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blvdone/ShutterstockWhen a huge crowd hits a tight choke point, a scary thing happens: The crowd starts moving like a fluid, each person forced forward by the people behind, regardless of whether there’s anywhere to move. This occurred last September when a group of more than a million pilgrims reached a narrow street intersection in Mecca. Trapped between the 
force of people behind them and 
the wall of people in front of them, some 2,200 died from compressive asphyxiation, the air literally crushed from their lungs. It’s a terrible fate but one you can avoid. Here’s how.

Secure your home. You will need a roofing contractor or repairman to fix the roof and any other structural damage. The first priority will be to make it waterproof so that there is no additional damage to your property and possessions. A tree trimmer will be needed to cut up and remove the tree. If you are unable to live in the house immediately, ensure it is not a looting target. Secure doors and windows and put valuables in storage.

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The rule is to stay high and dry. Staying dry means you stay away from bodies of water, as convenient as it may seem. This is because water attracts both insects and animals; the presence of either near your camp could cause complications. Higher ground also means a better view of your surroundings while making it easy for rescuers to spot you. You can also work on picking a place that makes your camp easy to spot from the sky.

Shelter is often your most critical survival priority in the wild, so make sure you always have a way to get out of the elements. The SOL Emergency Bivvy is a sleeping bag-style of sack made from tear-resistant polyethylene with a high visibility orange color to assist your rescue, if needed. This bivvy reflects back 90 percent of your body heat to keep you warm in extreme cold. The bivvy will even help you stay dry in the rain with sealed seam edges. It even comes with a handy stuff sack for compact storage. All this, and it’s only 3.8-ounces. You’d be crazy not to take this with you.

John’s workshop answered a lot of my questions -and questions I didn’t know I had, about the business side of commercial photography. He runs you through a job from start to finish. He starts with how to market yourself to the work you want, bidding for the job, running all the way to how to thank your client at the end of a great shoot. He shows you how to be the best photographer and business manager you can be. This isn’t to mention all of the real world insights he slips in. The information is worth it all by itself, but the relationships you’ll build and the fun you have will simply put the whole experience over the top!

Most ultralight emergency shelters allow condensation to build up inside as you get warm, leaving your clothes soaking wet. With the Escape Bivvy, condensation is no longer an issue. The proprietary fabric lets moisture escape as it keeps rain, snow and wind out, while reflecting your body heat back to you. Imported. Opened dimensions: 84L x 36W. 
Weight: 8.5 oz.

Well, folks, after over a year of consistently declining interest in prepping and thus falling traffic numbers to this and all other prepper sites I’m beginning to see an uptick once again. And that’s … Continue Reading about What did you do to prep this week?

No one wants to think about getting sick or hurt during a trip, but sometimes these things happen. You may not be able to prevent every illness or injury, but you can plan ahead to be able to deal with them.

I believe that human society is like a race. People are born athletes participating in a race, not physical but intellectual. Human life is just like a marathon race. Physical marathon race has a finishing line whereas intellectual marathon race will never end. Instead, human life has a direction or goal, and the goal is called “control…”. In this world, anything other than human is a thing (including animals). The ultimate desire for human is to exercise the greatest possible control over the other human and things around him. Control on human is “power”, and control on things is “wealth”. Power is measured by positions and ranks whereas wealth is measured by money terms. With the control on human comes indirectly some control on things, such as politicians using their power to gain materialistic benefits. Likewise, with the control over things comes indirectly some control over human, such as rich people hiring other people to work for and serve them. Politicians also have direct control over things, such as government-owned enterprises and assets. Nevertheless, this kind of control is not absolute and politicians cannot blatantly take the things under control as their own assets. On the contrary, the assets of a capitalist are entirely privately owned and the capitalist has absolute control over them.

Rawles is an outspoken proponent of family preparedness, especially regarding food storage[64] and advocates relocating to lightly populated rural retreat areas. His preparedness philosophy emphasizes the fragility of modern society, the value of silver and other tangibles for barter, recognition of moral absolutes, being well-armed, maintaining a deep larder, relocation to rural retreats, and Christian charity.[65] In an interview in The New York Times, Rawles identified himself as a guns and groceries survivalist.[66]

​Glow sticks come in all shape, form, and colors. The ones you want are not those party things that you can wear like a necklace. You want to buy the ones that have a high light output. These glow sticks can last for years in your kit. However, it is advisable that you change them before they reach their expiration date.

Redundancy in the wilderness is your friends: always have extra knives, compasses, water gathering tools, and fire starting tools. Remember, surviving is all about making sure you have secured basic necessities to cook, stay warm, and self-defend. 

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For beginners interested in using the outdoors there is unlimited information available from many sources, and advances in the development of outdoor clothing, equipment, emergency food and techniques have been growing rapidly in recent years.

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You never know what’s inside a stream or river. It has all sorts of stuff that you probably don’t want in your system. Grab a sock and fill them with charcoal. Follow it up with a layer of sand and then finally a layer of grass. The grass will catch the large particles in the water while the sand will filter out the fine granules. The charcoal will purify the water of any harmful chemicals.

Africa Studio/ShutterstockGrab an ice cube. If you rub an ice cube on the spot between your thumb and index finger, it sends cold signals to your brain, which in turn can tamp down the pain signals coming from your tooth. In one study, people who did this reduced their pain levels by 50 percent compared to people who rubbed the spot with no ice. You can also try one of these toothache remedies.

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Survival Power: Portable water filters do not remove chemicals and so none are a complete solution to water. Outside of a city following a collapse local water sources may be contaminated with any number of chemicals as industrial run-off leeches into ground water, making this water unsafe to drink, even with a water filter. In a wilderness setting though, a Lifestraw should do just fine for you, and be a real life saver.

That pepper spray will only cover you for the first day or two, and it won’t help you from further than 10′ away. What if your attacker(s) are armed? They’ve probably got better range than your pepper spray (even if it’s in a super soaker), and you better believe once the starving starts, you need good old fashioned lead ventilation (or the viable threat of it) to hold off the hungry. A 22 is a start but it won’t end threats quickly unless you’re Chris Kyle’s second coming.

I also make and use colloidal silver but it needs to be kept from freezing or overheating and out of direct sunlight. This is what we used to buy before I started making it myself: Nano Silver Asap Health Max 30 Nano Silver Colloidal Silver 30ppm 16oz Bottle. Finest Nanosilver Available!

A center draft oil lamp, or a regular oil lamp, or an old fashioned kerosene lantern are good things to have as well. They can double as small heaters in the right areas. With the center draft lamp you can use two types of fuel, either kerosene or low odor mineral spirits, but they can be a bit pricey and they are on the fragile side of the spectrum. If you get a center draft lamp, always remember: as with modern Coleman lanterns, Never store a lantern or center draft lamp with fuel in it, after awhile they gum up inside and can ruin the lamp.

As I wrap up this wilderness survival guide, consider this. While I began my journey learning wilderness survival out of a deep, and what I now understand as an archetypal, need to be in direct relationship with my most basic needs as a human being, the learning journey itself brought many more gifts. It actually changed the way I perceived the world, bringing me to a newfound level of health and vitality, and ultimately bringing me into full connection with my passion, my power, and my purpose in life.

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The dust has settled and the First 72 Hours have passed. Follow along as I build a long term plan via Prudent Prepping. I’m always looking for things to add to my first aid kits, as long as the items are small and useful in many different ways. I fo…

Wrap the longer piece firmly around your finger, starting next to the ring and continuing toward the end of the finger until it’s wrapped well past the joint you’re trying to get the ring past. The goal is to compress the swelling and push some of it toward the skinnier part of your finger.

Formerly known as the SOL™ 3, it includes survival items, medical supplies, gear repair tools, Heatsheets® Survival Blanket, mini-Rescue Flash™ mirror, mini-Rescue Howler™ whistle, AMK mini-LED headlamp, Tinder-Quick waterproof tinder and AMK fire striker flint. Weight: 1 lb. 4.6 oz. Dimensions: 7L x 6W x 2.5D.

Note that the R package randomSurvivalForest has been replaced by the package randomForestSRC, Random Forests for Survival, Regression and Classification. See the randomForestSRC package for documentation on running the example.

In survival and SHTF situations, you’ll want to make sure to defend yourself and your family against both other people and animals. There are a variety of ways which you can do this, although of course some work better than others. Certainly look into attaining a firearm if this is legally permissible in your locality, and if you ever consider you may like to have it as a backup option. If you are interested in firearms, make sure to learn about them and train with them prior to an emergency situation. You can’t expect to be good with a firearm your first time shooting.

A torch is an excellent way to illuminate your path in the dark. You can also use it as a weapon to ward off attacks from wild animals. To make a torch, find a branch of a tree and split it in half. Stick a piece of bark in the fork and light the split end, that’s all! Birch tree branches make great torches.

One can also make more complex inferences from the survival distribution. In mechanical reliability problems, one can bring cost (or, more generally, utility) into consideration, and thus solve problems concerning repair or replacement. This leads to the study of renewal theory and reliability theory of ageing and longevity.

This means going for waterproof versions of equipment (i.e. watches and compasses) and getting equipment that will keep your other stuff protected from water. Always use containers that have waterproof seals and never mix anything damp with all your other drop stuff. This is especially important for food containers, because moisture can only hasten spoilage. Water may be essential for hydration, but for everything else, staying as dry as possible is a must for survival.

