπεσμένων κολλαριστών σακακιών και υποχθόνιων σκισμένων καλτσόν που ταιριάζουν σε ανθρώπινα ανέραστα κορμιά.
Τα ακυρωτικά των λεωφορείων δίνουν τη δυνατότητα για ταυτόχρονη επικύρωση παραπάνω των ενός εισιτηρίων ανά κάρτα. Έχουμε απευθύνει αίτημα στον ΟΑΣΑ για να έχουμε και επίσημη απάντηση για το τι ακριβώς ισχύει.
Πρέπει να το κάνουν σαν το Λονδίνο που φορτιζει αυτόματα με την πρώτη επικυρωση μετά την διαδικτυακή αγορά σε όποιο μέσο το επικυρωσεις (λεωφορείο, μετρό). (Υπάρχει τρόπος για να φτάσουν στους υπεύθυνους αυτές οι προτάσεις;;)
Εάν πρέπει να οδηγήσετε μέχρι το αεροδρόμιο, αξίζει πρώτα να ενημερωθείτε για τις προσφορές στάθμευσης, ελέγχοντας τόσο την ιστοσελίδα του αεροδρομίου όσο και αυτήν την αεροπορικής εταιρείας που θα πετάξετε, αφού, συνήθως, μία βδομάδα πριν από την αναχώρηση αρχίζουν να εμφανίζονται προσφορές οι οποίες σίγουρα θα σας ιντριγκάρουν. Μην αργήσετε να κλείσετε την όποια προσφορά, γιατί συνήθως αποσύρονται μία ή δύο ημέρες πριν από την ημερομηνία αναχώρησης.
Μια πολύ καλή εμπειρία και πολύ διδακτικό σχολείο για όσους ασχολούνται με υπαίθριες δραστηριότητες και όχι μόνο. Ευχαριστώ τους δύο φίλους μου που συνεχίζουν να διδάσκουν και να εκπαιδεύουν ανθρώπους που δεν θέλουν να τα παρατούν
Τόσα δασάκια έχει η Καστοριά και τα περίχωρα και τις περισσότερες φορές ψήνει μία μόνο παρέα. Έλεος! Μια ψησταριά θέλει, κρέατα (μη ξεχάσετε τα πρόβια), κάρβουνα, μπίρες ή ρετσίνες ή και τα δύο, άντε και πάγο! Φθηνή λύση και πιστέψτε με, δεν υπάρχει καλύτερος τρόπος να περάσεις ωραία με τη παρέα σου το καλοκαίρι στην πόλη μας. Κάντε το συχνά! Αν οδηγείτε ας είναι κάποιος που δεν θα πιεί για να μπορείτε να επιστρέψετε. Μην γρινιάζεις ρε την άλλη φορά δεν θα πιεί κάποιος άλλος και θα πιείς εσύ! (πάλι ο ίδιος θα είναι)…
«Κατά τη δοκιμασία των σχολικών και πανεπιστημιακών εξετάσεων αξιολόγησης είναι σημαντικό ο εγκέφαλος να είναι ξεκούραστος και να είναι σε θέση να συγκεντρώνεται και να κινητοποιεί στον μέγιστο βαθμό την κρίση, την μνήμη και την φαντασία», αναφέρει η ειδική παθολόγος κ. Αναστασία Μοσχοβάκη, και παραθέτει τα συστήματα του οργανισμού που πρέπει να βρίσκονται σε καλή λειτουργία σε μια τέτοια περίοδο: Η πέψη (για να απορροφώνται τα απαραίτητα θρεπτικά στοιχεία), οι αδένες, το αγγειακό σύστημα και η αρτηριακή πίεση (για την σωστή αιμάτωση του εγκεφάλου) και το ανοσοποιητικό σύστημα (για την αποφυγή ασθενειών). 
«Μια μαμά μου είπε κάποτε: Προσέλαβε μία babysitter για να βγαίνεις με τον άντρα σου ραντεβού ένα βράδυ κάθε εβδομάδα και πες της ότι ακόμα κι αν δεν βγείτε εσύ θα την πληρώσεις. Με τον τρόπο αυτόν θα βρείτε τον χρόνο για να βγείτε οι δυο σας… αναγκαστικά!»
Η ιδανική θέση που πρέπει να διαλέξετε είναι κοντά σε νερό ή δέντρα. Αν όμως εγκασταθείτε πολύ κοντά στο νερό μπορεί να σας ενοχλούν κουνούπια ή να μην ακούτε λόγω του θορύβου της πηγής άλλους θορύβους που μπορεί να εγκυμονούν σοβαρούς κινδύνους.
Οι πετσέτες έχουν αρκετές χρήσεις.Σας στεγνώνουν αλλά μπορεί να χρησιμοποιηθούν και για να σας καθαρίσουν ,ενώ οι μεγάλου μεγέθους μπορούν να σας προστατεύσουν και από το κρύο αντί κουβέρτας!Αποθηκεύσετε διάφορα μεγέθη από μικρές χεριών – προσώπου έως μεγάλες σώματος .Προσοχή στην ευτελή ποιότητα καθώς είναι πιθανόν να μην είναι αντοχής και να διαλυθεί εύκολα η πλέξη τους .
«Γύρω στις 6.00 το απόγευμα αρχίζω να χασμουριέμαι μπροστά στην 5χρονη κόρη μου και να της λέω πόσο αργά είναι. Δε μπορεί ακόμα να καταλάβει την ώρα, οπότε βρίσκω ευκαιρία να τη βάλω για ύπνο την ώρα που εγώ θέλω».
όταν στην εκδώσουν, πρέπει να στην ενεργοποιησουν, αν δεν την ενεργοποιησαν πρέπει να πας στο ταμείο να στην ενεργοποιησουν. Στο μηχάνημα δεν γίνεται. Αυτο που δεν ξερω ειναι αν στην ενεργοποιηουν στο ταμειο χωρις την ουρα ή στο αλλο με τις καρτες.
Υπενθυμίζεται ότι η ΤΡΑΙΝΟΣΕ εκδίδει και τις δικές τις κάρτες απεριορίστων διαδρομών για τους επιβάτες του Προαστιακού οι οποίες σύμφωνα με την εταιρεία ισχύουν για μετακινήσεις σε όλα τα μέσα του ΟΑΣΑ. Μέχρι σήμερα ο ΟΑΣΑ δεν έχει δημοσίως αναφερθεί στην ύπαρξη των καρτών αυτών. Τα ηλεκτρονικά εισιτήρια του ΟΑΣΑ ισχύουν αυτή τη στιγμή για μετακινήσεις στο αστικό τμήμα του Προαστιακού και το Αεροδρόμιο.
Τα αεροδρόμια είναι γενικά πιο ήσυχα και πιο ευχάριστα από τις 11:00 έως τις 16:00 τις καθημερινές. Το ιδανικό λοιπόν θα ήταν να κλείσετε την πτήση σας τις συγκεκριμένες ώρες και το πιο πιθανό είναι ότι θα πετύχετε και φθηνότερο εισιτήριο.
Μα αυτο ειπα και εγώ πάνω η μόνη λύση είναι χρέωση σε κάθε μετεπιβίβαση. Εάν σας αρέσει αυτό κάντε αυτό αλλά δεν μπορούμε να κάνουμε προσθαφαιρέσεις κάθε φορά που αλλάξουμε μέσο στα 90 λεπτά. Ειδικά με το παλιό σύστημα το χαρτινοε τη σφραγίδα. Εάν πουν όμως αυτό που προτείνετε θα ξεσηκωθούν ολοι. Εάν και το επόμενο βήμα είναι η ζωνικη χρέωση και εδώ αλλά δε ξέρω πως θα την υλοποιήσουν. Λογικά έτσι όπως περιγράφετε και έτσι όπως γίνεται παντού.
Tο δημοσιεύει άμεσα κάθε σχόλιο. Ωστόσο δεν υιοθετούμε τις απόψεις αυτές καθώς εκφράζουν αποκλειστικά τον εκάστοτε σχολιαστή. Σχόλια με ύβρεις διαγράφονται χωρίς προειδοποίηση. Χρήστες που δεν τηρούν τους όρους χρήσης αποκλείονται.
καλημερα μια ερωτηση για εμας που εχουμε βγαλει προσωποποιημενη καρτα 30 ημερων κα την εχουμε εενργοπ κανονικα και την χρησιμοπ στο μετρο ,οταν μπουμε σε λεοφορεια ξαναεπικυρωνουμε παλι?εχω ρωτησει δυο υπαληλους μου εχουν οιε οτι δε χρειζεται (και μαλιστα δεν εχει κα καποιο τεχνικο λογο απο οτι καταλαβα) αλλα μεσα στο website αναφερει οτι χτυπαμε.υπαρχει καποια αλλη πληροφορια που γραφει μεσα η καρτα περα απο το οτι ειναι ενεργοπ και ποτε ληγει ?αν μπει ελενκτης και τσεκαρει με το μηχανημα φαινεται κατι αλλο περα πο οτι ειναι απεριοριστων και η ληξη της?μπορει να ειναι ανουσια η ερωτηση αλλα αυτος ο ζηλος .οτνα ακομα και τα απλα εισητηρια τα χτυαπαγμε μια φορα οσο ηταν εντος διαρκειας ,ενω οι καρτες που εiΝαι και ηλeκτρoνικες θελουν συνεχεια ,ειδικα οταν δεν εχουν κανει τα σημαντικοτερα οπως πχ το να βαλουν μπαρες στα λεοφορεια για να μην μπαινουν ολοι τζαμπα και ειδικα ατομα τουθ περιθωριου μου φαινεται υπερβολικο…