And yep, it too can be used for hunting small game. To make one all you need is two equal size width & length pieces of wood with a notch cut out in the center so you can criss-cross and tie them securely together. Then all ya gotta do is sharpen the ends to a point and you got yourself a nice throwing weapon. Check it out!

About Blog – Preparing For SHTF is a prepping, emergency preparedness and survival blog that touches on homesteading, bushcraft and other various skills needed to survive an impending disaster. Knowledge is the key to surviving when the SHTF! Knowledge is the key to survival when shtf!

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Natuurlijk is afhankelijkheid een ruim begrip als het aankomt op voedsel. Men kan voor de voeding afhankelijk zijn van andere mensen, dieren of zelfs plantaardig leven. De kinderen zullen er geen bezwaar tegen hebben van mensen afhankelijk te zijn, de volwassenen zullen het niet bezwaarlijk vinden afhankelijk te zijn van dieren terwijl de zelfgerealiseerden er geen bezwaar tegen zullen hebben van planten afhankelijk te zijn. Net zoals een kind moet rijpen om niet afhankelijk te zijn van mensen, moeten volwassenen leren zich niet afhankelijk van het dierlijke op te stellen. In feite handelt het overgrote deel van de religie over de afhankelijkheid van dieren: het is een voortdurende prediking terwille van de menselijke waarden die vergeten worden voor het dierlijke gaand. De zuivere vegetariër mag dan gerijpt zijn en niet besmet zijn met dierlijke motieven, maar moet nog steeds oefenen om van zijn plaats te komen en niet gehecht te raken aan de vrede en inertie van de plantaardige natuur. Het kan een mystiek zijn je spiritueel te verenigen met het bewustzijn van planten. Het is zeker een vorm van spirituele therapie voor rusteloos jagende en verzamelende vleeseters. Maar eenmaal dat groene anker gevonden hebbend moet het aktief worden herinnerd dat men de verleiding van de inertie moet weerstaan. Naar behoren volwaardig gevoed is de vegetariër niet zwakker dan de vleeseter en zal mogelijk zelfs langer leven zijn energie niet verspillend aan niet-noodzakelijke destructieve levensgewoonten. Daar afhankelijk zijn van het kunstmatige en chemische het menselijk wezen te snel kan maken, niet geïntegreerd met de grotere natuur, kan de afhankelijkheid van planten te langzaam maken overmatig geïntegreerd met het plantaardige motief. Men is wat men eet, zegt men. Noch kunstmatig, noch inert zijn behoort tot de definitie van een evenwichtige geestelijk en lichamelijk gezonde persoon. Met het definiëren van het ongeluk en zijn schaduw van ziekte in de kunstmatige, dierlijke en passieve modus, bestaat het geheim van naar behoren eten eruit je te heugen dat geluk betekent dat je echt, menselijk en aktief bent. 
En er liggen nog twee vrouwen die misschien nog een curettage nodig zullen hebben wanneer ze blijven vloeien. Maar de steriliteit is niet maximaal hier en dan is het het mooiste wanneer de vrouw op de natuurlijke manier het proces van een miskraam doorloopt.
Bij het vallen van de avond was de muurschildering af. Net zoals het monster was de hemel een explosie van kleuren. De ondergaande zon bloedde in onheil­spellende tinten langs de randen van een onweerswolk. Een sterke wind was komen opzetten. Zohra en Lieven keken beiden naar de lucht. ‘Gelukkig is de verf al droog,’ zei ze. De kristallen waren bijna uitgewerkt. Ze wist dat de klop elk moment kon Dan zou ze zich slap en ziek voelen, maar ze had tenminste een rustige plaats om te slapen.
In het systeem van de verwantschapsfamilies met hun eigen kampement of nederzetting (eerst semi-sedentair, later min of meer permanent sedentair, maar dan naderen we de uitvinding van landbouw en veeteelt en daar willen we nog even mee wachten) woonden de mogelijke partners op een bepaalde zij het relatief korte afstand van elkaar: waarschijnlijk is de ‘psychische’ afstand hierbij belangrijker geweest dan de fysische. Hierdoor deed zich nog een ander eigenaardig verschijnsel voor. Waar voorheen de tijdsafstand tussen seksueel verlangen en de daad relatief kort was, ontstaat nu een ruim tijdsinterval tussen seksueel verlangen en de mogelijkheid tot seksuele vereniging. Kortom, er vormde zich een ruimte voor seksuele fantasieën: het visuele element in de seksuele opwinding kwam op de voorgrond. Anderzijds werden vermoedelijk ook seksuele zelfbevrediging of uitgediepte homoseksuele contacten (binnen de jagersgroep) en lesbische contacten (binnen de verwantschapsfamilie) belangrijker. Daar de vorming van een paar nu betekende dat één der partners van woonst verhuisde, is het aannemelijk dat de paring vooraf gegaan werd door een (uiteraard ‘religieus’ ingekleed) stamritueel: de echtelijke verbintenis, die bovendien een wettig karakter had (voor de introductie van de Wet in het stamleven, zie sub). Met de echt treedt vermoedelijk ook voor het eerst werkelijke paarvorming op: koppels die effectief samenleefden en samen hun nachten doorbrachten. Voorheen sliep iedereen vermoedelijk nogal ordeloos door elkaar, in het nomadisch stadium onder de blote hemel, met de eerste kampementen al snel beschut door windschermen die op de duur complexer werden en een dak kregen dat ook beschermde tegen regenval: de eerste hutten waren gebouwd. In die hutten sliepen oorspronkelijk geen paren maar ganse families: met de sociale differentiatie binnen de stam zowel naar afkomst als naar functie werden ook de woonplaatsen opgebroken in kleinere eenheden, zoals we b.v. bij de Noord-Amerikaanse Indianen konden zien. Wijzelf hebben in 1995 in Kenia, in de buurt van Mombasa, nog een kleine stam bezocht die omwille van het toerisme volkomen ‘traditioneel gebleven was’: mannen en vrouwen hadden er elk één gezamenlijke slaapplaats, een hut die de grootte had van een schuurtje. Oorspronkelijk diende de woonplaats, de hut ook alleen als slaapgelegenheid en schuilplaats voor slecht weer.
Die menselijke muur tussen sukkelaars allerhande en de modieus geklede upper middle class wordt door politie en justitie gevormd. Er is het jongste decennium sterk geïnvesteerd in ons politiewezen. Er werd voorheen inderdaad nogal wat afgelachen met de slogan “De Rijkswacht, Uw Vriend!” De uitbreiding en modernisering van de politie werd op basis van het Pinksterplan van 5 juni 1990 ingezet met de demilitarisering van de Rijkswacht. Op 23 mei 1998 keurde het Belgische federale parlement dan het Octopusakkoord goed dat de bestaande politiediensten grondig hervormde. Dit akkoord werd vertaald in de wet van 7 december 1998 tot organisatie van een geïntegreerde politiedienst. De klassieke politiediensten op dat ogenblik, zijnde de rijkswacht, de gemeentepolitie en de gerechtelijke politie bij de parketten, werden vervangen door een volledig nieuwe politiestructuur volgens twee niveaus, het federale niveau en het lokale niveau. Op 1 januari 2001 trad de zaak organisatorisch in voege. De affaire-Dutroux versnelde in 1996 alleen maar die ontwikkeling naar een nieuwe conceptie van de politiediensten omdat ze liet zien dat de demilitarisering van de Rijkswacht niet voldoende was om een operationele efficiëntie op het terrein te waarborgen: de samenwerking tussen de verschillende politiediensten liep volledig mank.
De noordelijke Maansknoop stond tussen 11 november 2010 en 27 november 2010 in een exacte samenstand met Pluto en speelt ook een hoofdrol in de jaarhoroscoop voor 2011. Deze samenstand is als een vortex waarin wij ons bewegen naar het stille oog van de storm. Zowel in onze persoonlijke als collectieve processen. Ben je aan de rand, dan zijn er veel verstoringen en machtsconflicten, ben je in het centrum dan is er stilte en het grote NIETS, het ZIJN. Deze samenstand werkt in de jaarhoroscoop voor 2011 stevig door en Pluto dwingt ons in contact te gaan met wat concreet IS. *1 Er is geen ontkomen meer aan, we moeten zien hoe het werkelijk is en door de illusie heenprikken, om vervolgens tot acceptatie te komen, wat ons weer aanzet tot andere acties.
Er zijn ook bands die hun bandjes afspelen tijden hun zogenaamde optreden, dat vind ik persoonlijk heel erg, als je niet echt goed kan spelen bedonder je de zaak en laat iedereen in de waan van jouw kwaliteit.
‘Vervalsingen,’ snoefde de Meester toen hij er een blik op wierp. ‘Gefotoshopt, iedere idioot kan het. U kunt me niets maken. Het enige dat u wilt, is mij zwart maken. U zou beter excuses aanbieden voor de manier waarop u mij hiermee krenkt.’
‘Het geeft niet. Ik heb eigenlijk liever dat mensen er wel naar vragen dan dat ze op hun tenen om me heen gaan lopen. De buren staren me toch al aan alsof ik ze allebei eigenhandig vermoord heb of zo.’ Dat was het nadeel van wonen in deze flat: er was niet heel veel contact tussen de buren onderling dus niemand wist precies van elkaar wat er in hun levens speelde. Daarnaast waren haar buren aan beide zijden van het type gluren-achter-de-vitrage, iets waar ze niet bepaald op zat te wachten. Weer een reden om dit huis zo snel mogelijk van de hand te doen.
Over drie weken hoop ik weer terug te vliegen. Dat is voor mij nu wel zo ongeveer zeker na 5½  maand hier als “vrijwilliger”. Ik ben nu erkend als specialist huisartsgeneeskunde. In Ghana betekent dat ook dat je de verloskunde en de kindergeneeskunde goed beheerst en daar ook onderwijs in kan geven aan medisch studenten en artsen die hun verplichte twee jaar werken onder toezicht doen.
Heinrich pakte haar van achter vast en hield haar in een houdgreep. ‘Het kan niet. Je kunt haar niet redden. Ze is gegrepen door de engelen. Kijk dan, haar kleur. Geloof me, wat je ziet is valse hoop.’
Op persoonlijk niveau maakt Saturnus in Weegschaal ons bewust van onze verbindingen zoals; de relatie met jezelf, Hoger Zelf, levenspartner, kinderen, vrienden, familie, buren, dieren, planten, je huis, auto, andere materie en alles waar je een verbinding mee aan kan gaan. Ongezonde verbindingen vragen nu aandacht en moeten onder de loep genomen worden. Dit kan leiden tot macht en onmacht en strijd,*12 maar kan ook inspirerend werken en communicatie op gang brengen.*13 De verleiding om relaties te verbreken en ‘het kind met het badwater weg te gooien’ is groot, maar eigenlijk wil Saturnus in Weegschaal ons alleen maar inspireren om verantwoordelijkheid te nemen voor onze verbindingen waardoor we andere keuzes zullen gaan maken. Keuzes voor voedende en meer volwassen verbindingen. Saturnus in Weegschaal kan ons ook inspireren om samenwerkingsverbanden aan te gaan.
Ooit had ook háár volk vertegenwoordigers gehad in dat monster. Maar het idee achter de Zuivering was zo krachtig gebleken dat het zelfs binnen de Vijf tot scheuring had geleid. Jammer voor het welzijn, de rechten en de privileges van de Oba toen Vijf werd gereduceerd tot Vier. Spijtig voor de Gehina toen Vier werd gereduceerd tot Drie. Heláás voor alle rijk­dom­men en verworvenheden van de Lleroh nu Drie riching Twee begon te schuiven. Maar wie zouden uiteindelijk de overwinnaars zijn? De Kiteh? De Timbesh?
Houdt u van kamperen, klimmen, wandelen of andere activiteiten in de buitenlucht? Welnu, met de zomer aan de horizon op het noordelijk halfrond is het nu tijd om klaar te zijn om van de natuur te genieten. Ben je echter voorbereid als er iets misgaat? Buitenveiligheidsexperts raden aan dat je tot 72 uur kunt overleven in geval van nood, zoals ernstig letsel, slecht weer of verdwaald raken. Het bedrijf Wisdom Survival Kits werd in 2012 opgericht door “de visie om mensen te helpen zich voor te bereiden op het ergste, zodat ze hun best kunnen doen”. Het is een klein winkelbedrijf dat zich richt op de behoeften van het milieu in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Wees voorbereid Wisdom Survival is ontworpen om mensen te helpen bij het voorbereiden van een noodpakket, te beginnen met de belangrijkste dingen, zoals voedsel, water en een op batterijen werkende of opwindende zaklamp, en organiseer het zodat het gemakkelijk te vinden is. Een breed scala aan overlevingspakketten is beschikbaar op de web-site van de winkel. U kunt een reeks eerstehulpkits, speciale noodkits voor voertuigen, boeken, overlevingshulpmiddelen, tandwielen en gadgets vinden om veilig te reizen. Je kunt zelfs je eigen overlevingspakket samenstellen en aanpassen met items zoals water en voedsel, mes, lucifers, persoonlijke hygiëne, slaapzak of tent en andere dingen waarvan je denkt dat die nuttig zouden zijn in geval van een onverwacht scenario of die de merkkits met wijsheid aanpassen. . “Wij zijn een geautoriseerde dealer voor zowel Berkey als Katadyn; we dragen de volledige lijnen van deze merken, zelfs als ze nog niet in de lijst staan, aarzel niet om ons een e-mail te sturen en we zullen een artikel voor uw aankoop vermelden. ”
Volgens de minister zouden kwaadwillenden hier hun gedrag op kunnen aanpassen. Verder stelt Plasterk dat er na het openbaren van de tapstatistieken geen principiële bezwaren meer zouden kunnen zijn tegen het openbaren van statistieken over andere bijzondere bevoegdheden, zoals hacken, volgacties en brieven openen.
De belangrijkste verbinding is de verbinding met jezelf en met je eigen innerlijk en Hoger Zelf (Ziel, Godsvonk, Geest). Vooral deze verbinding zal aandacht vragen en ons laten zien hoe conditioneringen uit onze jeugd die we hebben aangenomen van onze omgeving de verbinding met je eigen kern verstoren. De autoriteit is bij velen buiten onszelf komen te liggen. Saturnus in Weegschaal wil ons deze relatie helder maken zodat we de conditioneringen kunnen loslaten en de verbinding met onze Wezenskern kunnen herstellen. In mei, juni en juli staat Saturnus in het Priapus kanaal in Weegschaal en wordt de werking van Saturnus versterkt. Het nemen van verantwoordelijkheid voor je eigen vormkracht in relaties wordt dan krachtig aangesproken. Dit kan betekenen dat er meer autoritair gedrag is maar ook kan begrenzing in verbindingen zich duidelijker aftekenen. Voedende samenwerkingen en verbindingen kunnen in deze bijzondere periode tot stand komen en vrucht dragen.
Er sprongen tranen in haar ogen. Toch glimlachte ze, een glimlach die met 87 procent waarschijnlijkheid echt was. Ze spreidde haar armen en legde haar hoofd in haar nek. ‘Ik ben heel trots op je.’ Ze sloot haar ogen. Er rolde een traan op haar wang.
Je leest soms dingen die je dwingen een klein halfuurtje stil te staan bij één en ander. Zo bijvoorbeeld: “De meeste Oude Romeinen waren van oordeel dat de gewoonte onder verwanten om elkaar te kussen alleen maar in zwang gekomen was om vrouwen erop te onderzoeken of ze geen wijn gedronken hadden. Een kus betekende zoiets als: ‘Ruikt ze naar wijn?’. De kus was dus een soort politionele controle. Bij de Oude Romeinen zou immers hebben gegolden dat vrouwen voor twee misdaden ter dood konden worden veroordeeld: echtbreuk en wijn drinken.”
Ik sloot mijn ogen. ‘En wat als ik niet ga? Heb je daar­over nagedacht?’ Ik ging rechtop zitten en wees naar ons huis, tuin, zwembad, de garages. ‘Dit opgeven? Of kunnen jij en ik iets op aarde vinden wat zo goed betaalt?’ Ik zuchtte diep. ‘Jij hebt niet eens werk.’
Er was inmiddels een programma. Onze bijdrage om iets over ziektes te vertellen, tja, daar leken ze niet echt op te zitten wachten, de vier ziektes konden ook wel samen in 15 minuten. Wanneer? Dat was nog niet bekend, ergens tussen twaalf en drie.

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Save Space – Why bring 3 items when you can use 1 do do the same jobs? Consolidating items to save space will free up room in your Bug Out Bag to carry other useful survival tools or more food and water.
In July 2013, I purchased the wide Survival Bracelet with the stainless screw pin closure for my boyfriend’s birthday. Brandon is a firefighter with the Citizens Fire Department in Lock Haven, PA. Brandon is a former Fire Chief of the Bald Eagle Fire Company. He is currently a volunteer fireman at Citizens on his spare time and a part time driver with the department when needed. Brandon and I started dating 7 months ago, and I was and still am very clueless about the world of “firefighting.” When Brandon moved from Bald Eagle to Lock Haven with my children and me, he was very hesitant to join another company because he knew how demanding the firehouse is and how dangerous it can be. Knowing his passion and love for it, I gave him my full support to go and do what he loves and was born to do. Two months into being with the Citizens he has excelled from a volunteer firefighter to a paid driver as well as being a full time dispatcher with 911 and a part time dispatcher with Penn State University. He saves many lives day in and day out, and I’m forever thankful for the survival strap to have saved his life.
Not only could this prove key for your cooking and drinking needs, it could also prove an essential part of any first aid kit, heating water to sterilise for use in treating injuries. It’s not as expensive as you might think either… A genius survival gadget that could make your day or save your thoughts and opinions expressed here are those of the seller(s) alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of Click Sales, Inc., its parents, subsidiaries or affiliates. The products, information, and other content provided by this seller are provided for informational purposes only. In the event of any problem with products that customers purchase through this seller, customers agree that their sole remedy is from the seller, if any, in accordance with any seller warranties and/or seller refund policy.
There are many multi purpose survival tools that can be utilized to save space and weight in your Bug Out Bag. Carefully consider the pluses and minuses of each when building your Bug Out Plan and Bug Out Bag Contents List in order to build the best survival kit for YOUR survival scenario.
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Thin and light, they are worth their weight in gold and have a plethora of uses. Use them to catch rain, cut three holes to improvise a rain poncho, or windproof your shelter. Bring several of them. Trash compactor bags are the sturdiest.
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NAX’s Dynamic Qualities: The NAX Digger Crovel combines the 5 dynamic qualities of a kukri knife, machete, prybar, digger and hatchet in one single solid piece of precision forged steel and Made in the USA. NAX’s Design and Nax Develpment: The Nax Digger Crovel practical/tactical design came from suggestions from Special Forces Soldiers, Expert…
FireLaces are one of those pieces of gear you can wear every day. These are shoelaces with mini Ferro rods at the ends. Just loop the striker into the laces, and you’re shoes become a survival tool in their own right.
Hi, Well another week has gone by and I still did not receive my purchase. I think it has been lost during Christmas extra buzy time for the carriers. I really want and need the BATTERY FOR LIFE ITEM that I already paid for. Now we must make some kind of a deal, What would it cost me for you to ship me another one ? And if the first one ever comes in I will keep both and let you know whatever happens.This situation has to end . A refund is out of the question I want the product and if I end up with
Walmart carries cr123 batteries. They are expensive, but yes the shelf life is long and they do come in rechargeable options, however, my particular local walmart doesn’t carry the rechargeable ones. As Aspee says, personally I prefer rechargeable batteries in other types coupled with a solar charger.
Yes yes! Thank you so much, I knew I forgot plenty :). I will not be updating this list for some time but when I do I will be adding these thanks to your suggestion! Can’t believe I forgot them completely!
They obviously sell things they don’t even have in stock, or maybe that how they buy their stock; you buy from them and then they order from someone else? That would explain a lot of this crap, but someone needs to be held accountable for this. It shouldn’t be a hit or miss on getting an item you have already paid for in a reasonable amount of time. Three weeks should be the latest you get anything through the mail, and that’s if it is shipped from China, not 3 states over. It’s a 12-hour drive from my home in Alabama to Austin, Texas. I know for a fact because I used to make that drive when I was stationed at Fort Hood, Texas and had to drive through Austin, which was about 45 minutes away to get there.
When choosing what rifle to recommend as one of the choices for Top 10 Survival Gear, I went to the experts at Outdoor Life. They know the hunting industry. They know guns. I have to say that the “Marlin 336XLR” comes in as a great choice for a hunting rifle specifically due to it’s accuracy. New hunters need as much help as they can get right? This “30-30” gets top billing for deer but in all actuality a 30.30. can take down just about any game animal in North America, including grizzly bears. Carry the right ammunition for the game you plan to hunt; don’t use the same ammo you would use to take down a deer (150 grain) as you would for a turkey or small game (100-125 grain).
A lot of great information in here. Your point about making offers is well done. You don’t need much traffic or subscribers to start making offers. As long as you are providing value, people will buy and continue to comeback for more.
The ShippingPass assortment is continually being optimized. Products are added and removed for lots of reasons, but the main reason is to show items that we’re 100% sure we can deliver within the promised timeline.
I’m always on a tight budget, so yes, much of my kit is recycled or repurposed. Always remember, you don’t have to go out and buy everything. Adapt, improvise, and overcome. The most beautiful trout I ever caught was caught on a fresh cut bit of bamboo about 4 feet long, dental floss, and improvised wooden fish hook with a beetle tied to it as bait. That beetle put up one hell of a fight. Dental floss is an excellent investment for bugging in or out. Besides the obvious use of dental hygeine, it’s very tough, cheap, compact and lightweight in it’s own little super convenient package, and can be used in any application where a bit of string would serve better than 550 cord/paracord. Can even be used to close wounds in a pinch, multiple strands can be braided together for applications requiring more tensile strength when 550 cord is unavailable, and can be woven into a net. I used some braided strands in Afghanistan as an improvised bootlace to serve my needs until I got back to my patrol base where my spare laces were stowed.
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Camping and Survival Gear. Pool Supplies. We believe that variety is the spice of life. You’ll find a great selection of pool supplies, Water sports apparel and equipment, camping and survival gear, a…
Probably, the number one tool (if you don’t have access to a backhoe, would be the lowly shovel for putting corpses into the ground to prevent the spread of disease. Yes, I suspect a LOT of folks will die from disease and toxic shock from injuries improperly treated.
Good basic kit. You’ll need to add stuff to it (like extra food, solar radio, tents, clothes, etc). But, this is a great start. It’s also nice to have 2 decent backpacks so you can take the stuff with you if you need to move locations after an emergency.
I don’t know if this has been shared or not, but Penicillin and Amoxicillin should be included in the list of medicines, along with cephalosporin (Keflex). All of these I believe can still be found over the counter as farming supplies. Be careful, however, as the dosage for humans will be majorly different than that on the label. I would suggest getting a dosage chart for each antibiotic.
More Than Just Surviving is a survival blog that concentrates on wilderness survival, preparedness, and gear. Run by a two-person husband and wife team, Thomas & Elise Xavier, this blog’s mission is to offer a down to earth resource for both survivalists and preppers alike.
Capacity: 6000mAhm (Polymer) (6000 Real Capacity/8000- Total) Input: 5V 2.4A/15V 2.4A Output: 5V/2.4A 12V Jump Start Weight: 6 oz. Start Current: 300A Size: 5” x 2.6” x .6” Full Charge Time: 3 Hours Charge through car USB charger Support 12V car for emergency start High power po..
The transportation items may include bicycles with off-road tires and suspension, emergency tools and spare auto parts (e.g., fuses, fan belts, light bulbs, head light, tire pump, etc.), and an inflatable raft with paddles.
13. For NOAA alerts, use solar energy (or the hand crank) to power the Etón FRX5 Weather Alert radio. A USB port charges your tablet or phone, and an integrated flashlight doubles as an emergency beacon. $130 
Personal Locator Beacons: These are smaller, affordable, reliable, and offer many new features. Companies like SPOT and DeLorme now offer products that post almost real-time tracks of adventurers far off the grid. The SPOT Gen3, for example, sells for as low as $150 and enables users to send simple, pre-programmed messages (all ok, send help, etc.) to friends and family or initiate rescue through a first-responder network.
As for the Chromebook, it is extremely durable with no moving parts or vents (no screws either) and Google works for itself (chasing those green dollars), I am not too concerned about the NSA in a post collapse world.
Is there no point going into the niche if you have competition from everyone buying that WSO and SurvivalLife who you can never really compete with. Probably even if you had the budget, which I def. don’t. I merely have enough to get a site up and buy that WSO but if that’s a waste then I’m scared.
Did you scroll all this way to get facts about survival kits? Well you’re in luck, because here they come. There are 5515 survival kits for sale on Etsy, and they cost $15.29 on average. The most common survival kits material is metal. The most popular color? You guessed it: black.
An idea on one area that I seem to run into a lot of contention from some people with: electronics. If you’re bugged in and can power them, good for you. If you’re mobile, ditch ’em (most of them). Batteries seem lightweight, but that two pounds of batteries become 40 pounds after 20 miles. Anything that can’t be charged or operated on solar or hand cranks, in my opinion, has no place in a back pack. And of the things that can, many are simply unnecessary. Chromebook for maps, manuals and documents? Get a good smart phone with high capacity storage or OTG storage capabilities with multiple flash drives. Half the weight, just as versatile, twice as mobile. Not to mention, easier to pack.
You never know quite what you’re going to get into when you’re out camping, so particularly for those who are new to outdoor exploration, this Bear Grylls survival kit is ideal. The 15-piece kit has tools ranging from firestarters to survival blankets to sewing kits and snare wires, as well as instructions on how to signal for attention if it all goes wrong.