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The Canary island of La Palma has been rattled by another swarm of earthquakes. This new swarm reignites fear that the Cumbre Vieja volcano could erupt just four months after a swarm of 200 earthquakes rocked the island.

In an area of canyons and cliffs, if there are hostile forces or dangerous wildlife on the ground (bears, wolves, mountain lions, etc.), you may find that setting up shelter on a cliff 50 – 100 feet off the ground is a great way to survive and sleep safely at night and out of danger.

Shepherd Survival Supply offers a wide range of survival tools, including axes, saws, shovels, blades, and more. Our products are carefully selected for their design, durability, and reliability. You cannot afford to have your tool fail you when you need it most. Our tools also make great additions to your existing survival kit or emergency pack. Please feel free to contact us with any questions on any of the tools.

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I have ordered several items from Survival Life and have gotten them in a reasonable amount of time. I have never been charged for anything, but the items I have ordered and have not been charged a membership fee. I am very happy with all of the items I have ordered from Defense Electronics magazine masthead (p. 7) – James W. Rawles, Associate Editor, EW Communications, Palo Alto, CA, August 1987 (Vol. 19, No. 8) to November 1988 (Vol. 20, No. 12);Defense Electronics magazine masthead (p. 7) – James W. Rawles, Associate Editor, Cardiff Publishing, Englewood, CO. December 1988 (Vol. 20, No. 13) to September 1990 (Vol. 22, No. 9); Defense Electronics magazine masthead (p. 7) – James W. Rawles, Regional Editor (Western U.S.) Cardiff Publishing, Englewood, CO. October 1990 (Vol. 22, No. 10) to April 1991 (Vol. 23, No. 4); James W. Rawles, Associate Editor, EW Communications, Palo Alto, CA, January/February 1988 (Vol. 1 No. 1) to May/June 1988 (Vol. 1, No. 3)

About Blog – A newspaper guy with decades of experience, Leon writes about survival from the point of view of an investigative reporter. The blog provides practical tips and safety guide to surviving an unexpected emergency or natural disaster, wilderness or urban settings.

The Credit Card Knife is perhaps Survival Life’s biggest namesake. This small knife starts out about the same size and weight as a traditional credit card, but unfolds in seconds into a fully functional knife. It features a surgical steel blade, protective hand guard, and even a built-in safety sheath to keep it from becoming dull, and from accidentally opening in your pocket or pack.

fizkes/ShutterstockUh oh—you only meant to eat a few cookies/M&Ms/office cupcakes (pick your poison). Now you feel sluggish and headache-y and just want to curl up in a ball. To undo a sugar binge, start with a spoonful of PB: the protein and fat help slow down digestion and delay the inevitable blood sugar crash. Then resist the fetal position: get up and walk around. A 15-minute stroll after meals can lower blood sugar, according to research in Diabetes Care.

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Our site started off as a place to post for our family to learn and exchange ideas about survival skills. It expanded to include friends who want to learn what we were teaching. It has now become a place for all to learn long-term food prep, home canning, reloading ammunition and building weapons.

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Yes, a good knife is a really great tool! The Gerber Bear Grylls knife I honestly sometimes think would be really popular in the community if it wasn’t for Bear Grylls name on it. Gets so much hate on it just for a name, which is a bit sad because in my opinion, it really is quite a good tool, especially as a practically overall survival kit. But yeah, glad you at least kept it in case you might one day want it/need it. I know many who would’ve returned it or thrown it away just cause of the name.

About Blog – Extreme Food Storage Blog provides tips about how to be prepared for anything, anytime, anywhere. Its mission is to help families and individuals Prepare, Provide, and Protect themselves for the Extremes in life.

Although there may be water all around you in the wilderness, drinking water from a stagnant puddle or a lake is not advisable. Drinking from a flowing stream is always better than drinking from a stagnant pool of water. However, there can be a situation where you may not have any option. In that case, you can construct a portable water filter. Here is how you do it.

​One of the best ways to spend the night is by making a make-shift hammock. Find a couple of trees that have tall trunks for your hammock. Trees that have less foliage are best. Make a hammock as high as you can and climb into it to spend the night. It will protect you from wild animals as well as the creeping and crawling insects.

About Blog – Find out the latest gear reviews for guns, knives, bug out bags, fire starters, and survival gear at SurvivalCache. The team strives to give you the best gear reviews, tips, and suggestions so you can be prepared.

While there may be no single BEST flashlight, there are certainly plenty of attributes to be considered when selecting your flashlight.  Light is of upmost importance in a survival situation, but the ability to see in the dark is something that you should never be far from in any situation.  For example, I never go out of town without a […]

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Formerly known as the SOL™ 3, it includes survival items, medical supplies, gear repair tools, Heatsheets® Survival Blanket, mini-Rescue Flash™ mirror, mini-Rescue Howler™ whistle, AMK mini-LED headlamp, Tinder-Quick waterproof tinder and AMK fire striker flint. Weight: 1 lb. 4.6 oz. Dimensions: 7L x 6W x 2.5D.

The first step is to tie a ligature around the limb, above the bite to restrict the blood from flowing from the wound into the other parts of your body. Once this is done, the next step is to wash the wound as thoroughly as possible. If you have soap, use soap water to clean the wound.

Snaring can be an excellent way to trap small animals while you are away building your shelter. However, it is important to know where to set up the traps. You can set the traps in places where you can see the animals running around. You can also hear small rodents and squirrels. It is even better if you are near a water body.

This is an investment in your career. The tools and information you will learn from this weekend will not only pay off the next time you get an assignment, but this is information you will carry with you for the rest of your career. The difference between guessing and actually understanding how to market yourself and price your work can often be thousands of dollars per You will be more informed, you will make better decisions, and leave nothing to guessing the next time you meet with a client, or prepare a bid.

The Svord Peasant knife is a century old design that was brought back to the mainstream by B.W. Baker. This is a knife I have used and owned for a good long while, but have always been on the fence with regards to reviewing it. In practical ter…

Survival Life is the worst company I’ve ever placed an order with in my entire life. I placed an order on December 14th and to this day my order is still on backorder and every time I call to inquire I get the same Asian girl with the same attitude with the same…

Survival is your first priority, but don’t forget- you need to get rescued as well. Come up with an action plan in case a plane flies overhead or there are are search parties nearby. You’ve seen it in the movies – prepare a giant, easily visible fire pit out in the open or lay out stones in the pattern of HELP or S.O.S. You can also use any shiny, metallic object for reflection purposes.

Photo by purolipanFor flexibility, a good multi-tool is a camper’s best friend, and there are hundreds of models on the market. When comparing the need for different functions and the tool’s weight, it becomes apparent that simpler is better. Look for a multi-tool that has a regular and serrated blade, pliers with a wire cutter, carbide knife sharpener, bottle and can opener, and a lanyard loop. Pay close attention to the materials and quality; look for titanium handles, 154CM steel blades, and 420 stainless steel construction. If you plan on carrying a small hatchet for cutting firewood, consider a multi-tool hatchet and take one tool instead of two.

This guide is essential reading for every participant — first-timers and veterans alike. If you’re looking for specific information, browse the menus above to find it. Read this Survival Guide here or download a PDF (5 MB) to your device for offline browsing, so you can reference it (e.g. “where do I take my trash?”) when you’re on the road to and from Burning Man.

In survival and SHTF situations, you’ll want to make sure to defend yourself and your family against both other people and animals. There are a variety of ways which you can do this, although of course some work better than others. Certainly look into attaining a firearm if this is legally permissible in your locality, and if you ever consider you may like to have it as a backup option. If you are interested in firearms, make sure to learn about them and train with them prior to an emergency situation. You can’t expect to be good with a firearm your first time shooting.

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I read once where a water tower was used to store water. Alas, this homeowner was thinking out of the box. The location was very remote. And being frail he dreaded trying to carry heavy deep cycle batteries.

You can catch up on all the information we already have out there. If you don’t see what you are looking for, you can even suggest something to write about that we haven’t thought of yet. There is plenty of reading to keep you busy on those off moments that you find yourself searching the web for something to read.