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Ella Wilson Nothing beats a well prepared raised bed to grow your crops this coming season. Looking at your luscious green garden full of healthy crops is a sight to behold for us gardeners. However, … Continue Reading about How Do I Prepare My Raised Beds for Planting?

There are a ton of high-quality flashlights out there. A high-quality flashlight is one of the first things that goes into my survival kit. Invest in a good quality light as it can save your life in a difficult situation.

Personally I believe that printers were went from hell to make us miserable so whenever I see something worth printing I just write it down into a journal I keep for that purpose. Needless to say you’ve managed to keep me busy for the next couple of days. Thank you MD

She immediately got the $260 put back into my account & when I the slow-opening knife I received, she said she’d send me out a new one right away and that I could keep the first one. Terrific service, great information & tips, neat items & fast shipping. Great company. I’m a happy & satisfied new member.

You have a freedom to choose your own purpose, and this pressure to choose can be viewed also as burden. When you feel you must find your purpose, you can look at your mind from distance and be conscious about it.

Don’t lose your lunch. Never eat a big meal before a big drop, warns John Cooper, a professional ride tester who braves up to 100 theme park thrills a day at the U.K.’s Drayton Manor. Eat light, wait 90 minutes between chow and coaster, and face forward throughout the ride to avoid the spins.

Interesting list, but I don’t see a knife sharpener. Lansky and Smith both make pocket size models for short term field use by those who can’t free hand a whet stone. Spyderco and Lansky also make systems more suitable for long term use. There are others as well, some quite pricy. Might be a good review topic.