When choosing a space blanket (a light, thin sheet of extremely reflective Mylar), spend a little extra to buy a larger, more durable model. A space blanket can be used to block wind and water, wrapped around the body prevent/counteract hypothermia, or even placed behind you to reflect a fire’s heat onto your back, but none of this is useful if the blanket is too small or tears the moment you unwrap it.

Collect the fresh pine and spruce leaves and compile them into a bow. When the fire is up and smoking, put the leaves over the fire, making sure to cover it completely. This will cause the branches to burn intensely, producing even more smoke. 

A signal mirror is one of the furthest-reaching non-electronic signal methods. Properly aimed, a signal mirror is capable of shining a beam of daylight up to 10 miles away to create a flash of light that can catch the attention of distant aircraft, watercraft, vehicles, or someone on foot.

Jingjits Photography/ShutterstockRemember this: When you’re as red as a beet, make yourself a salad. Freshly cut cucumber cools and soothes the skin, as does the starch from a grated potato or 
a spritz of apple cider 
vinegar. Your skin needs vitamins A and D to heal quickly—augment your produce regimen with lots of milk, and find a cool place to veg out. You can also try these sunburn home remedies.

In hostile territory, a good set of binoculars offers stealth and can help you identify an ambush up ahead as well as dangerous dogs, armed criminals, or other dangers before they find you or before you stumble into them.

Well, folks, here we are again, another week of prepping and another week closer to TEOTWAWKI. But, before, we get started with this weeks what did you do to prep this week I’d like to point you to … Continue Reading about What did you do to prep this week?

If you encounter snakes, leave them alone. Snakes bite because they are hungry or because they are threatened. We are too big to be seen as prey to most snakes; they do not regard humans as food. Stand still and the snake will go away. Attack it and it will retaliate. If one curls up in your kit, move it out with a long stick and gently prod it away. If it comes in your direction, stand still. It doesn’t know that you are causing its discomfort and if you do not jump around, it will probably not even notice you. However, if you kill the snake you can enjoy eating it. Since you probably don’t know if it’s venomous or not, a good rule is to cut off the head, and then cut the same distance back from that point down the body. This will remove the poison glands, if there are any.

You can even chip off part of a cube to assist with fire starting, and then save the rest for later. A few shavings or chips of this tinder can greatly assist in the lighting of camp stoves and stubborn grills too. Just make sure you use up the product within a few months of opening the package, as the secret material seem to lose some flammability after being exposed to the air for a few months.

A signal mirror can serve two vital survival purposes. First, a mirror can signal help to a rescue plan or helicopter. Using the power of the sun to shine a glare towards a rescue team is an excellent way to gain attention.

We have already covered how you can make a shelter and bedding in the earlier section. However, if you are traveling and just need a bedding to sleep on for a night, make sure that you are not sleeping on the floor of the forest.

You will most likely have long, thin, metal rods or picks (used for tents) among your equipment. You can use this to form a makeshift grill but laying them across two logs. Use twigs and strings to keep them intact when necessary. Set this up over a fire and you can grill fish over the picks. You can use an aluminium cup to boil water over this setup as well.

Like other portable water filters though it has it’s limits — a Lifestraw can’t filter salt (to filter salt water you’ll have to distil it) or heavy metals, chemicals or viruses. In a survival situation or urban disaster you’ll have to use your head. Avoid drinking from ground water sources in a populated area following severe flooding or a massive earthquake. This ground water can be contaminated with chemicals and sewage. You’ll want to move further out of the area to a water source that is less likely to be contaminated with chemicals and sewage before using your Lifestraw.

As the probability of an individual surviving until age t or later is S(t), by definition, the expected number of survivors at age t out of an initial population of n newborns is n × S(t), assuming the same survival function for all individuals. Thus the expected proportion of survivors is S(t). If the survival of different individuals is independent, the number of survivors at age t has a binomial distribution with parameters n and S(t), and the variance of the proportion of survivors is S(t) × (1-S(t))/n.

This one hits the spot for family gatherings or even gathering around to watch movies or sports events on television. It’s a little heartier and tastier than the basic recipe. Another variation we sometimes make is to substitute a can of meat/beef chili for the sausage and salsa/milk. However, we prefer this version best.

When it comes to gear, I feel I have settled into a groove. I rarely experiment with tobacco these days (same with the pipes) and just stick to what I know I like. Hope you had a merry Christmas, and we’ll see you in the new year! Everyday Ca…

Select items that are not included in ShippingPass will ship for free but with value shipping. Look for items sold by and marked with FREE shipping. You will also see this noted in checkout.

After a rainfall, you can bet that moss, leaves, and all sorts of plants around you are wet. Collecting bundles of them and wringing them over a container can net you as much as a litre of water. Make sure you check out the tall grass as well. This is good for collecting fresh water because rainwater is guaranteed to be clean. This is also one of the easiest ways to collect water without having to purify it. Alternatively, you can also rub your clothes against the grass and wring out the moisture that gets stuck unto them.

What’s nice is you can get a collapsible one, and they weight nearly nothing and take up minimal space. I keep on in my backpack for my dog. He can drink out of a collapsible bowl but not straight out of a water bottle.

1. The most important rule for dealing with children (and teens) when the SHTF is EXPLAIN EVERYTHING several times over. Don’t assume that the kids will know not to go outside in a natural disaster. Don’t assume that the kids … Continue reading →

P ( T ≤ t 0 + t ∣ T > t 0 ) = P ( t 0 < T ≤ t 0 + t ) P ( T > t 0 ) = F ( t 0 + t ) − F ( t 0 ) S ( t 0 ) . {\displaystyle P(T\leq t_{0}+t\mid T>t_{0})={\frac {P(t_{0}t_{0})}}={\frac {F(t_{0}+t)-F(t_{0})}{S(t_{0})}}.}

A survival kit is something most hikers, hunters, and explorers will never break open. It will sit in the bottom of a backpack, potentially for years, encased in a waterproof vessel of some sort, lightweight and out of the way.

This wilderness survival guide wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging this; hands down, skills are much more important than gear when it comes to wilderness You can buy and collect all the best gear in the world, but what happens if you forget it? Or lose it? Or use it up? Then you’ll be relying on yourself – your skills. With that said, it is still good to learn about wilderness survival gear and put together a wilderness survival kit. Just don’t’ depend on it.

About Blog – Survivaltek is all about teachingthe ways and means to survive using everything from primitive to modern methods and technology. It hopes to illustrate creative ways to overcome the loss of conventional methods of living in which we have become accustom and dependent.

Not actually Erin.Picture by KJ Photography& is used with permission.Once again there’s been another massacre in another gun-free zone, and once again innocents are dead. As we all grieve for the lives lost as ask ourselves what can be done to preven…

About Blog – This sub reddit defines Wilderness Survival as the philosophies, knowledge, techniques, and actions applied in a Wilderness environment, in a short-term survival scenario, which serve to increase the likelihood of survival of the individual or group.

A running stream is your next best bet; the movement of the water reduces sediment. Be advised that drinking water from streams can lead to some sicknesses, but when you’re in a life-or-death situation, the risk of illness is a secondary consideration and anything you may get can be treated when you return.

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What emerges are life-altering and, in some cases, lifesaving epiphanies—existential prescriptions for living with integrity, courage, and authenticity in an increasingly chaotic, uncertain, and inauthentic age.

Slip this kit in your pocket, backpack, or life vest to prepare for any outdoor adventure. This kit includes sewing supplies, survival instructions, and assorted survival tools in a rugged and lightweight case.

And if you’re a survival, prepping, homesteading, alternative news, or outdoor blogger yourself, submit your site to our survival directory for a chance to have your new articles end up on our homepage.

This is a life saver in many situations where you’re caught in really cold weather and you’ve got no means of starting a fire. Simply stuff newspaper, dry grass, and leaves under your clothes and you’ll be retaining significant amounts of body heat when you need it the most. You can do this to almost all of your clothing, from head to toe.

Of course, when you’re planning out what you’re going to eat after a SHTF situation takes place, you should also be planning out how to cook that food as well. No good having canned goods if you haven’t thought of a way to get those cans opened without spilling their contents.

Hunting, fishing, and trapping are also significant endeavors, ones that take much time and practice. These are also skills that are often times unnecessary in a short term survival situation. However if you are in a wilderness survival situation for any length of time, you’ll want these skills. Throwing sticks, bow and arrow, primitive fishing, spear and primitive trapping are all important to learn.

These are absolutely excellent points about different ways of generating energy and how important storing the energy you have is! I actually think you put it wonderfully. You’re 110% correct, having all your eggs in one basket is never as good as having multiple forms of energy. Always great to have 2 or 3 backups, certainly. And storing generated energy is obviously equally as important as generating it.

How to survive a layoff YAKOBCHUK VIACHESLAV/ShutterstockThe best thing you can do with your time (besides look for a new job, of course): Play ball! According to a 
happiness study from the University of 
Alberta, participating in physical activity increases life satisfaction three times as much as being unemployed reduces it. Also try these other tips to […]

Carbon steel is a lightweight alloy that is bulletproof. You can easily procure this material as most saws are made from it. The pieces of carbon steel may require a high ‘exoskeleton’ for your jackets, clothes, and backpack.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said the United States is planning to deploy five cruisers and 30 destroyers near the Russian border.  Should the US make the mistake of attacking Russia, however small the attack may be, Putin will launch nuclear weapons.

I learnt that different people have different dreams, their purpose of life might be to achieve those dreams. This might make them happy. Others find happiness in helping others or loving others. I’d say that we can let ours have our own purpose. Whatever makes us happy is our purpose.

In addition, the kits may contain typical individual survival kit items, such as nylon tarps, extra clothes and coats, blankets, sleeping bags, matches or other fire starting equipment, a compass and maps, flashlights, toilet paper, soap, a pocket knife and bowie knife, a fishing kit, a portable camping stove, a power inverter, backpack, paper and pencil, a signaling mirror, whistle, cable saw, bleach, insect repellent, magnifying glass, rope and nylon cord, pulleys, and a pistol and ammunition.

Self-defense is a fundamental human right. I’m not willing to relinquish that right, no matter how many tragedies occur in this crazy world. No many how many wicked or insane persons use guns to do evil, I will assert my … Continue reading →

If you need the help of a compass but you don’t have one, you can use an analog watch to do that. Point the hour (short) hand at the sun and draw two imaginary lines between it and the 12 o’clock point. You will create an angle between the two lines. Draw an imaginary straight line bisecting the angle. The line point away from the sun is north, because the sun always goes to set in the west direction.

Knowing how to use snares and traps for survival trapping purposes can help you deal with one of the most challenging pursuits in a longer term survival situation: the ability to obtain protein. (read more)

Before you leave, learn how to use a compass. If you have a map and can spot a few prominent landscapes, you can actually use the compass to triangulate your position and, from there, figure out where you need to go.

I am a twice divorced middle-aged woman, a committed democrat, a sincere atheist, a successful product of public schools, and what you would likely call a coastal liberal elite. If you met me, you would probably ignore me, scoff under your breath, and label me as sheeple or a snowflake.

The Zombie Survival Guide, The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks, and World War Z have been confirmed to be produced as live-action films.[9][10] Brad Pitt, who stars in World War Z, also confirmed that the producing studio, Paramount, has also been given rights to The Zombie Survival Guide and The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks and are planning on adapting both of them as movies after World War Z is released.[11] World War Z was released in theatres on June 21, 2013,[12] The Zombie Survival Guide and The Zombie Survival Guide: Recorded Attacks currently have no release dates set.[13]

If you keep focusing the bright light onto some dry kindle, you will soon start a fire. The focal length of your improvised device is smaller than a magnifying glass so, you will have to hold this improvised device about 1-2 inches from the kindling.