– You mention a lighter, some sort of wind proof thing. They are cool, but they also take a special fluid to use, so you would have to carry that along on a forced hike, where as a standard old Bic will be good enough AND if the fluid does run out, you still have a bunch of sparks left from the flint in it. When I have people come to my bushcraft classes, they bring the strangest stuff, iron strikers and flint, bow drills… I break out my 59 cent Bic (in cammo though) and light my fire in about 10 seconds….

Dr. Jonathan Quick, a medical doctor and one of the world’s top health professionals claims that the conditions are perfect for a new superbug in the form of a killer flu virus pandemic.  Quick also believes that this pandemic could kill upwards of 33 million people in just 200 days.

I sent it on 2011-01-18, I did not mean to infer that you should vouch for my book if you didn’t read it. I was (you said your sorry so not any more) angry that you didn’t read it after I sent you one for free.

Throughout our lives we use acronyms to learn and remember a variety of things. From NASA to AWOL to SEALs, we certainly do love our acronyms. When it comes to survival there’s a wealth of acronyms to help you be as prepared as possible. Take, for example, PACE. Typically pace is a word that’s more at home in the realm of car racing or running, but in the survival world, PACE is a way of making sure you’re ready for whatever the world has to throw at you. This can be a bug-out plan, a get-home plan, or a home-defense plan. Whatever type of prepping or survival plan you’re thinking o… Continue Reading →

This J5 Tactical Flashlight is a great addition to your bug out bag. A good light can be used in time of distress or to locate or signal if you become lost or stranded. This tool has a lamp life of 100,000 hours and outputs 300 lumens. It’s rugged design allows it to take a beating. 250LM J5 Tact..

Honestly, we thought it was fantastic. As a 2 person team, (photographer and business partner), we still found it super beneficial and in fact, I think it would be impossible for one person to go, and just ‘bring back’ the info. You had to be there to really get into everything. I think it also allowed me, as the business partner, to get a way better understanding and appreciation of the artistic side of what the photographer does, and understand better how much the assistant role and organizational role helps in allowing him the space to be creative. It really helped us both understand each other’s roles in a whole new perspective.

The dust has settled and the First 72 Hours have passed. Follow along as I build a long term plan via Prudent Prepping.Our esteemed editrix Erin has made a habit of gifting seriously interesting, awesome and cool gifts to our group of co-bloggers. In…

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SurvivalBlog presents another edition of The Survivalist’s Odds ‘n Sods— a collection of news bits and pieces that are relevant to the modern survivalist and prepper. Today’s focus is on ancient tool technologies and building technologies. Bu…

About Blog – Homesteading, preppers, survival, self-sufficient, preparedness, and tips for becoming more self-sufficient in these trying times. Follow this blog to learn to be able to take care of your family with very little money and tons of ingenuity.

A shelter is an important survival tool in the wilderness. It can protect you from the weather elements as well as some wildlife. Making a tent can be quite simple. However, avoid the following mistakes while building one.

VIDEO: Disaster Food Supply Advice In this video, Amy Alton, ARNP, aka Nurse Amy, steps in front of the camera to discuss disaster food supplies. Food, water, and shelter (don’t forget air!) are absolute basics for survival a major disaster, fol…

Hey Abdul, thanks for that. That’s a good read but I don’t think that business they talk about was SurvivalLife. I think it was simply a product they bought which then they integrated with SurvivalLife or it gave them the inspiration for SurvivalLife. I could be wrong I don’t know the ins and outs of it.

I read Mr. Rawles’ Blog (Survival Blog) daily and The Survival Mom about twice a week. I enjoy both of them, have learned a lot and feel more confident about the future no matter what happens. I’ll be viewing the others too. Thank you for the list and the reviews of them.

Let’s do the math: At 2500 degrees, you should be able to ignite your tinder bundle and start a fire within just a few seconds. With 35 minutes of continuous burn time, that means you should be able to start approximately 150 – 200 emergency fires with just one small bottle of butane fuel.

Our ancestors could spot natural predators from far by their silhouettes. Are we equally aware of the predators in the present-day? Drones are remote-controlled planes that can be used for anything from surveillance and deadly force, to rescue operations and scientific research. Most drones are used today by military powers for remote-controlled surveillance and attack, and their numbers are growing. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) predicted in 2012 that within 20 years there could be as many as 30.000 drones flying over U.S. Soil alone. As robotic birds will become commonplace in the near future, we should be prepared to identify them. This survival guide is an attempt to familiarise ourselves and future generations, with a changing technological environment.

One of the best ways to catch the attention of the rescuers or to pass people is using the Universal wave. It is one of the simplest gestures to learn. I am sure you must have seen it in many movies. To do the wave, stand with your legs slightly apart and wave your arms like you would do when you are doing jumping jacks.

While you’ll always have this in your survival food kits to store your food, keep a separate sheet in your bag to always have a dry surface. This can come in handy as a dry surface to start fires on, especially when it just rained and the soil is too damp for you to be able to start a fire. Use this with your char cloth and other tinder you have with you and you’ll be able to start a campfire even when it’s wet outside.

I too bought 3 survival life slingshots with holsters and a pack of fifty pellets each, one for myself, 1 my son and 1 for my grandson. I also bought an extra pack of 50 pellets. I received three slingshots several weeks late with only one pack of pellets. I also…

Coconut water contains vital nutrients and sugar that can keep you fed and alive for long. If you can find coconut trees, make sure that you use the water as food. However, remember that if you drink too much coconut water, it can give you the runs! In that case, just eat some powdered charcoal. It can help you ease your stomach woes.

Now is the time to be calm and think positive. It doesn’t sound like much, but optimism goes a long way, and in a survival situation, it starts with you, your attitude and your will no matter how scared and alone you may feel. First, keep a realistic outlook and diligently plan to keep yourself in the best possible physical and mental state. If something isn’t working out, like building a fire or shelter, don’t rush, because that can lead to panic. Stop, breathe and think about what you need, observe your surroundings and organize a new plan.

NRA (National Rifle Association) memberships have skyrocketed in recent weeks since the mainstream media has been ramping up their anti-gun agenda. As the media continues to weaponize the news in the form of gun control propaganda, the NRA’s profiting continues to go up.

High demand – high search volumes, lots of customer reviews on sites like Amazon, high conversion rates on digital products, enthusiastic and rabid buyers. (James shows how you should be copywriting for affiliate products here)

We generally encounter right-censored data. Left-censored data can occur when a person’s survival time becomes incomplete on the left side of the follow-up period for the person. For example, in an epidemiological example, we may monitor a patient for an infectious disorder starting from the time when he or she is tested positive for the infection. Although we may know the right-hand side of the duration of interest, we may never know the exact time of exposure to the infectious agent.[5]

A truly unique travel knife, this is one piece of survival gear you can’t live without. About the size of your standard credit card, it unfolds to reveal a sharp blade and comfortable, non-slip gripping handle that lets you slice, cut or chop your way through even the toughest materials.

But here’s what you can do: find a piece of plastic (saran wrap is perfect) with which you can seal the hole, so that the chest cavity around the lung doesn’t get more air pressure than the lung itself. If this happens, the lung will collapse. When you seal the hole, leave a flap at the bottom that will allow air to leave through the wound without entering it. This may seem useless now, but you never know—you might have to save someone’s life someday.

And one last tip for shelter placement: Survey the ground around you for 20 yards or more in every direction — you are looking for ant colonies and bee hives and other insect nests. When you’re sure there are none close by, now you can place your shelter.

Personally I believe that printers were went from hell to make us miserable so whenever I see something worth printing I just write it down into a journal I keep for that purpose. Needless to say you’ve managed to keep me busy for the next couple of days. Thank you MD

A leaked United Nations report is claiming that the rogue regime of North Korea sent chemical weapons to Syria. According to the report, 40 items used in chemical warfare and ballistic missiles in the war-torn nation of Syria were sent by North Korea.

The survival function must be non-increasing: S(u) ≤ S(t) if u ≥ t. This property follows directly because T>u implies T>t. This reflects the notion that survival to a later age is only possible if all younger ages are attained. Given this property, the lifetime distribution function and event density (F and f below) are well-defined.

We try to be as helpful to as many people as possible by having a diverse range of topics. You can look through our topic index and see items such as Homesteading Tips, Alternative Energy, Natural Remedies, and Self Defense.

When it comes to multi-tools, Leatherman is the undisputed champ. And this survival tool, in particular, with nineteen different tools, will keep you in the game. It has everything from a saw to an electrical crimper on there, and to show you that they’re serious, Leatherman gives you a 25-year (!) guarantee.

Most of us have heard of vital signs or checking vitals at one point or another, and these are the go-to indicators that are used to assess basic functions of the body that are essential for our survival.  They cover heart rate, blood pressure, respiration and temperature, and they normally fall within a specific range …

Federal Law mandates that guns may only be shipped to a Federal Firearms Licensed (FFL) dealer. The dealer will ensure that you are legally allowed to purchase the gun under all Federal, State and Local Laws before completing the gun transfer. The majority of dealers charge a fee for this service that is NOT included […]

Survival Power: Your fitness level to climb and descend and your ability to recognize and tie good anchor points relies solely on practice — without prior knowledge or practice, using a belay device to rappel is dangerous.

  This weekly post is an open-forum, though preferably focusing on what we all did this week for our prepping & preparedness. Comment and voice your thoughts, opinions, accomplishments, concerns, or questions for others on any general topic of preparedness. Lurkers? Let’s hear from you too!   For off topic …

A cautionary note about that pool shock: it is extremely hazardous (once opened)…it’ll eat through metals and (some) plastics and should be kept from moisture because that is what ‘activates’ it…wear gloves (the right kind), get an MSDS (manufacturer’s safety data sheet) from the internet and store it AWAY from your food supplies. If there are curious little ones in the vicinity, make sure you keep it locked up.

Learn the key elements of how to make a fire successfully in the wilderness, including site selection, preparation, materials, design, mental attitude, safety & ethics, and how to practice…(read more)

One book I have in my BOB is John Wiseman SAS Survival Handbook. It gives you a lot of information. I also have Joseph and Amy Alton” The Survival Medicine Handbook: A guide for when help is NOT on the way. Great for your 1St Aid bag.

About Blog – Find out the latest gear reviews for guns, knives, bug out bags, fire starters, and survival gear at SurvivalCache. The team strives to give you the best gear reviews, tips, and suggestions so you can be prepared.

Sling-Shot-Bow: Oh boy, are some of you guys & gals gonna love this survival weapon. Instead of trying to make one of those tree branch slingshots or a bow & arrow out of some tree sapplings, make one of these weapons instead. This way you can use it to launch both, arrows and rocks. All you need is two (2) 1/2 inch long screw eyelets, some thick rubberbands, a piece of duct tape and a knife. And believe it or not, this sling-shot-bow is hellova lot easier to make, aim, shoot and hit your target than a damn slingshot or bow & arrow. Take a look below and you should be able to figure out how to make this survival weapon. Note: This weapon can be made out of any type of wood, not just bamboo.

survival sites survival hacks

Cell Phones: While cell phones are still not 100 percent reliable in the backcountry, service coverage and the usefulness of smartphones has increased dramatically in the last seven years. While cell phones are still questionably reliable in the backcountry, many adventurers will carry them anyway as they also serve as light cameras and can help with GPS and electronic compass navigation. Today, most of them also work as a flashlight. Regardless, they are worthless if the battery is dead, so plan accordingly.

Re: Tradeable Goods. I noticed Phil made the comment about gold being high priced. It seems to me that a significantly large number of people are not aware gold coins come in sizes as small as 1/10th of an ounce (for about the cost of six silver dollars or so) or maybe they don’t consider a gold chain, the links of which can be taken off one at a time and traded with the right person.

Duck eggs are not nearly as popular as their hen-made counterparts, but that’s surprising considering how beneficial they are. While raising ducks isn’t as hands-free as caring for chickens, their eggs can make the extra work seem more worthwhile. Let’s take a look at some reasons why you may want to think about having a …

This report was posted on Ripoff Report on 07/16/2014 02:22 PM and is a permanent record located here: https://www.ripoffreport.com/reports/survival-life-survivallifecom/internet/survival-life-survivallifecom-survival-life-wwwsurvivallifecom-survival-life-is-a-re-1162608. The posting time indicated is Arizona local time. Arizona does not observe daylight savings so the post time may be Mountain or Pacific depending on the time of year. Ripoff Report has an exclusive license to this report. It may not be copied without the written permission of Ripoff Report. READ: Foreign websites steal our content

Banangrams! I hate playing that game with my (English teacher) daughter! I get stressed out playing games with time limits, or with “experts” who know the game much better than I do. I guess it’s partly my competitiveness and partly post-traumatic stress that I’ve been dealing with. I don’t mind Clue, even though I’m not good at it, but Monopoly is “bad” for me.

He recommend taking stock of the situation, evaluating all possibilities and making sure that when you make your final decision, whatever that may be, it wasn’t a decision made on a whim. Let your heart rate go down before you go anywhere.

Very interesting post on this authority blog. But the blog design is very uninspiring and boring looking. I wonder how they manage to do that. They certainly do have a lot of shares for example the blog post that was posted about 5 days ago has over 300 shares which seems to be driving the traffic. But all in all the content they have is very good and impressive.

With proper positioning, the water will be trapped in a way that you can simple poke a hole through the bag so that the water flows through. You can then keep the water in a container. Note: Make sure your plastic bags are clean.

In my version of BACK-UP power there are no sacred Cows. Of import is, where your power system will be used/installed. In the City, or suburbs these would require permits and skilled/knowledgable installers. While a system in a Farming Ranching setting might require other priorities. And lastly a remote installation. (Getting the stuff to the site might be difficult). Weight these criteria for each situation. Do not let someone talk you into a ONE-SIZE-FITS ALL.

Not actually Erin.Picture by KJ Photography& is used with permission.Once again there’s been another massacre in another gun-free zone, and once again innocents are dead. As we all grieve for the lives lost as ask ourselves what can be done to preven…

This wilderness survival guide wouldn’t be complete without acknowledging this; hands down, skills are much more important than gear when it comes to wilderness survival. You can buy and collect all the best gear in the world, but what happens if you forget it? Or lose it? Or use it up? Then you’ll be relying on yourself – your skills. With that said, it is still good to learn about wilderness survival gear and put together a wilderness survival kit. Just don’t’ depend on it.

The Bear Mountain Bridge Hammock is a sleep straight hammock, due to the way it’s constructed. It is also an enclosed shelter — if you opt for one of these you don’t need a tarp shelter or tent. Consider a hammock like this model for those times you want to be up off the ground — for example during heavy rains or crossing through marsh, swamp, or even jungle.

Here ya go folks, whether you know nothing or very little about survival. And or you just don’t have the time and money to buy and read a how-to survival book from cover-to-cover. These few survival tips of mine will save you time in learning the really important stuff about survival without the repetitive BS you’ll find on other sites. Better to know a few good survival skills than not to know any at all. Wouldn’t you agree? You betcha, now read on. .

The ex-SAS man recommends peeing on a t-shirt and wrapping it round your head. Sounds fun, right? Well, it’s super cooling and will give you a big energy boost as a result, so it could just save your life if you’re super dehydrated.

You did it! You’re going to Burning Man! As you hopefully know first-hand, participant engagement and investment in our community are crucial for our home in Black Rock City and world-wide Burning Man culture to continue to flourish.

Rawles is the Senior Editor of SurvivalBlog.com, a blog on survival and preparedness topics.[19] It has been described as the guiding light of the prepper movement[20] and the grandaddy of survival blogs.[21] He concentrates on encouraging family preparedness for many possible threats toward society.[22] In his various writings, Rawles has warned about socio-economic collapse,[23][24] pandemics,[25] X-class solar flares taking down power grids,[26] terrorist attacks,[27] and food shortages.

Make sure that you eat well before going into the woods, and tell someone where you are going, when you expect to return, when to know to call the police, etc. Don’t make the mistake that James Franco makes in 127, the survival movie based on a true story — make sure someone knows exactly where you’re going and when. That way, if you do not return in time, someone will realize that you are lost, quickly alert rescuers, and be able to tell them where to start looking for you.

Secure your home. You will need a roofing contractor or repairman to fix the roof and any other structural damage. The first priority will be to make it waterproof so that there is no additional damage to your property and possessions. A tree trimmer will be needed to cut up and remove the tree. If you are unable to live in the house immediately, ensure it is not a looting target. Secure doors and windows and put valuables in temporary storage.

I prefer the Sawyer Products SP128 Mini Water Filtration System over the lifestraw. It’s rated for 100,000 gallons (provided you backflush it with the included syringe when it needs it) and it can be “hacked” for use as a gravity fed filter. If you’ve ever had to pump a filter for 5 or 6 hydration bladders you’ll REALLY appreciate this ability.

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This weekend is non-refundable. Due to the small class size, and inherent variability in this industry, we are unable to meet the requests that arise as there are fixed costs associated with this workshop. Thank you for your understanding.

Learn 15 Ultra-Filthy “No Nonsense” Fight Moves (For FREE!) –  Simple. So easy in fact that ANYONE, no matter what your size, strength or skill level, (even if you’ve never been in a fight before in your life), can use them almost instantly.

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Re: Tradeable Goods. I noticed Phil made the comment about gold being high priced. It seems to me that a significantly large number of people are not aware that gold coins come in sizes as small as 1/10th of an ounce (for about the cost of six silver dollars so) or maybe they don’t consider a gold chain, the links of which can be taken off one at a time and traded with the right person.

While you’ll always have this in your survival food kits to store your food, keep a separate sheet in your bag to always have a dry surface. This can come in handy as a dry surface to start fires on, especially when it just rained and the soil is too damp for you to be able to start a fire. Use this with your char cloth and other tinder you have with you and you’ll be able to start a campfire even when it’s wet outside.

The coming change of seasons from winter to spring has brought to mind two “fevers” that preppers need to be aware of and make plans for. While not actual, physical fevers caused by disease, the effects of “cabin fever” and “spring fever”…

We know there is a TON of crap out there about survival and prepping. We can’t help it to be surprised by the astonishing amount of B.S. crappy info, put out there by self proclaimed, so called “experts” that either push you to buy their gear and tools or send you in a wild goose-chase with no real world practical application. Think about it, chances are that most of the REAL expert suck at marketing and don’t really know how to get their actual good info out into the world.