This innovative mind blowing device has changed the way we manage our water needs once far away from that pesky thing called civilization. Sick of carrying gallons of water strapped to your back on a long hike through nature? Well, bust that spine no more with the Lifestraw! The tube is around 9 inches in length with a diameter of about an inch. The durable plastic exterior even comes with a little string attachment making it even easier to carry and keep on your belt. Through this straw’s mechanical dual filtration system, all you have to do is place the one end directly into nature’s water hole and start sucking. The hollow fibres inside promise to dispel bacteria, dirt and parasites so that only the cleanest of recycled water reaches your thirsty lips. This product promises you can enjoy an entire quart of water in just 8 short minutes and one single unit has the capacity to purify 1,000 liters of water before needing replacement. Time Magazine once named this device as the invention of the year. Find them for only 20 bucks!

One final thought to consider are the side effects. The toxicity and flavor of iodine can be a little problematic. The iodine tablets are generally not a good choice for pregnant women, anyone with thyroid issues, or shellfish allergies. Picky children are also notorious for failing to drink iodine-infused water, which could lead to dehydration and other serious repercussions in an already dicey emergency. The Katadyn product is chlorine-based, the flavor of which dissipates over the allotted 4-hour waiting period. That product is widely tolerated and tastes much better.

Rawles has seven books in print that are sold by mainstream booksellers: five novels and two nonfiction survival books. His second nonfiction book, titled Tools for Survival, was published in late 2014.[30]

I described this workshop to my friends as an all-inclusive no-holds-barred immersive business of photography (but applicable to any creative professional) tell-all expose, that also happens to be put on by the coolest photography team on the planet. And you’ll also leave the weekend with 17 rad new friends and a belly full of amazing food and (regardless of the city you are in) the best ice cream around.

Children should never go into the woods alone. When you do go, take extra food, water and a warm jacket. Take a map and a compass, as well as your phone. Put these into a small day pack, so that you have survival basics. The rest of the article should be as applicable to you as a kid as it is to anyone else.

• Dew: Dew collects on plants and grasses. Using a cloth or piece of clothing soak up the dew and then squeeze it into a container. This can be a very effective method of collecting a considerable amount of water. 

This free app has so much practical information that it goes beyond survival. It’s extremely useful for recreational camping and hiking also. It’s well written and very useful for the casual or hardcore outdoorsman. Hasn’t been updated in forever but it’s good enough as is.

Besides the great articles that Rourke puts out, he also has the best (I haven’t found one better yet) free survival resources page — everything from weapons and communications to medical and gardening. All free and all fantastic.

13. For NOAA alerts, use solar energy (or the hand crank) to power the Etón FRX5 Weather Alert radio. A USB port charges your tablet or phone, and an integrated flashlight doubles as an emergency beacon. $130 

Why do we call it the ‘Survival Guide’? We’ve heard too many artists say they aren’t business-minded, yet understanding that you are a business is necessary to thrive in this industry. To thrive, you need to know how to survive in unfamiliar territory. Let’s admit, ‘being an artist’ and ‘savvy business’ are not strong associations. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We want to unpack all that it takes to create a solid business foundation, so we have created this workshop to give you the tools to not just survive, but thrive. Come ready to rack John’s brain with all of your pressing questions. He’s been at this for 16 years, and has built something pretty great – he’s ready to pass that on. Here is a small taste of what to expect.

On a Documentary. A country was trying to use geothermal steam. But, as with most places, Electrical power is a use it or lose it just because of the way we design our electrical system. (We don’t have batteries in the loop)… Alas. How does a company store the heat. (Which is the basic component of the steam system).

Not actually Erin.Picture by KJ Photography& is used with permission.Once again there’s been another massacre in another gun-free zone, and once again innocents are dead. As we all grieve for the lives lost as ask ourselves what can be done to preven…

According to NASA, planet Earth is set for a terrifying close encounter with a “hazardous” monster asteroid the size of Buckingham Palace tomorrow. The size of this asteroid is still in question, but it won’t matter if it hits the Earth.

Today is the birthday of Momofuku Ando (born 1910), the Taiwanese-Japanese inventor of instant noodles and Cup-O-Noodles, born in Wu Baifu, Taiwan. (He died in 2007.) His inventions have saved counted thousands of American college students from starvation.

We are starting this weekend off with a private catered dinner and time to mingle. Enjoy a delicious meal, while getting to know fellow artists, and hear John talk about his journey as a commercial photographer. Throughout the weekend, John will also meet individually with every participant for a one-on-one portfolio review. These will begin the first night!

I didn’t see this invaluable item item on the list or in any comments thereafter so I’ll request a good ol’ 5ft x 7ft wool blanket. I’ve used mine to sit on around the camp fire and keep myself off the warmth sapping ground. Also great for keeping warm by the fire just wrapped up in. It won’t burn from sparks either which makes it invaluable for wrapping around your (probably lite weight and highly combustable) sleeping bag. Sheds moisture alright to keep any goose down bags from losing insulation. This is under the assumption that you are sleeping outdoors under nothing more than a tarp shelter until a proper basecamp and shelter can be established. Once a shelter is established (if you dont have / bring / or burned down your tent) the wool blanket also makes for a kickass door.

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​Water from many waterbodies may seem but it is filled with microscopic organisms that may cause severe infections. If you must wash the wound, make sure that you use clean water. If you can boil water, then use boiled water to clean the wounds. If you can’t use boiled water, you can use the water collected from tree transpiration. We have seen how to collect this water in the tip#10.

In early April 2009, shortly after its release, it was ranked number 6 in’s overall book sales rankings, but fell to number 33 a week later.[37] By the end of the month it had fallen to number 98.[38] The book’s initial popularity caught librarians unprepared because it was considered a niche title and had not been reviewed by the major book review publications. According to Library Journal, the topic struck a chord with a small but vociferous group of people concerned with survivalism who share a sense of societal anxiety associated with the economic recession. The journal went on to say that Patriots was reportedly originally conceived as a nonfiction guide. According to a number of reviewers, the novel will not win any literary prizes; its strength lies in its practical reassurances, focus on guns, and Christian ideology. Librarians then scrambled to purchase copies of the book to meet the unanticipated demand.[37]

Don’t worry. As long as you know what time it is, you can still tell where north is. Simply draw an analog representation of the time on the ground and draw the lines from there. Cellphones are particularly useful in telling the actual time regardless where you are because mobile tech nowadays uses GPS to be able to tell the time of the day regardless of location. Of course, it’s always advised that a survivalist have a watch with them at all times.