They just did the same thing to me. Charged me $39.95 for a membership I did not agree to. It is bull when she says they give you a notice about this. Never got one never agreed to one and do not want one. Have bought several items from them but will no longer purchase anything from them ever again

If you have a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your survival kit or gear, you can use it to light embers. Hand sanitizers are mostly alcohol that is extremely flammable. Adding just a few drops of hand sanitizer on the embers will produce flames. You can use this flame to start a fire using your char cloth or your cotton balls soaked in Vaseline.

About Blog – Welcome to PrepperNut! My name is DeeDee Lynn. I’ve been prepping for over 30 years and I can tell you that nothing will give you more peace of mind than being prepared. I’d love to help you and your family prepare to survive whatever may come your way.

This is a well-known home remedy for burns and some wounds, but few people know that their tooth paste can help treat bug bites as well. This is because they have properties that will help sooth any itchiness or pain that most bug bites cause. They will also help reduce any swelling that might result from the bites.

Here are the latest items and commentary on current economics news, market trends, stocks, investing opportunities, and the precious metals markets. We also cover hedges, derivatives, and obscura. And it bears mention that most of these items are fro…

Future lifetime at a given time t 0 {\displaystyle t_{0}} is the time remaining until death, given survival to age t 0 {\displaystyle t_{0}} . Thus, it is T − t 0 {\displaystyle T-t_{0}} in the present notation. The expected future lifetime is the expected value of future lifetime. The probability of death at or before age t 0 + t {\displaystyle t_{0}+t} , given survival until age t 0 {\displaystyle t_{0}} , is just

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“We are the party that adheres to the Constitution. We will not let the liberals tread on the Second Amendment! We will fight to defend the entire Bill of Rights. We will stand up against excessive government power wherever we see it. We cannot and will not allow any President to act as if he were a king. We will not let any President use executive orders to impinge on the Second Amendment.” – Senator Rand Paul. from the Tea Party Response to 2013 State of the Union Address  February 12, 2013

by Steven Wesley Life is easy today, isn’t it? You can use a tech for almost every need you may have throughout the day. Whenever you feel like eating something, you just go to the supermarket and … Continue Reading about How to Start Your 1-Acre Self-Sufficient Backyard Homestead

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Coconut water contains vital nutrients and sugar that can keep you fed and alive for long. If you can find coconut trees, make sure that you use the water as food. However, remember that if you drink too much coconut water, it can give you the runs! In that case, just eat some powdered charcoal. It can help you ease your stomach woes.

It is exactly what it sounds like! If it is dark already and you don’t have time to look for an alternative, find a bunch of leaves and twigs and make a mound of sorts. It should be about 2 feet high and as long as your height. Once the pile is assembled, you can crawl under it. It is a natural sleeping bag that will keep you warm.

You can find a lot of animal products in the wilderness. Animal bones and feces are scattered all over the jungle floor. You can use some of these items to your advantage. Here are some tips on how to utilize these.

Once the system gets broken the entire functionality is lost. Humans are humans, no matter where you are. There is a lot of thugs that are tied only by very thin ropes of fear. Once the system gets those ties loose in some way…then you have a problem, as a citizen. A very big one.

About Blog – Survival Sullivan is the most comprehensive prepping website on the Internet. It provides real world survival and preparedness advice, tips, tricks, tactics from real preppers and survivalists.

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I read once where a water tower was used to store water. Alas, this homeowner was thinking out of the box. The location was very remote. And being frail he dreaded trying to carry heavy deep cycle batteries.
 Our Standard Map Cases have a watertight, wide-track zip closure and are sure to fend off rain and waves. Made in Seattle, USA.  Features & Benefits Built Tough: 12 oz. vinyl stands up to heavy abuse. Versatile: D-rings for easy attachment to kayak, canoe, handlebars or backpacks. Technical Specs Color: Clear Weight: 7 oz / 225 g Overal…
The chomebook? I wrote in one comment that I think an iPod or even an unused touchscreen smartphone of any sort loaded with maps and info would be better. High storage capacity, small and portable, easily recharged a solar charger. However, the NSA is likely the least of my worries in a survival situation. In a bug out survival situation, I may WANT someone to find me!
Members’ Area – After paying for a membership to the Lamplighter society (more about this below), you’ll gain access to all current reports, the full archive, the entire survival guide library, in addition to exclusive interviews.
The founder and staff of SOLKOA Survival Systems have a combined 100+ years of experience providing survival training and products to the most elite military and government forces of the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.
On August 27, 2015, BBB contacted Survival Life regarding advertised claims on its website, http://www.survivallife.com. Specifically, BBB requested clarification regarding the free trial memberships to the Family Protection Association included in some or all free offers advertised by the business. BBB continues to be contacted by consumers who allege that they have been billed for memberships they do not recall agreeing to. BBB Code of Advertis… Read More
Hello! I would just like to add that I think that radiation pills, or Potassium Iodide pills, should be included on the list for prepping, and planning, just in case we go into a nuclear war. It may not help in the denser areas of radiation, but as its spreading throughout the country, it will prevent the heaviest symptoms.
FIRST AID: When disaster strikes, minor injuries can quickly become major problems. Our disaster preparedness kit comes equipped with a 85-piece first aid kit, glowsticks, 5-1 emergency whistle, work gloves and masks so you can keep you and your family safe.
Foolishly I “bought” a tactical pen on line from this company some three months ago. they duly debited my PayPal account but the item never arrived. To make matters worse the company through their agent CLICKBANK continue to debit my PP account on a monthly basis. This…
Very comprehensive list, the first one I’ve seen a Personal Location Beacon on. I will comment on one aspect, communication, my family is scattered all over the country and I’m sure (hopefully) they will all want to know I’m OK. We have one member of the family as a contact for all of us to call on our cell phones. Local communication lines will be jammed, internet will be down. The next goal will be to remain safe for the first 3 days, but communication is #1. Good article! A lot of knowledge here.
FireLaces are one of those pieces of gear you can wear every day. These are shoelaces with mini Ferro rods at the ends. Just loop the striker into the laces, and you’re shoes become a survival tool in their own right.
When is a range bag not just a range bag? When it can save your life in a dozen different ways.Introducing the Echo-Sigma Ranger, a range bag that’s pre-built with everything you need to have a successful day in the field. This is the same kit that Echo-Sigma owner Jack Nouri carries with him when he competes at USPSA, IDPA and other national sh…
We have build the table below to help you consider multi purpose survival tools when planning your bug out bag list. You will see in there Our Picks for the best items that meet our basic survival needs. If you click on the image for any of these, you will open up a window to Amazon.com where you can conduct further research on this item or others like it to see what best meets your needs.
Most of the items on this list are must-have survival gear pieces. With the proper tools, you can typically make your own shelter in case you need to, or fix one that you already have. Good survival tools can also help you to gather wood for creating fire for heat and to cook with, which is why tools are the very first thing on our list.
Is there any provable link between my sleep pattern and the bracelet? Am I sleeping better because of the bracelet or is it because I’ve been busy cutting bushes and trees in my yard and moving branches around the back 40? Is it because of the couple of glasses of wine I had with dinner? I have no idea.
Get a small fishing tackle box with a few essentials to catch some trout, bluegill, or bass. A few crankbaits, some plastic worms, toss in some catfish stink bait, some lead, some hooks, a bobber or 2 and you’re all set.