​Survival, is one of the most universal and basic human objectives. It’s the struggle to remain living: Self-preservation, an almost universal hallmark of life. And yet, never before in history has society been so unprepared for a major disaster or extended unrest. More frequent and devastating natural disasters, a very fragile financial system, violence on the rise, recurrent social unrest and clashes between authorities and civilians, the odds are that it won’t be long before one of these calamities test average person’s ability to stay safe and protect his or her family.  

I will be curious of your opinion about this… Do you believe that there is an increasingly two tiered economy / society? The “Haves” and the “Have Nots”? If yes, are you increasingly concerned as it relates to your security and preparedness? To what extent might this two tiered society …

Starting out the list we have The Survival Mom. Although she caters to the matriarch of the family, Lisa Bedford (aka “The Survival Mom”) has plenty of tips and advice that are great for women and men alike.

Like other portable water filters though it has it’s limits — a Lifestraw can’t filter salt (to filter salt water you’ll have to distil it) or heavy metals, chemicals or viruses. In a survival situation or urban disaster you’ll have to use your head. Avoid drinking from ground water sources in a populated area following severe flooding or a massive earthquake. This ground water can be contaminated with chemicals and sewage. You’ll want to move further out of the area to a water source that is less likely to be contaminated with chemicals and sewage before using your Lifestraw.

by Brian Ford The debate over the place of firearms in modern American society continues to rage, much as it has for decades. While many arguments focus on specific types of arms, some question … Continue Reading about The Positive Impacts of Law-Abiding Citizens Owning Firearms

I ordered this, was in a but one, get one free deal. I received 1, small plastic magnifier. I replied, no reply. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING!!!! They are a real scam on the nwtwork!!! They do not tell the truth at all! I have asked them for something, with no reply, they are…

Our number 6 goes out to Rourke’s Modern Survival Online, which aims to teach and inform the average person about how to prepare for difficult times ahead. With the understanding that not everyone has the funds to build and stock a “survival retreat”, Modern Survival Online’s hope is to help the every-day person become better prepared.

When it comes to items necessary for a prepper to include in his or her planning, lip balm isn’t typically one that comes to mind. Chapped lips are bad, but when you’re talking about surviving a major disaster, it’s an ailment most people could deal with.

If those questioning the media’s “official narrative” of the events of the Florida school shooting needed any more evidence that they are on the right track, they’ve just gotten it.  YouTube and Twitter are now scrubbing users who dare to question the student’s demanding gun control and the media’s account of the school shooting.

Photo by mr.smashyContingencies in the wilderness abound, so it is important to plan for as many as possible. A compass will help you find your way; even better is a handheld GPS device. Flashlights and glow sticks help you find your way in the dark, and a flare gun will assist others in finding you during an emergency. For setting up camp, Paracord or rope, a tarp, duct tape, and cable ties are indispensable. Also vital is a good multi-tool, folding shovel, and gloves. Include waterproof matches, lighter, and fire starting kit; redundancy is a good thing in this instance. In a small tin, pack fishhooks and line, razor blades, sewing needles and thread, safety pins, nails, a small magnet, and some cash.

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Satellite Messaging: Sending text messages via satellite phone has gotten affordable. DeLorme’s new inReach SE, a satellite-based GPS communicator, costs $300 and, for $50 a month, offers unlimited texting from almost anywhere on the planet.

A signal mirror is one of the furthest-reaching non-electronic signal methods. Properly aimed, a signal mirror is capable of shining a beam of daylight up to 10 miles away to create a flash of light that can catch the attention of distant aircraft, watercraft, vehicles, or someone on foot.

In any mode, to win the and minds of people, a propaganda operation must present the information in a method that inspires and persuades the consumer. As propaganda production grew leading up to World War II, the world witnessed an intensification of such manipulating schemes.

Today is the birthday of Momofuku Ando (born 1910), the Taiwanese-Japanese inventor of instant noodles and Cup-O-Noodles, born in Wu Baifu, Taiwan. (He died in 2007.) His inventions have saved counted thousands of American college students from starv…

Just what I expected, small for small hands, not intended for big jobs. Have not used them, and hope I never have to they are for BOBs. Skinning, and butchering jobs on small game and fish. Not intended to fell trees for a cabin, or split firewood, just for in camp use on small jobs, and my grandson thinks they are cool, that’s a good enough reason for me. John Kretzer

A good flashlight is a survival basic. But this isn’t just a flashlight. It’s actually a tool designed for your car, with an attached window breaker and seat-belt cutter in case things get out of hand. Accidents happen, and it’s the dude who’s prepared for it that doesn’t have to sit in an upside-down car for 14 hours, slowly bleeding to death, before someone finds him.

If you’ve been a regular reader here at Tactical Intelligence .NET then you’d know the importance I place on adding wilderness survival skills to your “survival portfolio”. Even if you live and exclusively roam around in a purely urban environment, the core principles you come to understand through practicing wilderness survival will translate and apply to an urban setting.

Redundancy in the wilderness is your friends: always have extra knives, compasses, water gathering tools, and fire starting tools. Remember, surviving is all about making sure you have secured basic necessities to cook, stay warm, and self-defend. 

Although it is promoted as a survival-gear review site, The Survival Cache has such a great number of articles on preparedness and survival that brings it to our number 9 spot within the top 10 blogs.

A bit of a luxury item in a survival scenario but drinking water out of your hands is not convenient. Plus, if you happen to have coffee, soup, or freeze-dried meals you’ll need a bowl or cup to eat these meals.

My ultimate goal of life is not about finding any particular thing to be busy about, because that changes throughout whole life, but rather learning about myself. Try to uncover something that is already inside you, layer by layer.

Survival Power: Your fitness level to climb and descend and your ability to recognize and tie good anchor points relies solely on practice — without prior knowledge or practice, using a belay device to rappel is dangerous.

If you are planning to go on hunting, trekking or a camping expedition, make sure that your shoes are suited for the terrain. Shoes are one of the most important pieces of equipment that you will carry in these expeditions.

All of this has been achieved by an informal movement with no meetings, no written platform, and no formal leadership. It is just an osmotic gathering of like-minded people who are fed up and voting with their feet. It is just that simple.

Rawles has seven books in print that are sold by mainstream booksellers: five novels and two nonfiction survival books. His second nonfiction book, titled Tools for Survival, was published in late 2014.[30]

If it is known only that the date of death is after some date, this is called right censoring. Right censoring will occur for those subjects whose birth date is known but who are still alive when they are lost to follow-up or when the study ends.

BBB contacted this company on January 22, 2015 regarding certain statements on its website, Specifically states website advertises several products for “FREE” and includes statements such as, “Get This $15 Everstryke Match FREE! as part of a HUGE Survival Life National Promotion,” or “100% Absolutely FREE,” as well as other similar statements. However, consumers have contacted BBB alleging that ordering free products resulte… Read More

His novels tend to be heavy on acronyms and technical jargon,[31] while his non-fiction books concentrate on practical skills and tools. In the Acknowledgments note to his book Tools For Survival, Rawles credits David Brin, Algis Budrys, Tom Clancy, Bruce D. Clayton, Colonel Jeff Cooper, Frederick Forsyth, Pat Frank, Gordon Dickson, Friedrich Hayek, Henry Hazlitt, Ernest Hemingway, Dean Ing, Elmer Keith, Herbert W. McBride, Ludwig von Mises, Dr. Gary North, Arthur W. Pink, John Piper, Jerry Pournelle, Ayn Rand, Lew Rockwell, Murray Rothbard, George R. Stewart and Mel Tappan as influential to his writing.[32] In his blog, Rawles also cites Robert A. Heinlein as an influence, and often quotes him.[33]

When it comes to survival tips and techniques, the more you know, the better. While you can’t possibly prepare for every single thing that is out there, you can try your best to be as aware of many of them as you can. Sometimes these bits and pieces of knowledge can seem quite like useless trivia at times, but don’t be fooled. The knowledge is there not to be useful ALL the time, but rather to be there when you need it the most. That is why we put together a massive list of 50 Survival Tips and Tricks for the outdoors.

Black Rock City will be better (and you’ll have more fun) if you 1. Find a way to contribute. 2. Come prepared! 3. Be kind to yourself and others. 4. And, most importantly, Leave No Trace. The future of the event depends on this, and on you. Do your part!

Please, please please contact your State and Federal legislators, frequently. Don’t give up on this legislative fight, or our rights will get trampled.  Tell your representatives that they MUST oppose any new gun laws.  And remember:  the phrase “universal background checks” is just statist code for a “ban on private party sales.” This sort of unconstitutional law would destroy the privacy of our gun purchases, paving the way for nationwide registration. Don’t fall for it!

Those who get offended by you promoting something even though you’re giving them a ton of value upfront and for ‘free’ (it’s not really ‘free’ to create content, takes up a lot of time, effort and sometimes money) are probably not the sort of people you want as your audience anyway.

There are people in this world, such as monks and missionaries, who may not appear greedy and lack the desire to control other people or things. It is only because these people believe in an afterlife. They sacrifice the present life for the sake of the future life in heaven. What is heaven? In my view, it is the place with indefinite control. Therefore, these people still want control in the end. They want to control their life to come because they believe in it. People that have more control over other people are called politicians. People that have more control over things are called capitalists and people that have more control over knowledge are called scientists. All these people are the forerunners at the intellectual marathon race.

In an area of canyons and cliffs, if there are hostile forces or dangerous wildlife on the ground (bears, wolves, mountain lions, etc.), you may find that setting up shelter on a cliff 50 – 100 feet off the ground is a great way to survive and sleep safely at night and out of danger.

After a rainfall, you can bet that moss, leaves, and all sorts of plants around you are wet. Collecting bundles of them and wringing them over a container can net you as much as a litre of water. Make sure you check out the tall grass as well. This is good for collecting fresh water because rainwater is guaranteed to be clean. This is also one of the easiest ways to collect water without having to purify it. Alternatively, you can also rub your clothes against the grass and wring out the moisture that gets stuck unto them.

Even the most Be prepared if you’re forced to spend the unexpected night out. This lightweight bivvy weighs only 3.8 oz., so its conspicuous size and weight won’t weigh you down. Tear-resistant Heatsheets® material reflects up to 90% of your body temperature for efficient warmth. Bivvy is reusable.
 Opened dimensions: 84L x 36W. 
Weight: 3.8 oz.

We know there is a TON of crap out there about survival and prepping. We can’t help it to be surprised by the astonishing amount of B.S. crappy info, put out there by self proclaimed, so called “experts” that either push you to buy their gear and tools or send you in a wild goose-chase with no real world practical application. Think about it, chances are that most of the REAL expert suck at marketing and don’t really know how to get their actual good info out into the world.

If you’re in a cold climate and are doing your best to prepare for power outages that may happen in the winter, take a read through our guide to staying warm indoors during a power outage when it’s freezing cold outside.

Relying on one signal mirror isn’t a good idea because the sun always travels south. This means that a single mirror will not allow you to catch the attention of rescuers flying from the north. The second signal mirror will be essential to reflect the light you get from the south to reflect it into the northern direction. Simply hold one of the mirrors facing south and another facing north, making sure that the light bounces off both.

Take a piece of clothing that you can wrap around your head and soak it in your urine. Wrap this damp cloth around your head to stay cool. It may sound a bit gross, but trust me, it will be much comfortable with the pee-rag on your head!