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Ikzelf wil geen concessies doen aan mijn geluid en ik sjouw me liever de blubber dan dat ik op de bühne moet staan met een geluid waar ik mij mateloos aan erger. Ten slotte speel ik voor mijn plezier en wil ik mijn emoties vertaald zien in de tonen van mijn gitaar als sologitarist. Ik vind persoonlijk ook dat je niet alleen goed moet spelen maar dat je ook verplicht bent aan jouw publiek om jouw sound goed over te laten komen.
Tegenwoordig hebben de democratische volksvertegenwoordigers dus principieel ‘auctoritas’ (gezag; autoriteit) in de zin dat ze namens een electorale achterban spreken of horen te spreken. De senatoren spreken namens een zekere ‘Idee van de Natie’. Sommige (conservatieve) grondwetspecialisten verdedigen zelfs de stelling dat ook de volksvertegenwoordigers moeten optreden op basis van die ‘Idee van de Natie’. Oorspronkelijk konden de kiezers vrij goed zien wat hun députés deden: ze spraken hen individueel of in groep aan om voor hen in Brussel één en ander in orde te brengen. Dit systeem nam naarmate de overheid werd uitgebouwd de vorm aan van het cliëntelisme waarbij leden van de achterban massaal binnen het staatsapparaat werden tewerkgesteld. Doorheen de jaren 1990 verdween het cliëntelisme om twee redenen: 1. de bestrijding van het cliëntelisme werd door de rechterzijde gezien als een manier om te komen tot de ‘ontvetting van de Staat’, een uitdrukking die in die jaren schering en inslag was; 2. de toegenomen actieradius van de media maakte dat de populariteit van een politicus afhing van zijn of haar optreden in de media en vanaf dan begon men politici te ‘verkopen’ met communicatie- en marketingstrategieën of kandidaat-politici aan te trekken die op andere terreinen al van een zekere volksgunst genoten, de Bekende Vlamingen dus (BV’s). Wanneer Vlaams minister-president Luc Vandenbrande in 1993 met veel poeha aankondigde zijn dienstbetoon stop te zetten, was dat voor veel politieke waarnemers met een inzicht in de tijdsgeest dan ook geen verrassing. En sindsdien toont Herman Decroo, de kampioen van het cliëntelisme, met fierheid en nostalgie zijn kelder met de duizenden dossiers van mensen die hij op één of andere manier individueel geholpen heeft.
[ii] Het werk van de Franse antropoloog Pierre Clastres (1934-1977) is weliswaar in veel details achterhaald, maar de basisconclusies uit zijn observaties bij diverse Amazone-volkeren staan nog steeds overeind. Zie in het bijzonder: Pierre Clastres “La société contre l’État.”, Paris, Minuit, 1974.
Speciaal voor gewondentransport werd de Fi 156D ontwikkeld. De voorserie Fi 156D-0 werd uitgerust met een Argus As-10P-1 motor en geschikt bevonden voor dit doel. De productieserie werd de Fi 156D-1, waarbij aan stuurboord een luik was aangebracht om het laden en lossen van een brancard te vergemakkelijken. De Fi 156D-2 was identiek, echter werd geproduceerd in bezet Tsjechoslowakije.
Hieronder vat ik mijn 3 fundamentele bezwaren samen tegen een boek als “Het Digitale Proletariaat” van Hans Schnitzler (2015). Voor een korte voorstelling van deze bezwaren zie het slot van het vorig hoofdstuk.
Een schaduw bewoog boven hen door de mist en een engel materiali­seerde. Met onvermoede gratie dook het wezen naar de koepel en landde daar op een dicht kluwen uitsteeksels. Vanaf hun beschutte plek tussen een paar lage gebouwtjes zagen ze hoe de engel een klein figuurtje tussen de uitsteeksels propte en vervolgens vastmaakte.
De belangrijkste verbinding is de verbinding met jezelf en met je eigen innerlijk en Hoger Zelf (Ziel, Godsvonk, Geest). Vooral deze verbinding zal aandacht vragen en ons laten zien hoe conditioneringen uit onze jeugd die we hebben aangenomen van onze omgeving de verbinding met je eigen kern verstoren. De autoriteit is bij velen buiten onszelf komen te liggen. Saturnus in Weegschaal wil ons deze relatie helder maken zodat we de conditioneringen kunnen loslaten en de verbinding met onze Wezenskern kunnen herstellen. In mei, juni en juli staat Saturnus in het Priapus kanaal in Weegschaal en wordt de werking van Saturnus versterkt. Het nemen van verantwoordelijkheid voor je eigen vormkracht in relaties wordt dan krachtig aangesproken. Dit kan betekenen dat er meer autoritair gedrag is maar ook kan begrenzing in verbindingen zich duidelijker aftekenen. Voedende samenwerkingen en verbindingen kunnen in deze bijzondere periode tot stand komen en vrucht dragen.
In het opvoeden van kinderen is het van belang consistent te zijn. In geëmancipeerde, gemengde huwelijken kan dit een probleem vormen. Emancipatie betekent ook dat men het dynamische van de persoonlijke ontwikkeling moet accepteren. Verschillende stadia van ontwikkeling volgen elkaar op (afb.) en kinderen stemmen hier niet altijd mee overeen. Kinderen kunnen erg verward raken, teleurgesteld en verwaarloosd. Een schrijver kan ook een boek schrijven en daartoe een volledige kultuur adopteren, alleen maar om het later te laten vallen om een ander boek te schrijven. Niettemin behoeven dergelijke ‘bijprodukten’, de kinderen, de boeken de juiste aandacht. Daarvoor is een gemeenschappelijke kulturele basis nodig waarover paren privé en grotere kulturen collectief overeenstemmen ten einde zorg te dragen voor de juiste opvoedkundige en filognostische (van de boeken houdende) continuïteit. Zoals hierboven vermeld is er een overeenstemming van gewetensvolle aktie over de orde van de Tijd nodig. Naar het kulturele belang van een noemer van formele identiteit is eveneens een structuur van statusoriëntatie (afb..&afb.) en betrokkenheid (afb.) besproken. Op basis van een alternatieve orde van de tijd (tabellen) en een vestiging van de identiteit (afb.) voor emancipatie en sociale kontrole kan men degelijkheid vinden voor het doel van de filognosie en het onderwijs. Op de goede manier gegrondvest in het liefdadige, dat wil zeggen in vrijwillige dienst, kan een dergelijk respekt van orde de ouders vervangen die wegvallen vanwege de verstoringen van de persoonlijke ontwikkeling. Allerlei dingen kunnen er misgaan en een gemeenschap moet leren collectief verantwoordelijkheid te dragen voor zulke calamiteiten. Het diktaat van de persoonlijke vrijheid is een zware, en als men de kinderen niet wil bederven en de liefde voor de kennis of de eer van bezielde emancipatie niet wil verliezen, moet er voorzien worden in een juiste continuïteit van kultuur voor iedereen. Alleen op basis van gelijke kansen voor allen kan er echte wereldvrede zijn. Het vormen van elites mag plaats vinden, maar kan niet het dominerende thema zijn. Openheid naar allen, ook naar het verleden en de toekomst toe, definiëert de gezondheid van de vooruitgang en het gezonde verstand van ieder systeem van bestuur. 
Boven haar ging de draaikolk onverminderd voort. Laura maakte zich zo klein mogelijk op het tapijt dat voor het bureau lag en sloeg haar armen over haar hoofd. Om haar heen regende het glas en houtsnippers. Het bureau kwam van zijn poten af en schoot achteruit tot het met een knal tegen de verwarming onder het raam tot stilstand kwam. Het meubelstuk zakte met een zucht ineen, alles op het blad met zich mee­nemend.
In de liefde kan men makkelijk het belang van de celibataire discipline vergeten of zelfs ontkennen. Niettemin is deze discipline het fundament van de kultuur. De grootste misère van de wereld werd veroorzaakt door getrouwde mensen, en altijd heeft het celibataire respekt voor God en de Heer de mensheid moeten redden van de vuren der materiële hartstocht. Als het vuur van de lust eenmaal brandt met de hartstochten van de hel is de enige oplossing je terug te trekken in jezelf, God en de celibataire discipline. Hartstocht die niet van ophouden weet wordt gekend door zijn waanzin en oorlog welke rampzalig uitgroeit als een besmettelijke ziekte die de hele wereld aansteekt in een verschrikkelijke val. Ten koste van alles moet dit worden voorkomen. De enige manier om dit te doen is deze regel te volgen van het hebben van de celibataire discipline als de basis voor relaties. Gehuwd of niet, de ziel van het celibaat staat voorop. Men wordt ermee geboren en na de liefdesaffaire en als de kleine oorlogen van arriveren in de samenleving voorbij zijn moet men terugkeren naar huis naar het belang van de authentieke ziel eventueel met behulp van pelgrimages, religieuze retraite en dergelijke. Alleen in het vrijwillig lijden van deze boetedoening ter wille van het oorspronkelijk celibataire kan een duurzame persoonlijke en wereldvrede worden gevonden. In feite is het een stadium van leven waar iedereen door heen moet gaan ten einde tot de slotsom te komen van het verwekken en opvoeden van kinderen (of andere bijprodukten van het leven) en open te staan voor de onthechting die nodig is om de angst voor de dood e overwinnen. Dit wetende is het wijs van het afspreken in het begin af aan, de celibataire vriendschap en orde te onthouden en te respekteren die eraan vooraf ging, ermee instemde en nog steeds de gekoesterde liefdesaffaire met haar en de wereld geambiëerd ondersteunt.  
Met nieuwe energie trok hij de rugzakken weer omhoog en begon aan het volgende deel van de tocht terug, met een ruime boog om het nest galspinnen heen. Zijn vermoeidheid maakte dat hij af en toe struikelde op de ongelijke bosgrond. Na de derde keer besloot hij rustiger aan te doen, want hij herkende zijn eigen haast die werd ingegeven door zijn verlangen naar de vrouw die thuis op hem wachtte. De avond is nog jong, Harrald, beter wat later en in één stuk dan vroeg met een gebroken been. Of erger.
Mijn medereizigers rukten zich de haren uit hun vacht. Ze werden steeds kaler. Wat ze er niet uit­trokken, viel eruit. Was dit de oplossing van de natuur tegen die veel te zuurstofrijke atmosfeer? Onze foto­synthese stopzetten? Nou, dan zouden we al snel voedsel te kort hebben… Het was een vreemd rationele gedachte in de soep van de wanorde die heerste.
Onze medewerkers overal ter wereld kwamen hun collega’s te hulp met gelddonaties en met hulp bij het vinden van en financieren voor tijdelijke huisvesting, overlevingskits, zwemvesten en andere benodigdheden. demasterblenders1753.com
Lieven greep haar pols vast. ‘Kom, we moeten hier weg.’ Hij trok haar dieper de tunnel in. Met hun hoofd­lampjes als gids ontweken ze de troep op de grond. Ze moesten snel zijn, want de opzichter was van het platform gekropen en had de achtervolging inge­zet. Zijn lichtbundel schoot alle kanten uit. Zijn zware passen weergalmden tussen de betonnen muren. Hij schreeuwde iets, maar zijn woorden klonken als één langgerekte echo.
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